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Blister ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 97 terms under the parent term 'Blister' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


abdominal wall S30.821
alveolar process S00.522
ankle S90.52-
antecubital space - see Blister, elbow
anus S30.827
arm (upper) S40.82-
auditory canal - see Blister, ear
auricle - see Blister, ear
axilla - see Blister, arm
back, lower S30.820
beetle dermatitis L24.89
breast S20.12-
brow S00.82
calf - see Blister, leg
canthus - see Blister, eyelid
cheek S00.82
internal S00.522
chest wall - see Blister, thorax
chin S00.82
costal region - see Blister, thorax
digit (s)
foot - see Blister, toe
hand - see Blister, finger
due to burn - see Burn, by site, second degree
ear S00.42-
elbow S50.32-
epiglottis S10.12
esophagus, cervical S10.12
eyebrow - see Blister, eyelid
eyelid S00.22-
face S00.82
fever B00.1
finger (s) S60.429
index S60.42-
little S60.42-
middle S60.42-
ring S60.42-
foot (except toe(s) alone) S90.82-
toe - see Blister, toe
forearm S50.82-
elbow only - see Blister, elbow
forehead S00.82
fracture - omit code
genital organ
female S30.826
male S30.825
gum S00.522
hand S60.52-
head S00.92
ear - see Blister, ear
eyelid - see Blister, eyelid
lip S00.521
nose S00.32
oral cavity S00.522
scalp S00.02
specified site NEC S00.82
heel - see Blister, foot
hip S70.22-
interscapular region S20.429
jaw S00.82
knee S80.22-
larynx S10.12
leg (lower) S80.82-
knee - see Blister, knee
upper - see Blister, thigh
lip S00.521
malar region S00.82
mammary - see Blister, breast
mastoid region S00.82
mouth S00.522
multiple, skin, nontraumatic R23.8
finger - see Blister, finger
toe - see Blister, toe
nasal S00.32
neck S10.92
specified site NEC S10.82
throat S10.12
nose S00.32
occipital region S00.02
oral cavity S00.522
orbital region - see Blister, eyelid
palate S00.522
palm - see Blister, hand
parietal region S00.02
pelvis S30.820
penis S30.822
periocular area - see Blister, eyelid
finger - see Blister, finger
toe - see Blister, toe
pharynx S10.12
pinna - see Blister, ear
popliteal space - see Blister, knee
scalp S00.02
scapular region - see Blister, shoulder
scrotum S30.823
shin - see Blister, leg
shoulder S40.22-
sternal region S20.329
submaxillary region S00.82
submental region S00.82
finger (s) - see Blister, finger
toe (s) - see Blister, toe
supraclavicular fossa S10.82
supraorbital S00.82
temple S00.82
temporal region S00.82
testis S30.823
thermal - see Burn, second degree, by site
thigh S70.32-
thorax, thoracic (wall) S20.92
back S20.42-
front S20.32-
throat S10.12
thumb S60.32-
toe (s) S90.42-
great S90.42-
tongue S00.522
trachea S10.12
tympanum, tympanic membrane - see Blister, ear
upper arm - see Blister, arm (upper)
uvula S00.522
vagina S30.824
vocal cords S10.12
vulva S30.824
wrist S60.82-
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