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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 408 terms starting with the letter 'D' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Daae (-Finsen) disease (epidemic pleurodynia) B33.0
Da Costa's syndrome F45.8
Dabney's grip B33.0
Dacryoadenitis, dacryadenitis H04.00-
Dacryocystitis H04.30-
Dacryocystoblenorrhea - see Inflammation, lacrimal, passages, chronic
Dacryocystocele - see Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
Dacryolith, dacryolithiasis H04.51-
Dacryoma - see Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
Dacryopericystitis - see Dacryocystitis
Dacryops H04.11-
Dacryostenosis - see also Stenosis, lacrimal
Dactylolysis spontanea (ainhum) L94.6
Dactylosymphysis Q70.9
Dana-Putnam syndrome (subacute combined sclerosis with pernicious anemia) - see Degeneration, combined
Danbolt (-Cross) syndrome (acrodermatitis enteropathica) E83.2
Dandruff L21.0
Dandy-Walker syndrome Q03.1
Danlos' syndrome Q79.6
Darier (-White) disease (congenital) Q82.8
Darier-Roussy sarcoid D86.3
Darling's disease or histoplasmosis B39.4
Darwin's tubercle Q17.8
Dawson's (inclusion body) encephalitis A81.1
De Beurmann (-Gougerot) disease B42.1
De la Tourette's syndrome F95.2
De Lange's syndrome Q87.1
De Morgan's spots (senile angiomas) I78.1
De Quervain's
De Toni-Fanconi (-Debré) syndrome E72.09
Deaf nonspeaking NEC H91.3
Deafmutism (acquired) (congenital) NEC H91.3
Deafness (acquired) (complete) (hereditary) (partial) H91.9-
Death (cause unknown) (of) (unexplained) (unspecified cause) R99
Debility (chronic) (general) (nervous) R53.81
Débove's disease (splenomegaly) R16.1
Decapsulation, kidney N28.89
Deciduitis (acute)
Decline (general) - see Debility
Decompression sickness T70.3
Decrease (d)
Decubitus (ulcer) - see Ulcer, pressure, by site
Deepening acetabulum - see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC, hip
Defect, defective Q89.9
Deferentitis N49.1
Defibrination (syndrome) D65
Deficiency, deficient
Deficit - see also Deficiency
Deformity Q89.9
Degeneration, degenerative
Degos' disease I77.89
Dehiscence (of)
Dehydration E86.0
Déjérine-Roussy syndrome G89.0
Déjérine-Sottas disease or neuropathy (hypertrophic) G60.0
Déjérine-Thomas atrophy G23.8
Delay, delayed
Deletion (s)
Delhi boil or button B55.1
Delinquency (juvenile) (neurotic) F91.8
Delinquent immunization status Z28.3
Delirium, delirious (acute or subacute) (not alcohol- or drug-induced) (with dementia) R41.0
Delivery (childbirth) (labor)
Delusions (paranoid) - see Disorder, delusional
Dementia (degenerative (primary)) (old age) (persisting) F03.90
Demineralization, bone - see Osteoporosis
Demodex folliculorum (infestation) B88.0
Demophobia F40.248
Demoralization R45.3
Demyelination, demyelinization
Dengue (classical) (fever) A90
Dennie-Marfan syphilitic syndrome A50.45
Dens evaginatus, in dente or invaginatus K00.2
Dense breasts R92.2
Dental - see also condition
Dentia praecox K00.6
Denticles (pulp) K04.2
Dentigerous cyst K09.0
Dentinogenesis imperfecta K00.5
Dentinoma - see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Dentition (syndrome) K00.7
Dependence (on) (syndrome) F19.20
Depersonalization (in neurotic state) (neurotic) (syndrome) F48.1
Deployment (current) (military) status Z56.82
Depolarization, premature I49.40
Depraved appetite - see Pica
Depression (acute) (mental) F32.9
Dercum's disease E88.2
Derealization (neurotic) F48.1
Dermal - see condition
Dermaphytid - see Dermatophytosis
Dermatitis (eczematous) L30.9
Dermatoarthritis, lipoid E78.81
Dermatochalasis, eyelid H02.839
Dermatofibroma (lenticulare) - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Dermatofibrosarcoma (pigmented) (protuberans) - see Neoplasm, skin, malignant
Dermatographia L50.3
Dermatolysis (exfoliativa) (congenital) Q82.8
Dermatomegaly NEC Q82.8
Dermatomucosomyositis M33.10
Dermatomycosis B36.9
Dermatomyositis (acute) (chronic) - see also Dermatopolymyositis
Dermatoneuritis of children - see Poisoning, mercury
Dermatophilosis A48.8
Dermatophytid L30.2
Dermatophytide - see Dermatophytosis
Dermatophytosis (epidermophyton) (infection) (Microsporum) (tinea) (Trichophyton) B35.9
Dermatopolymyositis M33.90
Dermatopolyneuritis - see Poisoning, mercury
Dermatorrhexis Q79.6
Dermatosclerosis - see also Scleroderma
Dermatosis L98.9
Dermographia, dermographism L50.3
Dermoid (cyst) - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Dermophytosis - see Dermatophytosis
Descemetocele H18.73-
Descemet's membrane - see condition
Descending - see condition
Descensus uteri - see Prolapse, uterus
Desertion (newborn) - see Maltreatment
Desmoid (extra-abdominal) (tumor) - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
Despondency F32.9
Desquamation, skin R23.4
Destruction, destructive - see also Damage
Destructiveness - see also Disorder, conduct
Desultory labor O62.2
Detergent asthma J69.8
Deuteranomaly (anomalous trichromat) H53.53
Deuteranopia (complete) (incomplete) H53.53
Developmental - see condition
Devergie's disease (pityriasis rubra pilaris) L44.0
Deviation (in)
Devic's disease G36.0
Devitalized tooth K04.99
Devonshire colic - see Poisoning, lead
Dextraposition, aorta Q20.3
Dextrinosis, limit (debrancher enzyme deficiency) E74.03
Dextrocardia (true) Q24.0
Dextrotransposition, aorta Q20.3
d-glycericacidemia E72.59
Dhat syndrome F48.8
Dhobi itch B35.6
Di George's syndrome D82.1
Di Guglielmo's disease C94.0-
Diabetes, diabetic (mellitus) (sugar) E11.9
Diacyclothrombopathia D69.1
Diagnosis deferred R69
Dialysis (intermittent) (treatment)
Diamond-Blackfan anemia (congenital hypoplastic) D61.01
Diamond-Gardener syndrome (autoerythrocyte sensitization) D69.2
Diaper rash L22
Diaphoresis (excessive) R61
Diaphragm - see condition
Diaphragmalgia R07.1
Diaphragmatitis, diaphragmitis J98.6
Diaphysial aclasis Q78.6
Diaphysitis - see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
Diarrhea, diarrheal (disease) (infantile) (inflammatory) R19.7
Diastema, tooth, teeth, fully erupted M26.32
Diastematomyelia Q06.2
Diataxia, cerebral G80.4
Diaz's disease or osteochondrosis (juvenile) (talus) - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tarsus
Dibothriocephalus, dibothriocephaliasis (latus) (infection) (infestation) B70.0
Dicephalus, dicephaly Q89.4
Dichotomy, teeth K00.2
Dichromat, dichromatopsia (congenital) - see Deficiency, color vision
Dichuchwa A65
Dicroceliasis B66.2
Didelphia, didelphys - see Double uterus
Didymytis N45.1
Dietl's crisis N13.8
Dieulafoy lesion (hemorrhagic)
Difficult, difficulty (in)
Diffuse - see condition
DiGeorge's syndrome (thymic hypoplasia) D82.1
Digestive - see condition
Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase disease (DPD) E88.89
Diktyoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Dilaceration, tooth K00.4
Dilated, dilation - see Dilatation
Diminished, diminution
Diminuta taenia B71.0
Dimitri-Sturge-Weber disease Q85.8
Dioctophyme renalis (infection) (infestation) B83.8
Dipetalonemiasis B74.4
Diphallus Q55.69
Diphtheria, diphtheritic (gangrenous) (hemorrhagic) A36.9
Diphyllobothriasis (intestine) B70.0
Diplacusis H93.22-
Diplegia (upper limbs) G83.0
Diplococcus, diplococcal - see condition
Diplopia H53.2
Dipsomania F10.20
Dipylidiasis B71.1
Direction, teeth, abnormal, fully erupted M26.30
Dirofilariasis B74.8
Dirt-eating child F98.3
Disability, disabilities
Disappearance of family member Z63.4
Disarticulation - see Amputation
Discharge (from)
Discitis, diskitis M46.40
Discontinuity, ossicles, ear H74.2-
Discord (with)
Discordant connection
Disease, diseased - see also Syndrome
Disfigurement (due to scar) L90.5
Disgerminoma - see Dysgerminoma
DISH (diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis) - see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
Disinsertion, retina - see Detachment, retina
Dislocatable hip, congenital Q65.6
Dislocation (articular)
Disorder (of) - see also Disease
Disorientation R41.0
Displacement, displaced
Disruptio uteri - see Rupture, uterus
Disruption (of)
Dissatisfaction with
Dissecting - see condition
Disseminated - see condition
Dissociative reaction, state F44.9
Dissolution, vertebra - see Osteoporosis
Distension, distention
Distoma hepaticum infestation B66.3
Distomiasis B66.9
Distomolar (fourth molar) K00.1
Disto-occlusion (Division I) (Division II) M26.212
Distortion (s) (congenital)
Distribution vessel, atypical Q27.9
Districhiasis L68.8
Disturbance (s) - see also Disease
Diuresis R35.8
Diver's palsy, paralysis or squeeze T70.3
Diverticulitis (acute) K57.92
Diverticulosis K57.90
Diverticulum, diverticula (multiple) K57.90
Divorce, causing family disruption Z63.5
Dix-Hallpike neurolabyrinthitis - see Neuronitis, vestibular
Dizziness R42
DMAC (disseminated mycobacterium avium- intracellulare complex) A31.2
DNR (do not resuscitate) Z66
Doan-Wiseman syndrome (primary splenic neutropenia) - see Agranulocytosis
Doehle-Heller aortitis A52.02
Dog bite - see Bite
Dohle body panmyelopathic syndrome D72.0
Dolichocephaly Q67.2
Dolichocolon Q43.8
Dolichostenomelia - see Syndrome, Marfan's
Donohue's syndrome E34.8
Donor (organ or tissue) Z52.9
Donovanosis A58
Dorsalgia M54.9
Dorsopathy M53.9
Douglas' pouch, cul-de-sac - see condition
Down syndrome Q90.9
DPD (dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency) E88.89
Dracontiasis B72
Dracunculiasis, dracunculosis B72
Dream state, hysterical F44.89
Dreschlera (hawaiiensis) (infection) B43.8
Drepanocytic anemia - see Disease, sickle-cell
Dresbach's syndrome (elliptocytosis) D58.1
Dressler's syndrome I24.1
Drift, ulnar - see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, forearm
Drinking (alcohol)
Drip, postnasal (chronic) R09.82
Drop (in)
Dropped heart beats I45.9
Dropsy, dropsical - see also Hydrops
Drowned, drowning (near) T75.1
Drowsiness R40.0
Drunkenness (without dependence) F10.129
Dry, dryness - see also condition
DSAP L56.5
Duane's syndrome H50.81-
Dubin-Johnson disease or syndrome E80.6
Dubois' disease (thymus gland) A50.59
Dubowitz' syndrome Q87.1
Duchenne-Aran muscular atrophy G12.21
Duchenne-Griesinger disease G71.0
Ducrey's chancre A57
Duct, ductus - see condition
Duhring's disease (dermatitis herpetiformis) L13.0
Dullness, cardiac (decreased) (increased) R01.2
Dumb ague - see Malaria
Dumbness - see Aphasia
Dumdum fever B55.0
Dumping syndrome (postgastrectomy) K91.1
Duodenitis (nonspecific) (peptic) K29.80
Duodenocholangitis - see Cholangitis
Duodenum, duodenal - see condition
Duplay's bursitis or periarthritis - see Tendinitis, calcific, shoulder
Duplication, duplex - see also Accessory
Dupré's disease (meningism) R29.1
Dupuytren's contraction or disease M72.0
Durand-Nicolas-Favre disease A55
Durotomy (inadvertent) (incidental) G97.41
Duroziez's disease (congenital mitral stenosis) Q23.2
Dutton's relapsing fever (West African) A68.1
Dwarfism E34.3
Dyke-Young anemia (secondary) (symptomatic) D59.1
Dysacusis - see Abnormal, auditory perception
Dysadrenocortism E27.9
Dysarthria R47.1
Dysautonomia (familial) G90.1
Dysbarism T70.3
Dysbasia R26.2
Dysbetalipoproteinemia (familial) E78.2
Dyscalculia R48.8
Dyschezia K59.00
Dyschondroplasia (with hemangiomata) Q78.4
Dyschromia (skin) L81.9
Dyscollagenosis M35.9
Dyscranio-pygo-phalangy Q87.0
Dysendocrinism E34.9
Dysentery, dysenteric (catarrhal) (diarrhea) (epidemic) (hemorrhagic) (infectious) (sporadic) (tropical) A09
Dysequilibrium R42
Dysesthesia R20.8
Dysfibrinogenemia (congenital) D68.2
Dysgeusia R43.2
Dysgraphia R27.8
Dyshidrosis, dysidrosis L30.1
Dyskaryotic cervical smear R87.619
Dyskeratosis L85.8
Dyskinesia G24.9
Dyslalia (developmental) F80.0
Dyslexia R48.0
Dyslipidemia E78.5
Dysmaturity - see also Light for dates
Dysmenorrhea (essential) (exfoliative) N94.6
Dysmetabolic syndrome X E88.81
Dysmetria R27.8
Dysmorphism (due to)
Dysmorphophobia (nondelusional) F45.22
Dysnomia R47.01
Dysorexia R63.0
Dyspareunia (female) N94.1
Dyspepsia R10.13
Dysphagia R13.10
Dysphagocytosis, congenital D71
Dysphasia R47.02
Dysphonia R49.0
Dysphoria, postpartal O90.6
Dyspituitarism E23.3
Dysplasia - see also Anomaly
Dyspnea (nocturnal) (paroxysmal) R06.00
Dyspraxia R27.8
Dysproteinemia E88.09
Dysreflexia, autonomic G90.4
Dyssomnia - see Disorder, sleep
Dysthymia F34.1
Dysthyroidism E07.9
Dystocia O66.9
Dystonia G24.9
Dystonic movements R25.8
Dystrophy, dystrophia
Dysuria R30.0
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