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Encephalopathy ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 33 terms under the parent term 'Encephalopathy' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: G93.40

acute necrotizing hemorrhagic G04.30
postimmunization G04.32
postinfectious G04.31
specified NEC G04.39
alcoholic G31.2
anoxic - see Damage, brain, anoxic
arteriosclerotic I67.2
centrolobar progressive (Schilder) G37.0
congenital Q07.9
degenerative, in specified disease NEC G32.89
demyelinating callosal G37.1
due to
drugs - G92 - see also Table of Drugs and Chemicals
hepatic - see Failure, hepatic
hyperbilirubinemic, newborn P57.9
due to isoimmunization (conditions in P55) P57.0
hypertensive I67.4
hypoglycemic E16.2
hypoxic - see Damage, brain, anoxic
hypoxic ischemic P91.60
mild P91.61
moderate P91.62
severe P91.63
in (due to) (with)
birth injury P11.1
hyperinsulinism E16.1
influenza - see Influenza, with, encephalopathy
lack of vitamin E56.9 - see also Deficiency, vitamin
neoplastic disease (see also Neoplasm) D49.9
serum T80.69 - see also Reaction, serum
syphilis A52.17
trauma (postconcussional) F07.81
current injury - see Injury, intracranial
vaccination G04.02
lead - see Poisoning, lead
metabolic G93.41
drug induced G92
toxic G92
myoclonic, early, symptomatic - see Epilepsy, generalized, specified NEC
necrotizing, subacute (Leigh) G31.82
pellagrous E52
portosystemic - see Failure, hepatic
postcontusional F07.81
current injury - see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
posthypoglycemic (coma) E16.1
postradiation G93.89
saturnine - see Poisoning, lead
septic G93.41
specified NEC G93.49
spongioform, subacute (viral) A81.09
toxic G92
metabolic G92
traumatic (postconcussional) F07.81
current injury - see Injury, intracranial
vitamin B deficiency NEC E53.9
vitamin B1 E51.2
Wernicke's E51.2
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