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ICD-10-CM Code C90.2
Extramedullary plasmacytoma

Non-Billable Code
Non-Billable means the code is not sufficient justification for admission to an acute care hospital when used a principal diagnosis. Use a child code to capture more detail.
| ICD-10 from 2011 - 2016

ICD Code C90.2 is a non-billable code. To code a diagnosis of this type, you must use one of the three child codes of C90.2 that describes the diagnosis 'extramedullary plasmacytoma' in more detail.

The ICD code C902 is used to code Plasmacytoma

Plasmacytoma refers to a malignant plasma cell tumor growing within soft tissue or within the axial skeleton. There are three distinct groups of plasmacytoma defined by the International Myeloma Working Group: solitary plasmacytoma of bone (SPB), extramedullary plasmacytoma (EP) and multiple plasmacytomas that are either primary or recurrent. The most common of these is SPB, accounting for 3–5% of all plasma cell malignancies. SPBs occur as lytic lesions within the axial skeleton and extramedullary plasmacytomas most often occur in the upper respiratory tract (85%), but can occur in any soft tissue. Approximately half of all cases produce paraproteinemia. SPBs and extramedullary plasmacytomas are mostly treated with radiotherapy, but surgery is used in some cases of extramedullary plasmacytoma. The skeletal forms frequently progress to multiple myeloma over the course of 2–4 years. Due to their cellular similarity, plasmacytomas have to be differentiated from multiple myeloma. For SPB and extramedullary plasmacytoma the distinction is the presence of only one lesion (either in bone or soft tissue), normal bone marrow (<5% plasma cells), normal skeletal survey, absent or low paraprotein and no end organ damage.

Specialty: Hematology And Oncology
MeSH Code: D010954
ICD 9 Code: 238.6

Micrograph of a plasmacytoma. H&E stain.

Source: Wikipedia

Coding Advice SNOMET-CT

  • Possible requirement for morphology code

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Parent Code: C90 - Multiple myeloma and malignant plasma cell neoplasms

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