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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 347 terms starting with the letter 'E' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Eales' disease H35.06-
Ear - see also condition
Early satiety R68.81
Eaton-Lambert syndrome - see Syndrome, Lambert-Eaton
Eberth's disease (typhoid fever) A01.00
Ebola virus disease A98.4
Ebstein's anomaly or syndrome (heart) Q22.5
Eccentro-osteochondrodysplasia E76.29
Ecchondroma - see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Ecchondrosis D48.0
Ecchymosis R58
Echinococciasis - see Echinococcus
Echinococcosis - see Echinococcus
Echinococcus (infection) B67.90
Echinorhynchiasis B83.8
Echinostomiasis B66.8
Echolalia R48.8
Echovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.12
Eclampsia, eclamptic (coma) (convulsions) (delirium) (with hypertension) NEC O15.9
Economic circumstances affecting care Z59.9
Economo's disease A85.8
Ectasia, ectasis
Ecthyma L08.0
Ectocardia Q24.8
Ectodermal dysplasia (anhidrotic) Q82.4
Ectodermosis erosiva pluriorificialis L51.1
Ectopic, ectopia (congenital)
Ectromelia Q73.8
Ectropion H02.109
Eczema (acute) (chronic) (erythematous) (fissum) (rubrum) (squamous) L30.9 - see also Dermatitis
Eczematid L30.2
Eddowes (-Spurway) syndrome Q78.0
Edema, edematous (infectious) (pitting) (toxic) R60.9
Edentulism - see Absence, teeth, acquired
Edsall's disease T67.2
Educational handicap Z55.9
Edward's syndrome - see Trisomy, 18
Effect, adverse
Effect (s) (of) (from) - see Effect, adverse NEC
Effects, late - see Sequelae
Effort syndrome (psychogenic) F45.8
Egg shell nails L60.3
Egyptian splenomegaly B65.1
Ehrlichiosis A77.40
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Q79.6
Eichstedt's disease B36.0
Ekbom's syndrome (restless legs) G25.81
Ekman's syndrome (brittle bones and blue sclera) Q78.0
Elastic skin Q82.8
Elastofibroma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Elastoma (juvenile) Q82.8
Elastomyofibrosis I42.4
Elbow - see condition
Electric current, electricity, effects (concussion) (fatal) (nonfatal) (shock) T75.4
Electric feet syndrome E53.8
Electrocution T75.4
Electrolyte imbalance E87.8
Elephantiasis (nonfilarial) I89.0
Elevated, elevation
Elliptocytosis (congenital) (hereditary) D58.1
Ellison-Zollinger syndrome E16.4
Ellis-van Creveld syndrome (chondroectodermal dysplasia) Q77.6
Elongated, elongation (congenital) - see also Distortion
Eltor cholera A00.1
Emaciation (due to malnutrition) E41
Embadomoniasis A07.8
Embedded tooth, teeth K01.0
Embolic - see condition
Embolism (multiple) (paradoxical) I74.9
Embolus - see Embolism
Embryoma - see also Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Embryopathia NOS Q89.9
Embryotoxon Q13.4
Emesis - see Vomiting
Emotional lability R45.86
Emotionality, pathological F60.3
Emotogenic disease - see Disorder, psychogenic
Emphysema (atrophic) (bullous) (chronic) (interlobular) (lung) (obstructive) (pulmonary) (senile) (vesicular) J43.9
Empty nest syndrome Z60.0
Empyema (acute) (chest) (double) (pleura) (supradiaphragmatic) (thorax) J86.9
En coup de sabre lesion L94.1
Enamel pearls K00.2
Enameloma K00.2
Enanthema, viral B09
Encephalitis (chronic) (hemorrhagic) (idiopathic) (nonepidemic) (spurious) (subacute) G04.90
Encephalocele Q01.9
Encephalocystocele - see Encephalocele
Encephaloduroarteriomyosynangiosis (EDAMS) I67.5
Encephalomalacia (brain) (cerebellar) (cerebral) - see Softening, brain
Encephalomeningitis - see Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomeningocele - see Encephalocele
Encephalomeningomyelitis - see Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomyelitis G04.90 - see also Encephalitis
Encephalomyelocele - see Encephalocele
Encephalomyelomeningitis - see Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomyelopathy G96.9
Encephalomyeloradiculitis (acute) G61.0
Encephalomyeloradiculoneuritis (acute) (Guillain-Barré) G61.0
Encephalomyeloradiculopathy G96.9
Encephalopathia hyperbilirubinemica, newborn P57.9
Encephalopathy (acute) G93.40
Encephalorrhagia - see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
Encephalosis, posttraumatic F07.81
Enchondroma - see also Neoplasm, bone, benign
Enchondromatosis (cartilaginous) (multiple) Q78.4
Encopresis R15.9
Encounter (with health service) (for) Z76.89
Encystment - see Cyst
Endarteritis (bacterial, subacute) (infective) I77.6
Endemic - see condition
Endocarditis (chronic) (marantic) (nonbacterial) (thrombotic) (valvular) I38
Endocardium, endocardial - see also condition
Endocervicitis - see also Cervicitis
Endocrine - see condition
Endocrinopathy, pluriglandular E31.9
Endodontitis K04.0
Endomastoiditis - see Mastoiditis
Endometrioma N80.9
Endometriosis N80.9
Endometritis (decidual) (nonspecific) (purulent) (senile) (atrophic) (suppurative) N71.9
Endometrium - see condition
Endomyocardiopathy, South African I42.3
Endomyocarditis - see Endocarditis
Endomyofibrosis I42.3
Endomyometritis - see Endometritis
Endopericarditis - see Endocarditis
Endoperineuritis - see Disorder, nerve
Endophlebitis - see Phlebitis
Endophthalmia - see Endophthalmitis, purulent
Endophthalmitis (acute) (infective) (metastatic) (subacute) H44.009
Endosalpingioma D28.2
Endosalpingiosis N94.89
Endosteitis - see Osteomyelitis
Endothelioma, bone - see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Endotheliosis (hemorrhagic infectional) D69.8
Endotoxemia - code to condition
Endotrachelitis - see Cervicitis
Engelmann (-Camurati) syndrome Q78.3
English disease - see Rickets
Engman's disease L30.3
Enlargement, enlarged - see also Hypertrophy
Enophthalmos H05.40-
Enostosis M27.8
Entamebic, entamebiasis - see Amebiasis
Enteralgia - see Pain, abdominal
Enteric - see condition
Enteritis (acute) (diarrheal) (hemorrhagic) (noninfective) (septic) K52.9
Enterobiasis B80
Enterobius vermicularis (infection) (infestation) B80
Enterocele - see also Hernia, abdomen
Enterocolitis K52.9 - see also Enteritis
Enterogastritis - see Enteritis
Enteropathy K63.9
Enteroperitonitis - see Peritonitis
Enteroptosis K63.4
Enterorrhagia K92.2
Enterospasm - see also Syndrome, irritable, bowel
Enterostenosis - see also Obstruction, intestine K56.69
Enterovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.10
Enthesopathy (peripheral) M77.9
Entomophobia F40.218
Entomophthoromycosis B46.8
Entrance, air into vein - see Embolism, air
Entrapment, nerve - see Neuropathy, entrapment
Entropion (eyelid) (paralytic) H02.009
Enucleated eye (traumatic, current) S05.7-
Enuresis R32
Eosinopenia - see Agranulocytosis
Eosinophilia (allergic) (hereditary) (idiopathic) (secondary) D72.1
Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome M35.8
Ependymitis (acute) (cerebral) (chronic) (granular) - see Encephalomyelitis
Ependymoma (epithelial) (malignant)
Ependymopathy G93.89
Ephelis, ephelides L81.2
Epiblepharon (congenital) Q10.3
Epicanthus, epicanthic fold (eyelid) (congenital) Q10.3
Epicondylitis (elbow)
Epicystitis - see Cystitis
Epidemic - see condition
Epidermidalization, cervix - see Dysplasia, cervix
Epidermis, epidermal - see condition
Epidermodysplasia verruciformis B07.8
Epidermophytid - see Dermatophytosis
Epidermophytosis (infected) - see Dermatophytosis
Epididymis - see condition
Epididymitis (acute) (nonvenereal) (recurrent) (residual) N45.1
Epididymo-orchitis N45.3 - see also Epididymitis
Epidural - see condition
Epigastrium, epigastric - see condition
Epigastrocele - see Hernia, ventral
Epiglottis - see condition
Epiglottitis, epiglottiditis (acute) J05.10
Epignathus Q89.4
Epilepsia partialis continua G40.1- - see also Kozhevnikof's epilepsy
Epilepsy, epileptic, epilepsia (attack) (cerebral) (convulsion) (fit) (seizure) G40.909
Epiloia Q85.1
Epimenorrhea N92.0
Epipharyngitis - see Nasopharyngitis
Epiphora H04.20-
Epiphyseal arrest - see Arrest, epiphyseal
Epiphyseolysis, epiphysiolysis - see Osteochondropathy
Epiphysitis - see also Osteochondropathy
Epiplocele - see Hernia, abdomen
Epiploitis - see Peritonitis
Epiplosarcomphalocele - see Hernia, umbilicus
Episcleritis (suppurative) H15.10-
Epispadias (female) (male) Q64.0
Episplenitis D73.89
Epistaxis (multiple) R04.0
Epithelioma (malignant) - see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Epitheliomatosis pigmented Q82.1
Epitheliopathy, multifocal placoid pigment H30.14-
Epithelium, epithelial - see condition
Epituberculosis (with atelectasis) (allergic) A15.7
Eponychia Q84.6
Epulis (gingiva) (fibrous) (giant cell) K06.8
Equinia A24.0
Equinovarus (congenital) (talipes) Q66.0
Erb (-Duchenne) paralysis (birth injury) (newborn) P14.0
Erb-Goldflam disease or syndrome G70.00
Erdheim's syndrome (acromegalic macrospondylitis) E22.0
Erection, painful (persistent) - see Priapism
Ergosterol deficiency (vitamin D) E55.9
Ergotism - see also Poisoning, food, noxious, plant
Erosio interdigitalis blastomycetica B37.2
Erotomania F52.8
Eructation R14.2
Erysipelas (gangrenous) (infantile) (newborn) (phlegmonous) (suppurative) A46
Erysipeloid A26.9
Erythema, erythematous (infectional) (inflammation) L53.9
Erythematous, erythematosus - see condition
Erythermalgia (primary) I73.81
Erythralgia I73.81
Erythrasma L08.1
Erythredema (polyneuropathy) - see Poisoning, mercury
Erythremia (acute) C94.0-
Erythroblastopenia D60.9 - see also Aplasia, red cell
Erythroblastophthisis D61.09
Erythroblastosis (fetalis) (newborn) P55.9
Erythrocyanosis (crurum) I73.89
Erythrocythemia - see Erythremia
Erythrocytosis (megalosplenic) (secondary) D75.1
Erythroderma (secondary) L53.9 - see also Erythema
Erythrodysesthesia, palmar plantar (PPE) L27.1
Erythrogenesis imperfecta D61.09
Erythroleukemia C94.0-
Erythromelalgia I73.81
Erythrophagocytosis D75.89
Erythrophobia F40.298
Erythroplakia, oral epithelium, and tongue K13.29
Erythroplasia (Queyrat) D07.4
Escherichia coli (E. coli), as cause of disease classified elsewhere B96.20
Esophagismus K22.4
Esophagitis (acute) (alkaline) (chemical) (chronic) (infectional) (necrotic) (peptic) (postoperative) K20.9
Esophagocele K22.5
Esophagomalacia K22.8
Esophagospasm K22.4
Esophagostenosis K22.2
Esophagostomiasis B81.8
Esophagotracheal - see condition
Esophagus - see condition
Esophoria H50.51
Esotropia - see Strabismus, convergent concomitant
Espundia B55.2
Essential - see condition
Esthesioneuroblastoma C30.0
Esthesioneurocytoma C30.0
Esthesioneuroepithelioma C30.0
Esthiomene A55
Estivo-autumnal malaria (fever) B50.9
Estrangement (marital) Z63.5
Estriasis - see Myiasis
Ethanolism - see Alcoholism
Etherism - see Dependence, drug, inhalant
Ethmoid, ethmoidal - see condition
Ethmoiditis (chronic) (nonpurulent) (purulent) - see also Sinusitis, ethmoidal
Ethylism - see Alcoholism
Eulenburg's disease (congenital paramyotonia) G71.19
Eumycetoma B47.0
Eunuchoidism E29.1
European blastomycosis - see Cryptococcosis
Eustachian - see condition
Evaluation (for) (of)
Evans syndrome D69.41
Event, apparent life threatening in newborn and infant (ALTE) R68.13
Eventration - see also Hernia, ventral
Evulsion - see Avulsion
Ewing's sarcoma or tumor - - see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Examination (for) (following) (general) (of) (routine) Z00.00
Exanthem, exanthema - see also Rash
Excess, excessive, excessively
Excitability, abnormal, under minor stress (personality disorder) F60.3
Excoriation (traumatic) - see also Abrasion
Exfoliative - see condition
Exhaustion, exhaustive (physical NEC) R53.83
Exhibitionism F65.2
Exocervicitis - see Cervicitis
Exomphalos Q79.2
Exophoria H50.52
Exophthalmos H05.2-
Exostosis - see also Disorder, bone
Exotropia - see Strabismus, divergent concomitant
Explanation of
Exposure (to) T75.89 - see also Contact, with
Exsanguination - see Hemorrhage
Extensive - see condition
Extra - see also Accessory
Extrasystoles (supraventricular) I49.49
Extrauterine gestation or pregnancy - - see Pregnancy, by site
Extremity - see condition, limb
Extrophy - see Exstrophy
Extruded tooth (teeth) M26.34
Exudative - see condition
Eye, eyeball, eyelid - see condition
Eyestrain - see Disturbance, vision, subjective
Eyeworm disease of Africa B74.3
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