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Atrophy ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 130 terms under the parent term 'Atrophy' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


adrenal (capsule) (gland) E27.49
primary (autoimmune) E27.1
alveolar process or ridge (edentulous) K08.20
anal sphincter (disuse) N81.84
appendix K38.8
arteriosclerotic - see Arteriosclerosis
bile duct (common) (hepatic) K83.8
bladder N32.89
neurogenic N31.8
blanche (en plaque) (of Milian) L95.0
bone (senile) NEC - see also Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
due to
tabes dorsalis (neurogenic) A52.11
brain (cortex) (progressive) G31.9
frontotemporal circumscribed G31.01
with behavioral disturbance G31.01
senile NEC G31.1
breast N64.2
obstetric - see Disorder, breast, specified type NEC
buccal cavity K13.79
cardiac - see Degeneration, myocardial
cartilage (infectional) (joint) - see Disorder, cartilage, specified NEC
cerebellar - see Atrophy, brain
cerebral - see Atrophy, brain
cervix (mucosa) (senile) (uteri) N88.8
menopausal N95.8
Charcot-Marie-Tooth G60.0
choroid (central) (macular) (myopic) (retina) H31.10-
diffuse secondary H31.12-
gyrate H31.23
senile H31.11-
ciliary body - see Atrophy, iris
conjunctiva (senile) H11.89
corpus cavernosum N48.89
cortical - see Atrophy, brain
cystic duct K82.8
Déjérine-Thomas G23.8
disuse NEC - see Atrophy, muscle
Duchenne-Aran G12.21
ear H93.8-
edentulous alveolar ridge K08.20
endometrium (senile) N85.8
cervix N88.8
enteric K63.89
epididymis N50.8
eyeball - see Disorder, globe, degenerated condition, atrophy
eyelid (senile) - see Disorder, eyelid, degenerative
facial (skin) L90.9
fallopian tube (senile) N83.32
with ovary N83.33
fascioscapulohumeral (Landouzy- Déjérine) G71.0
fatty, thymus (gland) E32.8
gallbladder K82.8
gastric K29.40
with bleeding K29.41
gastrointestinal K63.89
glandular I89.8
globe H44.52-
gum K06.0
hair L67.8
heart (brown) - see Degeneration, myocardial
hemifacial Q67.4
Romberg G51.8
infantile E41
paralysis, acute - see Poliomyelitis, paralytic
intestine K63.89
iris (essential) (progressive) H21.26-
specified NEC H21.29
kidney (senile) (terminal) N26.1 - see also Sclerosis, renal
congenital or infantile Q60.5
bilateral Q60.4
unilateral Q60.3
hydronephrotic - see Hydronephrosis
lacrimal gland (primary) H04.14-
secondary H04.15-
Landouzy-Déjérine G71.0
laryngitis, infective J37.0
larynx J38.7
Leber's optic (hereditary) H47.22
lip K13.0
liver (yellow) K72.90
with coma K72.91
acute, subacute K72.00
with coma K72.01
chronic K72.10
with coma K72.11
lung (senile) J98.4
macular (dermatological) L90.8
syphilitic, skin A51.39
striated A52.79
mandible (edentulous) K08.20
minimal K08.21
moderate K08.22
severe K08.23
maxilla K08.20
minimal K08.24
moderate K08.25
severe K08.26
muscle, muscular (diffuse) (general) (idiopathic) (primary) M62.50
ankle M62.57-
Duchenne-Aran G12.21
foot M62.57-
forearm M62.53-
hand M62.54-
infantile spinal G12.0
lower leg M62.56-
multiple sites M62.59
myelopathic - see Atrophy, muscle, spinal
myotonic G71.11
neuritic G58.9
neuropathic (peroneal) (progressive) G60.0
pelvic (disuse) N81.84
peroneal G60.0
progressive (bulbar) G12.21
adult G12.1
infantile (spinal) G12.0
spinal G12.9
adult G12.1
infantile G12.0
pseudohypertrophic G71.0
shoulder region M62.51-
specified site NEC M62.58
spinal G12.9
adult form G12.1
Aran-Duchenne G12.21
childhood form, type II G12.1
distal G12.1
hereditary NEC G12.1
infantile, type I (Werdnig-Hoffmann) G12.0
juvenile form, type III (Kugelberg- Welander) G12.1
progressive G12.21
scapuloperoneal form G12.1
specified NEC G12.8
syphilitic A52.78
thigh M62.55-
upper arm M62.52-
myocardium - see Degeneration, myocardial
myometrium (senile) N85.8
cervix N88.8
myopathic NEC - see Atrophy, muscle
myotonia G71.11
nail L60.3
nasopharynx J31.1
nerve - see also Disorder, nerve
abducens - see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
accessory G52.8
acoustic or auditory
cranial G52.9
eighth (auditory)
eleventh (accessory) G52.8
fifth (trigeminal) G50.8
first (olfactory) G52.0
fourth (trochlear) - see Strabismus, paralytic, fourth nerve
second (optic) H47.20
sixth (abducens) - see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
tenth (pneumogastric) (vagus) G52.2
third (oculomotor) - see Strabismus, paralytic, third nerve
twelfth (hypoglossal) G52.3
hypoglossal G52.3
oculomotor - see Strabismus, paralytic, third nerve
olfactory G52.0
optic (papillomacular bundle)
syphilitic (late) A52.15
congenital A50.44
pneumogastric G52.2
trigeminal G50.8
trochlear - see Strabismus, paralytic, fourth nerve
vagus (pneumogastric) G52.2
neurogenic, bone, tabetic A52.11
nutritional E41
old age R54
olivopontocerebellar G23.8
optic (nerve) H47.20
glaucomatous H47.23-
hereditary H47.22
primary H47.21-
specified type NEC H47.29-
syphilitic (late) A52.15
congenital A50.44
orbit H05.31-
ovary (senile) N83.31
with fallopian tube N83.33
oviduct (senile) - see Atrophy, fallopian tube
palsy, diffuse (progressive) G12.22
pancreas (duct) (senile) K86.8
parotid gland K11.0
pelvic muscle N81.84
penis N48.89
pharynx J39.2
pluriglandular E31.8
autoimmune E31.0
polyarthritis M15.9
prostate N42.89
pseudohypertrophic (muscle) G71.0
renal N26.1 - see also Sclerosis, renal
retina, retinal (postinfectional) H35.89
rhinitis J31.0
salivary gland K11.0
scar L90.5
sclerosis, lobar (of brain) G31.09
with behavioral disturbance G31.09
scrotum N50.8
seminal vesicle N50.8
senile R54
due to radiation (nonionizing) (solar) L57.8
skin (patches) (spots) L90.9
degenerative (senile) L90.8
due to radiation (nonionizing) (solar) L57.8
senile L90.8
spermatic cord N50.8
spinal (acute) (cord) G95.89
muscular - see Atrophy, muscle, spinal
paralysis G12.20
acute - see Poliomyelitis, paralytic
meaning progressive muscular atrophy G12.21
spine (column) - see Spondylopathy, specified NEC
spleen (senile) D73.0
stomach K29.40
with bleeding K29.41
striate (skin) L90.6
syphilitic A52.79
subcutaneous L90.9
sublingual gland K11.0
submandibular gland K11.0
submaxillary gland K11.0
Sudeck's - see Algoneurodystrophy
suprarenal (capsule) (gland) E27.49
primary E27.1
systemic affecting central nervous system
myxedema E03.9
neoplastic disease D49.9 - see also Neoplasm
specified disease NEC G13.8
tarso-orbital fascia, congenital Q10.3
testis N50.0
thenar, partial - see Syndrome, carpal tunnel
thymus (fatty) E32.8
thyroid (gland) (acquired) E03.4
with cretinism E03.1
congenital (with myxedema) E03.1
tongue (senile) K14.8
papillae K14.4
trachea J39.8
tunica vaginalis N50.8
turbinate J34.89
tympanic membrane (nonflaccid) H73.82-
flaccid H73.81-
upper respiratory tract J39.8
uterus, uterine (senile) N85.8
cervix N88.8
due to radiation (intended effect) N85.8
adverse effect or misadventure N99.89
vagina (senile) N95.2
vas deferens N50.8
vascular I99.8
vertebra (senile) - see Spondylopathy, specified NEC
vulva (senile) N90.5
Werdnig-Hoffmann G12.0
yellow - see Failure, hepatic
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