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ICD10: What's so Funny?

Created: October 6, 2015 Last Modified: November 04, 2015

ICD-10 introduces over 70,000 new medical diagnosis codes. This plethora of codes is necessary to accurately capture all possible diagnoses and the external causes surrounding them. In some cases, ICD-10 is so bizarrely specific, you just have to laugh. This article highlights some of our favorite ICD-10 codes and Index References. Enjoy!

Note: You can use our "Random Code" button in the top navigation bar to go to a random ICD-10 code. You never know what you will find! If you find a good one, that we have not listed here, contact us and we will add it.

1) Bean in Nose

ICD-10 External Cause Index contains the entry "Bean in Nose." Why not something more general like "object in nose?" Why are there so many beans getting stuck in peoples noses that we needed a special index reference for that? The Index reference points to T80, "Foreign body in alimentary tract."

Update: I mentioned this entry to a friend who informed me that her sister once had a bean stuck in her nose and had to go to the hospital. I guess it is more common than I though.

2) Bayonet wound

This ICD-10 External Index entry is pretty self explainitory. I know ICD-10 is supposed to be a wide umbrella that covers as close to everything as possible, but is anyone still using bayonets? This entry points to code W26.1, "Contact with sword or dagger." Ouch!

3) Watch out for orcas!

"Excuse me doctor, can you clarify if this patient was 'Struck by Orca' (W56.22) or had 'Other contact with orca' (W56.29)?" I never know orcas were so dangerous!

4) "Which are the most dangerous Mammals," you ask?

ICD-10-CM has entire categories for injuries caused by Rodents (W53) and Dogs (W54). That is not too surprising. Code W55 covers all "Contact with Other Animals".

Under W55 cat, horse, cow, other hoof stock, pig and raccoon are all called out in particular.

All other mammal injuries are lumped under Contact with other mammals.

5) Y93.D1 Activity, knitting and crocheting

"Thank you for the blanket Grandma. Just be careful!"

There is also a broader code for injuries caused by Activities involving Arts and Crafts (Y93.D)

6) Chicken!

I never knew how many ways a chicken could inflict injury. ICD-10 has them all covered whether you were W61.32 Struck by chicken, pecked, or something more sinister.

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