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ICD-10-CM Code G21.1
Other drug-induced secondary parkinsonism

Non-Billable Code
Non-Billable means the code is not sufficient justification for admission to an acute care hospital when used a principal diagnosis. Use a child code to capture more detail.
| ICD-10 from 2011 - 2016

ICD Code G21.1 is a non-billable code. To code a diagnosis of this type, you must use one of the two child codes of G21.1 that describes the diagnosis 'other drug-induced secondary parkinsonism' in more detail.

The ICD code G211 is used to code Akathisia

Akathisia, or acathisia (from Greek καθίζειν kathízein – "to sit", a- indicating negation or absence, lit. "inability to sit") is a movement disorder characterized by a feeling of inner restlessness and a compelling need to be in constant motion, as well as by actions such as rocking while standing or sitting, lifting the feet as if marching on the spot, and crossing and uncrossing the legs while sitting. People with akathisia are unable to sit or keep still, complain of restlessness, fidget, rock from foot to foot, and pace.

Specialty: Neurology
MeSH Codes: D011595, D011595
ICD 9 Codes: 781.0, 333.99

Play mediaCommon symptom-expression of akathisia

Source: Wikipedia

Related Concepts SNOMET-CT

  • Parkinsonism due to drug (disorder)

Coding Advice SNOMET-CT

  • Possible requirement for an external cause code

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Parent Code: G21 - Secondary parkinsonism

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