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Cataract ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 38 terms under the parent term 'Cataract' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: H26.9

neovascularization - see Cataract, complicated
age-related - see Cataract, senile
and posterior axial embryonal Q12.0
pyramidal Q12.0
associated with
galactosemia E74.21
myotonic disorders G71.19
blue Q12.0
central Q12.0
cerulean Q12.0
complicated H26.20
neovascularization H26.21-
ocular disorder H26.22-
glaucomatous flecks H26.23-
congenital Q12.0
coraliform Q12.0
coronary Q12.0
crystalline Q12.0
diabetic - see Diabetes, cataract
drug-induced H26.3-
due to
ocular disorder - see Cataract, complicated
radiation H26.8
electric H26.8
extraction status Z98.4-
glass-blower's H26.8
heat ray H26.8
heterochromic - see Cataract, complicated
hypermature - see Cataract, senile, morgagnian type
in (due to)
chronic iridocyclitis - see Cataract, complicated
diabetes - see Diabetes, cataract
endocrine disease E34.9
eye disease - see Cataract, complicated
hypoparathyroidism E20.9
malnutrition-dehydration E46
metabolic disease E88.9
myotonic disorders G71.19
nutritional disease E63.9
infantile - see Cataract, presenile
irradiational - see Cataract, specified NEC
juvenile - see Cataract, presenile
malnutrition-dehydration E46
morgagnian - see Cataract, senile, morgagnian type
myotonic G71.19
myxedema E03.9
embryonal Q12.0
sclerosis - see Cataract, senile, nuclear
presenile H26.00-
combined forms H26.06-
cortical H26.01-
lamellar - see Cataract, presenile, cortical
nuclear H26.03-
specified NEC H26.09
subcapsular polar (anterior) H26.04-
posterior H26.05-
zonular - see Cataract, presenile, cortical
secondary H26.40
Soemmering's ring H26.41-
specified NEC H26.49-
to eye disease - see Cataract, complicated
senile H25.9
brunescens - see Cataract, senile, nuclear
combined forms H25.81-
coronary - see Cataract, senile, incipient
cortical H25.01-
hypermature - see Cataract, senile, morgagnian type
incipient (mature) (total) H25.09-
cortical - see Cataract, senile, cortical
subcapsular - see Cataract, senile, subcapsular
morgagnian type (hypermature) H25.2-
nuclear (sclerosis) H25.1-
polar subcapsular (anterior) (posterior) - see Cataract, senile, incipient
punctate - see Cataract, senile, incipient
specified NEC H25.89
subcapsular polar (anterior) H25.03-
posterior H25.04-
snowflake - see Diabetes, cataract
specified NEC H26.8
toxic - see Cataract, drug-induced
traumatic H26.10-
localized H26.11-
partially resolved H26.12-
total H26.13-
zonular (perinuclear) Q12.0
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