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ICD-10-CM Code C83.3
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Non-Billable Code
Non-Billable means the code is not sufficient justification for admission to an acute care hospital when used a principal diagnosis. Use a child code to capture more detail.
| ICD-10 from 2011 - 2016

ICD Code C83.3 is a non-billable code. To code a diagnosis of this type, you must use one of the ten child codes of C83.3 that describes the diagnosis 'diffuse large b-cell lymphoma' in more detail.

The ICD code C833 is used to code Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL or DLBL) is a cancer of B cells, a type of white blood cell responsible for producing antibodies. It is the most common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma among adults, with an annual incidence of 7–8 cases per 100,000 people per year. This cancer occurs primarily in older individuals, with a median age of diagnosis at approximately 70 years of age, though it can also occur in children and young adults in rare cases. DLBCL is an aggressive tumor which can arise in virtually any part of the body, and the first sign of this illness is typically the observation of a rapidly growing mass, sometimes associated with fever, weight loss, and night sweats.

Specialty: Hematology And Oncology
MeSH Code: D016403

Micrograph of a diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Field stain

Source: Wikipedia

Coding Notes for C83.3 Info for medical coders on how to properly use this ICD-10 code

Inclusion Terms:
Inclusion Terms
Inclusion Terms are a list of concepts for which a specific code is used. The list of Inclusion Terms is useful for determining the correct code in some cases, but the list is not necessarily exhaustive.
Anaplastic diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
C See Code D30-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Centroblastic diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, subtype not specified
Immunoblastic diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Plasmablastic diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, subtype not specified
T-cell rich diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Code Type-1 Excludes:
Type-1 Excludes
Type-1 Excludes mean the conditions excluded are mutually exclusive and should never be coded together. Excludes 1 means "do not code here."
Mediastinal (thymic) large B-cell lymphoma - instead, use code C85.2-
Mature T/NK-cell lymphomas - instead, use code C84.-

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Parent Code: C83 - Non-follicular lymphoma

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