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Arthropathy ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 27 terms under the parent term 'Arthropathy' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.

Arthropathy - see also Arthritis

See Code: M12.9

Charcot's - see Arthropathy, neuropathic
diabetic - see Diabetes, arthropathy, neuropathic
syringomyelic G95.0
cricoarytenoid J38.7
crystal (-induced) - see Arthritis, in, crystals
diabetic NEC - see Diabetes, arthropathy
distal interphalangeal, psoriatic L40.51
enteropathic M07.60
ankle M07.67-
elbow M07.62-
foot joint M07.67-
hand joint M07.64-
hip M07.65-
knee M07.66-
multiple site M07.69
shoulder M07.61-
vertebra M07.68
wrist M07.63-
following intestinal bypass M02.00
ankle M02.07-
elbow M02.02-
foot joint M02.07-
hand joint M02.04-
hip M02.05-
knee M02.06-
multiple site M02.09
shoulder M02.01-
vertebra M02.08
wrist M02.03-
gouty - see also Gout, idiopathic
in (due to)
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome E79.1
sickle-cell disorders D57.-
hemophilic NEC D66
in (due to)
hyperparathyroidism NEC E21.3
metabolic disease NOS E88.9
in (due to)
acromegaly E22.0
amyloidosis E85.4
blood disorder NOS D75.9
diabetes - see Diabetes, arthropathy
endocrine disease NOS E34.9
multiforme L51.9
nodosum L52
hemochromatosis E83.118
hemoglobinopathy NEC D58.2
hemophilia NEC D66
Henoch-Schönlein purpura D69.0
hyperthyroidism E05.90
hypothyroidism E03.9
infective endocarditis I33.0
leukemia NEC C95.9-
malignant histiocytosis C96.A
metabolic disease NOS E88.9
multiple myeloma C90.0-
neoplastic disease NOS (see also Neoplasm) D49.9
nutritional deficiency E63.9 - see also subcategory M14.8-
psoriasis NOS L40.50
sarcoidosis D86.86
syphilis (late) A52.77
congenital A50.55
thyrotoxicosis E05.90 - see also subcategory M14.8-
ulcerative colitis K51.90
viral hepatitis (postinfectious) NEC B19.9
Whipple's disease K90.81 - see also subcategory M14.8-
Jaccoud - see Arthropathy, postrheumatic, chronic
juvenile - see Arthritis, juvenile
psoriatic L40.54
mutilans (psoriatic) L40.52
neuropathic (Charcot) M14.60
ankle M14.67-
diabetic - see Diabetes, arthropathy, neuropathic
elbow M14.62-
foot joint M14.67-
hand joint M14.64-
hip M14.65-
knee M14.66-
multiple site M14.69
nonsyphilitic NEC G98.0
shoulder M14.61-
syringomyelic G95.0
vertebra M14.68
wrist M14.63-
osteopulmonary - see Osteoarthropathy, hypertrophic, specified NEC
postdysenteric M02.10
ankle M02.17-
elbow M02.12-
foot joint M02.17-
hand joint M02.14-
hip M02.15-
knee M02.16-
multiple site M02.19
shoulder M02.11-
vertebra M02.18
wrist M02.13-
postimmunization M02.20
ankle M02.27-
elbow M02.22-
foot joint M02.27-
hand joint M02.24-
hip M02.25-
knee M02.26-
multiple site M02.29
shoulder M02.21-
vertebra M02.28
wrist M02.23-
postinfectious NEC B99
in (due to)
enteritis due to Yersinia enterocolitica A04.6
syphilis A52.77
viral hepatitis NEC B19.9
postrheumatic, chronic (Jaccoud) M12.00
ankle M12.07-
elbow M12.02-
foot joint M12.07-
hand joint M12.04-
hip M12.05-
knee M12.06-
multiple site M12.09
shoulder M12.01-
specified joint NEC M12.08
vertebrae M12.08
wrist M12.03-
psoriatic NEC L40.59
interphalangeal, distal L40.51
reactive M02.9
in (due to)
infective endocarditis I33.0
specified type NEC M02.80
ankle M02.87-
elbow M02.82-
foot joint M02.87-
hand joint M02.84-
hip M02.85-
knee M02.86-
multiple site M02.89
shoulder M02.81-
vertebra M02.88
wrist M02.83-
specified form NEC M12.80
ankle M12.87-
elbow M12.82-
foot joint M12.87-
hand joint M12.84-
hip M12.85-
knee M12.86-
multiple site M12.89
shoulder M12.81-
specified joint NEC M12.88
vertebrae M12.88
wrist M12.83-
syringomyelic G95.0
tabes dorsalis A52.16
tabetic A52.16
transient - see Arthropathy, specified form NEC
traumatic M12.50
ankle M12.57-
elbow M12.52-
foot joint M12.57-
hand joint M12.54-
hip M12.55-
knee M12.56-
multiple site M12.59
shoulder M12.51-
specified joint NEC M12.58
vertebrae M12.58
wrist M12.53-
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