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Crush ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 49 terms under the parent term 'Crush' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: T14.8

abdomen S38.1
ankle S97.0-
arm (upper) (and shoulder) S47.-
axilla - see Crush, arm
back, lower S38.1
buttock S38.1
cheek S07.0
chest S28.0
cranium S07.1
ear S07.0
elbow S57.0-
ankle - see Crush, ankle
below knee - see Crush, leg
foot - see Crush, foot
hip - see Crush, hip
knee - see Crush, knee
thigh - see Crush, thigh
toe - see Crush, toe
below elbow S67.9-
elbow - see Crush, elbow
finger - see Crush, finger
forearm - see Crush, forearm
hand - see Crush, hand
thumb - see Crush, thumb
upper arm - see Crush, arm
wrist - see Crush, wrist
face S07.0
finger (s) S67.1-
with hand (and wrist) - see Crush, hand, specified site NEC
index S67.19-
little S67.19-
middle S67.19-
ring S67.19-
thumb - see Crush, thumb
foot S97.8-
toe - see Crush, toe
forearm S57.8-
genitalia, external
female S38.002
vagina S38.03
vulva S38.03
male S38.001
penis S38.01
scrotum S38.02
testis S38.02
hand (except fingers alone) S67.2-
with wrist S67.4-
head S07.9
specified NEC S07.8
heel - see Crush, foot
hip S77.0-
with thigh S77.2-
internal organ (abdomen, chest, or pelvis) NEC T14.8
knee S87.0-
labium (majus) (minus) S38.03
larynx S17.0
leg (lower) S87.8-
knee - see Crush, knee
lip S07.0
back S38.1
leg - see Crush, leg
neck S17.9
nerve - see Injury, nerve
nose S07.0
pelvis S38.1
penis S38.01
scalp S07.8
scapular region - see Crush, arm
scrotum S38.02
severe, unspecified site T14.8
shoulder (and upper arm) - see Crush, arm
skull S07.1
syndrome (complication of trauma) T79.5
testis S38.02
thigh S77.1-
with hip S77.2-
throat S17.8
thumb S67.0-
with hand (and wrist) - see Crush, hand, specified site NEC
toe (s) S97.10-
great S97.11-
lesser S97.12-
trachea S17.0
vagina S38.03
vulva S38.03
wrist S67.3-
with hand S67.4-
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