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Compression ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 35 terms under the parent term 'Compression' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


with injury - code by Nature of injury
artery I77.1
celiac, syndrome I77.4
brachial plexus G54.0
brain (stem) G93.5
due to
contusion (diffuse) - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
focal - see Injury, intracranial, focal
injury NEC - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
traumatic - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
bronchus J98.09
cauda equina G83.4
celiac (artery) (axis) I77.4
cerebral - see Compression, brain
cervical plexus G54.2
spinal - see Compression, spinal
umbilical - see Compression, umbilical cord
cranial nerve G52.9
eleventh G52.8
fifth G50.8
first G52.0
fourth - see Strabismus, paralytic, fourth nerve
ninth G52.1
second - see Disorder, nerve, optic
seventh G52.8
sixth - see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
tenth G52.2
third - see Strabismus, paralytic, third nerve
twelfth G52.3
diver's squeeze T70.3
during birth (newborn) P15.9
esophagus K22.2
eustachian tube - see Obstruction, eustachian tube, cartilaginous
facies Q67.1
fracture - see Fracture
heart - see Disease, heart
intestine - see Obstruction, intestine
laryngeal nerve, recurrent G52.2
with paralysis of vocal cords and larynx J38.00
bilateral J38.02
unilateral J38.01
lumbosacral plexus G54.1
lung J98.4
lymphatic vessel I89.0
medulla - see Compression, brain
nerve G58.9 - see also Disorder, nerve
arm NEC - see Mononeuropathy, upper limb
axillary G54.0
cranial - see Compression, cranial nerve
leg NEC - see Mononeuropathy, lower limb
median (in carpal tunnel) - see Syndrome, carpal tunnel
optic - see Disorder, nerve, optic
plantar - see Lesion, nerve, plantar
posterior tibial (in tarsal tunnel) - see Syndrome, tarsal tunnel
root or plexus NOS (in) G54.9
intervertebral disc disorder NEC - see Disorder, disc, with, radiculopathy
with myelopathy - see Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
neoplastic disease D49.9 - see also Neoplasm
spondylosis - see Spondylosis, with radiculopathy
sciatic (acute) - see Lesion, nerve, sciatic
sympathetic G90.8
traumatic - see Injury, nerve
ulnar - see Lesion, nerve, ulnar
upper extremity NEC - see Mononeuropathy, upper limb
spinal (cord) G95.20
by displacement of intervertebral disc NEC - see also Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
nerve root NOS G54.9
due to displacement of intervertebral disc NEC - see Disorder, disc, with, radiculopathy
with myelopathy - see Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
specified NEC G95.29
spondylogenic (cervical) (lumbar, lumbosacral) (thoracic) - see Spondylosis, with myelopathy NEC
anterior - see Syndrome, anterior, spinal artery, compression
traumatic - see Injury, spinal cord, by region
subcostal nerve (syndrome) - see Mononeuropathy, upper limb, specified NEC
sympathetic nerve NEC G90.8
syndrome T79.5
trachea J39.8
ulnar nerve (by scar tissue) - see Lesion, nerve, ulnar
umbilical cord
complicating delivery O69.2
cord around neck O69.1
prolapse O69.0
specified NEC O69.2
ureter N13.5
vein I87.1
vena cava (inferior) (superior) I87.1
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