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ICD-10-CM Code J86.9
Pyothorax without fistula

Billable Code
Billable codes are sufficient justification for admission to an acute care hospital when used a principal diagnosis.
| ICD-10 from 2011 - 2016

J86.9 is a billable ICD code used to specify a diagnosis of pyothorax without fistula. A 'billable code' is detailed enough to be used to specify a medical diagnosis.

The ICD code J86 is used to code Pleural empyema

Pleural empyema, also known as pyothorax or purulent pleuritis, is empyema (an accumulation of pus) in the pleural cavity that can develop when bacteria invade the pleural space, usually in the context of a pneumonia. It is one of various kinds of pleural effusion. There are three stages: exudative, when there is an increase in pleural fluid with or without the presence of pus; fibrinopurulent, when fibrous septa form localized pus pockets; and the final organizing stage, when there is scarring of the pleura membranes with possible inability of the lung to expand. Simple pleural effusions occur in up to 40% of bacterial pneumonias. They are usually small and resolve with appropriate antibiotic therapy. If however an empyema develops additional intervention is required.

Specialty: Pulmonology
MeSH Code: D016724
ICD 9 Code: 510

CT chest showing large right sided hydro-pneumothorax from pleural empyema. Arrows A: air, B: fluid

Source: Wikipedia

Coding Notes for J86.9 Info for medical coders on how to properly use this ICD-10 code

Inclusion Terms:
Inclusion Terms
Inclusion Terms are a list of concepts for which a specific code is used. The list of Inclusion Terms is useful for determining the correct code in some cases, but the list is not necessarily exhaustive.
Abscess of pleura
Abscess of thorax
Empyema (chest) (lung) (pleura)
Fibrinopurulent pleurisy
Purulent pleurisy
Septic pleurisy
Seropurulent pleurisy
Suppurative pleurisy

MS-DRG Mapping

  • DRG Group #177-179 - Respiratory infections and inflammations with MCC.
  • DRG Group #177-179 - Respiratory infections and inflammations with CC.
  • DRG Group #177-179 - Respiratory infections and inflammations without CC or MCC.
  • DRG Group #793 - Full term neonate with major problems.

Coding Advice SNOMET-CT

  • Consider additional code to identify specific condition or disease

ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index References for 'J86.9 - Pyothorax without fistula'

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index links the below-listed medical terms to the ICD code J86.9. Click on any term below to browse the alphabetical index.

Pyopneumothorax(infective) (J86.9)
Pyothorax (J86.9)
Empyema(acute) (chest) (double) (pleura) (supradiaphragmatic) (thorax) (J86.9)


Empyema without mention of fistula (approximate match)
Pleurisy without mention of effusion or current tuberculosis (approximate match)

This is the official approximate match mapping between ICD9 and ICD10, as provided by the General Equivalency mapping crosswalk. This means that while there is no exact mapping between this ICD10 code J86.9 and a single ICD9 code, 511.0 is an approximate match for comparison and conversion purposes.

Parent Code: J86 - Pyothorax

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