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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 702 terms starting with the letter 'A' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Aarskog's syndrome Q87.1
Abandonment - see Maltreatment
Abasia (-astasia) (hysterical) F44.4
Abderhalden-Kaufmann-Lignac syndrome (cystinosis) E72.04
Abdomen, abdominal - see also condition
Abdominalgia - see Pain, abdominal
Abduction contracture, hip or other joint - see Contraction, joint
Aberrant (congenital) - see also Malposition, congenital
Abetalipoproteinemia E78.6
Abiotrophy R68.89
Ablatio, ablation
Ablepharia, ablepharon Q10.3
Abnormal, abnormality, abnormalities - see also Anomaly
Abnormity (any organ or part) - see Anomaly
Abocclusion M26.29
Abolition, language R48.8
Aborter, habitual or recurrent - see Loss (of), pregnancy, recurrent
Abortion (complete) (spontaneous) O03.9
Abortus fever A23.1
Aboulomania F60.7
Abrami's disease D59.8
Abramov-Fiedler myocarditis (acute isolated myocarditis) I40.1
Abrasion T14.8
Abrism - see Poisoning, food, noxious, plant
Abruptio placentae O45.9-
Abruption, placenta - see Abruptio placentae
Abscess (connective tissue) (embolic) (fistulous) (infective) (metastatic) (multiple) (pernicious) (pyogenic) (septic) L02.91
Absence (of) (organ or part) (complete or partial)
Absorbent system disease I87.8
Abstinence symptoms, syndrome
Abulia R68.89
Abulomania F60.7
Acalculia R48.8
Acanthamebiasis (with) B60.10
Acanthocephaliasis B83.8
Acanthocheilonemiasis B74.4
Acanthocytosis E78.6
Acantholysis L11.9
Acanthosis (acquired) (nigricans) L83
Acapnia E87.3
Acarbia E87.2
Acardia, acardius Q89.8
Acardiacus amorphus Q89.8
Acardiotrophia I51.4
Acariasis B88.0
Acarodermatitis (urticarioides) B88.0
Acarophobia F40.218
Acatalasemia, acatalasia E80.3
Acathisia (drug induced) G25.71
Accelerated atrioventricular conduction I45.6
Accentuation of personality traits (type A) Z73.1
Accessory (congenital)
Accidental - see condition
Accommodation (disorder) - see also condition
Accouchement - see Delivery
Accreta placenta O43.21-
Accretio cordis (nonrheumatic) I31.0
Accretions, tooth, teeth K03.6
Acculturation difficulty Z60.3
Accumulation secretion, prostate N42.89
Acephalia, acephalism, acephalus, acephaly Q00.0
Acephalobrachia monster Q89.8
Acephalochirus monster Q89.8
Acephalogaster Q89.8
Acephalostomus monster Q89.8
Acephalothorax Q89.8
Acerophobia F40.298
Acetonemia R79.89
Acetonuria R82.4
Achalasia (cardia) (esophagus) K22.0
Ache (s) - see Pain
Acheilia Q38.6
Achillobursitis - see Tendinitis, Achilles
Achillodynia - see Tendinitis, Achilles
Achlorhydria, achlorhydric (neurogenic) K31.83
Achluophobia F40.228
Acholia K82.8
Acholuric jaundice (familial) (splenomegalic) - see also Spherocytosis
Achondrogenesis Q77.0
Achondroplasia (osteosclerosis congenita) Q77.4
Achroma, cutis L80
Achromat (ism), achromatopsia (acquired) (congenital) H53.51
Achromia, congenital - see Albinism
Achromia parasitica B36.0
Achylia gastrica K31.89
Acidemia E87.2
Acidity, gastric (high) K30
Acidocytopenia - see Agranulocytosis
Acidocytosis D72.1
Acidopenia - see Agranulocytosis
Acidosis (lactic) (respiratory) E87.2
Acladiosis (skin) B36.0
Aclasis, diaphyseal Q78.6
Acleistocardia Q21.1
Aclusion - see Anomaly, dentofacial, malocclusion
Acne L70.9
Acnitis (primary) A18.4
Acosta's disease T70.29
Acoustic - see condition
Acousticophobia F40.298
Acquired - see also condition
Acrania Q00.0
Acroangiodermatitis I78.9
Acroasphyxia, chronic I73.89
Acrobystitis N47.7
Acrocephalopolysyndactyly Q87.0
Acrocephalosyndactyly Q87.0
Acrocephaly Q75.0
Acrochondrohyperplasia - see Syndrome, Marfan's
Acrocyanosis I73.8
Acrodermatitis L30.8
Acrodynia - see Poisoning, mercury
Acromegaly, acromegalia E22.0
Acromelalgia I73.81
Acromicria, acromikria Q79.8
Acronyx L60.0
Acropachy, thyroid - see Thyrotoxicosis
Acroparesthesia (simple) (vasomotor) I73.89
Acropathy, thyroid - see Thyrotoxicosis
Acrophobia F40.241
Acroposthitis N47.7
Acroscleriasis, acroscleroderma, acrosclerosis - see Sclerosis, systemic
Acrosphacelus I96
Acrospiroma, eccrine - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Acrostealgia - see Osteochondropathy
Acrotrophodynia - see Immersion
ACTH ectopic syndrome E24.3
Actinic - see condition
Actinobacillosis, actinobacillus A28.8
Actinomyces israelii (infection) - see Actinomycosis
Actinomycetoma (foot) B47.1
Actinomycosis, actinomycotic A42.9
Actinoneuritis G62.82
Action, heart
Activated protein C resistance D68.51
Active - see condition
Acute - see also condition
Acyanotic heart disease (congenital) Q24.9
Acystia Q64.5
Adair-Dighton syndrome (brittle bones and blue sclera, deafness) Q78.0
Adamantinoblastoma - see Ameloblastoma
Adamantinoma - see also Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Adamantoblastoma - see Ameloblastoma
Adams-Stokes (-Morgagni) disease or syndrome I45.9
Adaption reaction - see Disorder, adjustment
Addiction F19.20 - see also Dependence
Addisonian crisis E27.2
Addison-Biermer anemia (pernicious) D51.0
Addison-Schilder complex E71.528
Additional - see also Accessory
Adduction contracture, hip or other joint - see Contraction, joint
Adenitis - see also Lymphadenitis
Adenoacanthoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Adenoameloblastoma - see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Adenocarcinoid (tumor) - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Adenocarcinoma - see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Adenocarcinoma-in-situ - see also Neoplasm, in situ, by site
Adenoiditis (chronic) J35.02
Adenoids - see condition
Adenolipoma - see Neoplasm, benign, by site
Adenolipomatosis, Launois-Bensaude E88.89
Adenoma - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Adenomyoma - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Adenomyometritis N80.0
Adenomyosis N80.0
Adenopathy (lymph gland) R59.9
Adenosalpingitis - see Salpingitis
Adenosarcoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Adenosclerosis I88.8
Adenosis (sclerosing) breast - see Fibroadenosis, breast
Adenovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.0
Adentia (complete) (partial) - see Absence, teeth
Adherent - see also Adhesions
Adhesions, adhesive (postinfective) K66.0
Adiaspiromycosis B48.8
Adie (-Holmes) pupil or syndrome - see Anomaly, pupil, function, tonic pupil
Adiponecrosis neonatorum P83.8
Adiposis - see also Obesity
Adiposity - see also Obesity
Adiposogenital dystrophy E23.6
Administration of tPA (rtPA) in a different facility within the last 24 hours prior to admission to current facility Z92.82
Admission (for) - see also Encounter (for)
Adnexitis (suppurative) - see Salpingo-oophoritis
Adolescent X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy E71.521
Adrenal (gland) - see condition
Adrenalism, tuberculous A18.7
Adrenalitis, adrenitis E27.8
Adrenarche, premature E27.0
Adrenocortical syndrome - see Cushing's, syndrome
Adrenogenital syndrome E25.9
Adrenogenitalism, congenital E25.0
Adrenoleukodystrophy E71.529
Adrenomyeloneuropathy E71.522
Adventitious bursa - see Bursopathy, specified type NEC
Adverse effect - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, categories T36-T50, with 6th character 5
Advice - see Counseling
Adynamia (episodica) (hereditary) (periodic) G72.3
Aeration lung imperfect, newborn - see Atelectasis
Aerobullosis T70.3
Aerocele - see Embolism, air
Aerodontalgia T70.29
Aeroembolism T70.3
Aerogenes capsulatus infection A48.0
Aero-otitis media T70.0
Aerophagy, aerophagia (psychogenic) F45.8
Aerophobia F40.228
Aerosinusitis T70.1
Aerotitis T70.0
Affection - see Disease
Afibrinogenemia D68.8 - see also Defect, coagulation
Aftercare Z51.89 - see also Care
After-cataract - see Cataract, secondary
Agalactia (primary) O92.3
Agammaglobulinemia (acquired (secondary)) (nonfamilial) D80.1
Aganglionosis (bowel) (colon) Q43.1
Age (old) - see Senility
Ageusia R43.2
Agitated - see condition
Agitation R45.1
Aglossia (congenital) Q38.3
Aglossia-adactylia syndrome Q87.0
Aglycogenosis E74.00
Agnosia (body image) (other senses) (tactile) R48.1
Agoraphobia F40.00
Agrammatism R48.8
Agranulocytopenia - see Agranulocytosis
Agranulocytosis (chronic) (cyclical) (genetic) (infantile) (periodic) (pernicious) D70.9 - see also Neutropenia
Agraphia (absolute) R48.8
Ague (dumb) - see Malaria
Agyria Q04.3
Ahumada-del Castillo syndrome E23.0
Aichomophobia F40.298
AIDS (related complex) B20
Ailment heart - see Disease, heart
Ailurophobia F40.218
Ainhum (disease) L94.6
AIPHI (acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage in infants (over 28 days old)) R04.81
Airplane sickness T75.3
Akathisia (drug-induced) (treatment-induced) G25.71
Akinesia R29.898
Akinetic mutism R41.89
Akureyri's disease G93.3
Alactasia, congenital E73.0
Alagille's syndrome Q44.7
Alastrim B03
Albers-Schönberg syndrome Q78.2
Albert's syndrome - see Tendinitis, Achilles
Albinism, albino E70.30
Albinismus E70.30
Albright (-McCune)(-Sternberg) syndrome Q78.1
Albuminous - see condition
Albuminuria, albuminuric (acute) (chronic) (subacute) R80.9 - see also Proteinuria
Albuminurophobia F40.298
Alcaptonuria E70.29
Alcohol, alcoholic, alcohol-induced
Alcoholism (chronic) (without remission) F10.20
Alder (-Reilly) anomaly or syndrome (leukocyte granulation) D72.0
Aldosteronism E26.9
Aldosteronoma D44.10
Aldrich (-Wiskott) syndrome (eczema-thrombocytopenia) D82.0
Alektorophobia F40.218
Aleppo boil B55.1
Aleukemic - see condition
Alexia R48.0
Algoneurodystrophy M89.00
Algophobia F40.298
Alienation, mental - see Psychosis
Alkalemia E87.3
Alkalosis E87.3
Alkaptonuria E70.29
Allen-Masters syndrome N83.8
Allergy, allergic (reaction) (to) T78.40
Allescheriasis B48.2
Alligator skin disease Q80.9
Allocheiria, allochiria R20.8
Almeida's disease - see Paracoccidioidomycosis
Alopecia (hereditaria) (seborrheica) L65.9
Alpers' disease G31.81
Alpine sickness T70.29
Alport syndrome Q87.81
ALTE (apparent life threatening event) in newborn and infant R68.13
Alteration (of), Altered
Alternating - see condition
Altitude, high (effects) - see Effect, adverse, high altitude
Aluminosis (of lung) J63.0
Alveolus, alveolar - see condition
Alymphocytosis D72.810
Alymphoplasia, thymic D82.1
Alzheimer's disease or sclerosis - see Disease, Alzheimer's
Amastia (with nipple present) Q83.8
Amathophobia F40.228
Amaurosis (acquired) (congenital) - see also Blindness
Amaurotic idiocy (infantile) (juvenile) (late) E75.4
Amaxophobia F40.248
Ambiguous genitalia Q56.4
Amblyopia (congenital) (ex anopsia) (partial) (suppression) H53.00-
Ameba, amebic (histolytica) - see also Amebiasis
Amebiasis A06.9
Ameboma (of intestine) A06.3
Amelia Q73.0
Ameloblastoma - see also Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Amelogenesis imperfecta K00.5
Amenorrhea N91.2
Amentia - see Disability, intellectual
Ametropia - see Disorder, refraction
Amianthosis J61
Amimia R48.8
Amino-acid disorder E72.9
Aminoacidopathy E72.9
Aminoaciduria E72.9
Amnes (t)ic syndrome (post-traumatic) F04
Amnesia R41.3
Amnion, amniotic - see condition
Amnionitis - see Pregnancy, complicated by
Amok F68.8
Amoral traits F60.89
Amputation - see also Absence, by site, acquired
Amputee (bilateral) (old) Z89.9
Amsterdam dwarfism Q87.1
Amusia R48.8
Amyelencephalus, amyelencephaly Q00.0
Amyelia Q06.0
Amygdalitis - see Tonsillitis
Amygdalolith J35.8
Amyloid heart (disease) E85.4
Amyloidosis (generalized) (primary) E85.9
Amylopectinosis (brancher enzyme deficiency) E74.03
Amylophagia - see Pica
Amyoplasia congenita Q79.8
Amyotonia M62.89
Amyotrophia, amyotrophy, amyotrophic G71.8
Anacidity, gastric K31.83
Anaerosis of newborn P28.89
Analbuminemia E88.09
Analgesia - see Anesthesia
Analphalipoproteinemia E78.6
Anaphylactoid shock or reaction - see Shock, anaphylactic
Anaphylactoid syndrome of pregnancy O88.01-
Anaphylaxis - see Shock, anaphylactic
Anaplasia cervix N87.9 - see also Dysplasia, cervix
Anaplasmosis, human A77.49
Anarthria R47.1
Anasarca R60.1
Anatomical narrow angle H40.03-
Ancylostoma, ancylostomiasis (braziliense) (caninum) (ceylanicum) (duodenale) B76.0
Andersen's disease (glycogen storage) E74.09
Anderson-Fabry disease E75.21
Andes disease T70.29
Andrews' disease (bacterid) L08.89
Androgen insensitivity syndrome E34.50 - see also Syndrome, androgen insensitivity
Androgen resistance syndrome E34.50 - see also Syndrome, androgen insensitivity
Android pelvis Q74.2
Androphobia F40.290
Anectasis, pulmonary (newborn) - see Atelectasis
Anemia (essential) (general) (hemoglobin deficiency) (infantile) (primary) (profound) D64.9
Anemophobia F40.228
Anencephalus, anencephaly Q00.0
Anergasia - see Psychosis, organic
Anesthesia, anesthetic R20.0
Anetoderma (maculosum) (of) L90.8
Aneurin deficiency E51.9
Aneurysm (anastomotic) (artery) (cirsoid) (diffuse) (false) (fusiform) (multiple) (saccular) I72.9
Angelman syndrome Q93.5
Anger R45.4
Angiectasis, angiectopia I99.8
Angiitis I77.6
Angina (attack) (cardiac) (chest) (heart) (pectoris) (syndrome) (vasomotor) I20.9
Angioblastoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
Angiocholecystitis - see Cholecystitis, acute
Angiocholitis K83.0 - see also Cholecystitis, acute
Angiodysgenesis spinalis G95.19
Angiodysplasia (cecum) (colon) K55.20
Angioedema (allergic) (any site) (with urticaria) T78.3
Angioendothelioma - see Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Angioendotheliomatosis C85.8-
Angiofibroma - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Angiohemophilia (A) (B) D68.0
Angioid streaks (choroid) (macula) (retina) H35.33
Angiokeratoma - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Angioleiomyoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Angiolipoma - see also Lipoma
Angioma - see also Hemangioma, by site
Angiomatosis Q82.8
Angiomyolipoma - see Lipoma
Angiomyoliposarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Angiomyoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Angiomyosarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Angiomyxoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
Angioneurosis F45.8
Angioneurotic edema (allergic) (any site) (with urticaria) T78.3
Angiopathia, angiopathy I99.9
Angiosarcoma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Angiosclerosis - see Arteriosclerosis
Angiospasm (peripheral) (traumatic) (vessel) I73.9
Angiospastic disease or edema I73.9
Anguillulosis - see Strongyloidiasis
Angulus infectiosus (lips) K13.0
Anhedonia R45.84
Anhidrosis L74.4
Anhydration, anhydremia E86.0
Anhydremia E86.0
Anidrosis L74.4
Aniridia (congenital) Q13.1
Anisakiasis (infection) (infestation) B81.0
Anisakis larvae infestation B81.0
Aniseikonia H52.32
Anisocoria (pupil) H57.02
Anisocytosis R71.8
Anisometropia (congenital) H52.31
Ankle - see condition
Ankyloblepharon (eyelid) (acquired) - see also Blepharophimosis
Ankyloglossia Q38.1
Ankylosis (fibrous) (osseous) (joint) M24.60
Ankylostoma - see Ancylostoma
Ankylostomiasis - see Ancylostomiasis
Ankylurethria - see Stricture, urethra
Annular - see also condition
Anodontia (complete) (partial) (vera) K00.0
Anomaly, anomalous (congenital) (unspecified type) Q89.9
Anomia R48.8
Anonychia (congenital) Q84.3
Anophthalmos, anophthalmus (congenital) (globe) Q11.1
Anopia, anopsia H53.46-
Anorchia, anorchism, anorchidism Q55.0
Anorexia R63.0
Anorgasmy, psychogenic (female) F52.31
Anosmia R43.0
Anosognosia R41.89
Anosteoplasia Q78.9
Anovulatory cycle N97.0
Anoxemia R09.02
Anoxia (pathological) R09.02
Anteflexion - see Anteversion
Antepartum - see condition
Anterior - see condition
Antero-occlusion M26.220
Anthophobia F40.228
Anthracosilicosis J60
Anthracosis (lung) (occupational) J60
Anthrax A22.9
Anthropoid pelvis Q74.2
Anthropophobia F40.10
Antibodies, maternal (blood group) - see Isoimmunization, affecting management of pregnancy
Anticardiolipin syndrome D68.61
Anticoagulant, circulating (intrinsic) D68.318 - see also - Disorder, hemorrhagic
Antidiuretic hormone syndrome E22.2
Antimonial cholera - see Poisoning, antimony
Antisocial personality F60.2
Antithrombinemia - see Circulating anticoagulants
Antithromboplastinemia D68.318
Antithromboplastinogenemia D68.318
Antitoxin complication or reaction - see Complications, vaccination
Antlophobia F40.228
Antritis J32.0
Antrum, antral - see condition
Anuria R34
Anus, anal - see condition
Anusitis K62.89
Anxiety F41.9
Aorta, aortic - see condition
Aortectasia - see Ectasia, aorta
Aortitis (nonsyphilitic) (calcific) I77.6
Apathetic thyroid storm - see Thyrotoxicosis
Apathy R45.3
Apeirophobia F40.228
Apepsia K30
Aperistalsis, esophagus K22.0
Apertognathia M26.29
Apert's syndrome Q87.0
Aphagia R13.0
Aphakia (acquired) (postoperative) H27.0-
Aphasia (amnestic) (global) (nominal) (semantic) (syntactic) R47.01
Aphonia (organic) R49.1
Aphthae, aphthous - see also condition
Apical - see condition
Apiphobia F40.218
Aplasia - see also Agenesis
Apnea, apneic (of) (spells) R06.81
Apneumatosis, newborn P28.0
Apocrine metaplasia (breast) - see Dysplasia, mammary, specified type NEC
Apophysitis (bone) - see also Osteochondropathy
Apoplectiform convulsions (cerebral ischemia) I67.82
Apoplexia, apoplexy, apoplectic
Appendicitis (pneumococcal) (retrocecal) K37
Appendicopathia oxyurica B80
Appendix, appendicular - see also condition
Apple peel syndrome Q41.1
Apprehension state F41.1
Apprehensiveness, abnormal F41.9
Approximal wear K03.0
Apraxia (classic) (ideational) (ideokinetic) (ideomotor) (motor) (verbal) R48.2
Aptyalism K11.7
Apudoma - see Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Aqueous misdirection H40.83-
Arabicum elephantiasis - see Infestation, filarial
Arachnitis - see Meningitis
Arachnodactyly - see Syndrome, Marfan's
Arachnoiditis (acute) (adhesive) (basal) (brain) (cerebrospinal) - see Meningitis
Arachnophobia F40.210
Arboencephalitis, Australian A83.4
Arborization block (heart) I45.5
ARC (AIDS-related complex) B20
Arches - see condition
Arcuate uterus Q51.810
Arcuatus uterus Q51.810
Arcus (cornea) senilis - see Degeneration, cornea, senile
Arc-welder's lung J63.4
Areflexia R29.2
Areola - see condition
Argentaffinoma - see also Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Argininemia E72.21
Arginosuccinic aciduria E72.22
Argyll Robertson phenomenon, pupil or syndrome (syphilitic) A52.19
Argyria, argyriasis
Argyrosis, conjunctival H11.13-
Arhinencephaly Q04.1
Ariboflavinosis E53.0
Arm - see condition
Arnold-Chiari disease, obstruction or syndrome (type II) Q07.00
Aromatic amino-acid metabolism disorder E70.9
Arousals, confusional G47.51
Arrest, arrested
Arrhythmia (auricle)(cardiac)(juvenile)(nodal) (reflex)(sinus)(supraventricular)(transitory)(ventricle) I49.9
Arrillaga-Ayerza syndrome (pulmonary sclerosis with pulmonary hypertension) I27.0
Arsenical pigmentation L81.8
Arsenism - see Poisoning, arsenic
Arterial - see condition
Arteriofibrosis - see Arteriosclerosis
Arteriolar sclerosis - see Arteriosclerosis
Arteriolith - see Arteriosclerosis
Arteriolitis I77.6
Arteriolosclerosis - see Arteriosclerosis
Arterionephrosclerosis - see Hypertension, kidney
Arteriopathy I77.9
Arteriosclerosis, arteriosclerotic (diffuse) (obliterans) (of) (senile) (with calcification) I70.90
Arteriospasm I73.9
Arteriovenous - see condition
Arteritis I77.6
Artery, arterial - see also condition
Arthralgia (allergic) - see also Pain, joint
Arthritis, arthritic (acute) (chronic) (nonpyogenic) (subacute) M19.90
Arthrocele - see Effusion, joint
Arthrodesis status Z98.1
Arthrodynia - see also Pain, joint
Arthrodysplasia Q74.9
Arthrofibrosis, joint - see Ankylosis
Arthrogryposis (congenital) Q68.8
Arthrokatadysis M24.7
Arthropathy M12.9 - see also Arthritis
Arthropyosis - see Arthritis, pyogenic or pyemic
Arthrosis (deformans) (degenerative) (localized) M19.90 - see also Osteoarthritis
Arthus' phenomenon or reaction T78.41
Articular - see condition
Articulation, reverse (teeth) M26.24
Arytenoid - see condition
Asbestosis (occupational) J61
ASC-H (atypical squamous cells cannot exclude high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion on cytologic smear)
ASC-US (atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance on cytologic smear)
Ascariasis B77.9
Ascaridosis, ascaridiasis - see Ascariasis
Ascaris (infection) (infestation) (lumbricoides) - see Ascariasis
Ascending - see condition
Aschoff's bodies - see Myocarditis, rheumatic
Ascites (abdominal) R18.8
Aseptic - see condition
Asherman's syndrome N85.6
Asialia K11.7
Asiatic cholera - see Cholera
Asimultagnosia (simultanagnosia) R48.3
Askin's tumor - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Asocial personality F60.2
Asomatognosia R41.4
Aspartylglucosaminuria E77.1
Asperger's disease or syndrome F84.5
Aspergilloma - see Aspergillosis
Aspergillosis (with pneumonia) B44.9
Aspergillus (flavus) (fumigatus) (infection) (terreus) - see Aspergillosis
Aspermatogenesis - see Azoospermia
Aspermia (testis) - see Azoospermia
Asphyxia, asphyxiation (by) R09.01
Asplenia (congenital) Q89.01
Assam fever B55.0
Assault, sexual - see Maltreatment
Assmann's focus NEC A15.0
Astasia (-abasia) (hysterical) F44.4
Asteatosis cutis L85.3
Astereognosia, astereognosis R48.1
Asterixis R27.8
Asteroid hyalitis - see Deposit, crystalline
Asthenia, asthenic R53.1
Asthenopia - see also Discomfort, visual
Asthenospermia - see Abnormal, specimen, male genital organs
Asthma, asthmatic (bronchial) (catarrh) (spasmodic) J45.909
Astigmatism (compound) (congenital) H52.20-
Astraphobia F40.220
Astrocytoma (cystic)
Asymbolia R48.8
Asymmetry - see also Distortion
Asynergia, asynergy R27.8
Asystole (heart) - see Arrest, cardiac
At risk
Ataxia, ataxy, ataxic R27.0
Ataxia-telangiectasia (Louis-Bar) G11.3
Atelectasis (massive) (partial) (pressure) (pulmonary) J98.11
Atelocardia Q24.9
Atelomyelia Q06.1
Atheroma, atheromatous I70.90 - see also Arteriosclerosis
Atheromatosis - see Arteriosclerosis
Atherosclerosis - see also Arteriosclerosis
Athetosis (acquired) R25.8
Athrepsia E41
Athyrea (acquired) - see also Hypothyroidism
Atonia, atony, atonic
Atopy - see History, allergy
Atransferrinemia, congenital E88.09
Atresia, atretic
Atrichia, atrichosis - see Alopecia
Atrophia - see also Atrophy
Atrophie blanche (en plaque) (de Milian) L95.0
Atrophoderma, atrophodermia (of) L90.9
Atrophy, atrophic (of)
Attack, attacks
Attention (to)
Atypical, atypism - see also condition
Auditory - see condition
Aujeszky's disease B33.8
Aurantiasis, cutis E67.1
Auricle, auricular - see also condition
Auriculotemporal syndrome G50.8
Austin Flint murmur (aortic insufficiency) I35.1
Autism, autistic (childhood) (infantile) F84.0
Autodigestion R68.89
Autoerythrocyte sensitization (syndrome) D69.2
Autographism L50.3
Autointoxication R68.89
Automatism G93.89
Autonomic, autonomous
Autosensitivity, erythrocyte D69.2
Autosensitization, cutaneous L30.2
Autosome - see condition by chromosome involved
Autotopagnosia R48.1
Autotoxemia R68.89
Autumn - see condition
Avellis' syndrome G46.8
Avitaminosis (multiple) E56.9 - see also Deficiency, vitamin
AVNRT (atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia) I47.1
AVRT (atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia) I47.1
Avulsion (traumatic)
Awareness of heart beat R00.2
Axilla, axillary - see also condition
Axonotmesis - see Injury, nerve
Ayerza's disease or syndrome (pulmonary artery sclerosis with pulmonary hypertension) I27.0
Azoospermia (organic) N46.01
Azotemia R79.89
Aztec ear Q17.3
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