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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 261 terms starting with the letter 'F' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Faber's syndrome (achlorhydric anemia) D50.9
Fabry (-Anderson) disease E75.21
Faciocephalalgia, autonomic G90.09 - see also Neuropathy, peripheral, autonomic
Factor (s)
Fahr disease (of brain) G23.8
Fahr Volhard disease (of kidney) I12.-
Failure, failed
Fainting (fit) R55
Fallen arches - see Deformity, limb, flat foot
Falling, falls (repeated) R29.6
False - see also condition
Family, familial - see also condition
Famine (effects of) T73.0
Fanconi (-de Toni)(-Debré) syndrome E72.09
Fanconi's anemia (congenital pancytopenia) D61.09
Farber's disease or syndrome E75.29
Farcy A24.0
Farsightedness - see Hypermetropia
Fascia - see condition
Fasciculation R25.3
Fasciitis M72.9
Fascioliasis B66.3
Fasciolopsis, fasciolopsiasis (intestinal) B66.5
Fascioscapulohumeral myopathy G71.0
Fast pulse R00.0
Fatigue R53.83
Fatness - see Obesity
Fatty - see also condition
Fauces - see condition
Fauchard's disease (periodontitis) - see Periodontitis
Faucitis J02.9
Favism (anemia) D55.0
Favus - see Dermatophytosis
Fazio-Londe disease or syndrome G12.1
Fear complex or reaction F40.9
Fear of - see Phobia
Feared complaint unfounded Z71.1
Febris, febrile - see also Fever
Fecalith (impaction) K56.41
Fede's disease K14.0
Feeble rapid pulse due to shock following injury T79.4
Feeble-minded F70
Feeling (of)
Feer's disease - see Poisoning, mercury
Feet - see condition
Feigned illness Z76.5
Feil-Klippel syndrome (brevicollis) Q76.1
Feinmesser's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia Q82.4
Felinophobia F40.218
Felon - see also Cellulitis, digit
Felty's syndrome M05.00
Female genital cutting status - see Female genital mutilation status (FGM)
Female genital mutilation status (FGM) N90.810
Femur, femoral - see condition
Fenestration, fenestrated - see also Imperfect, closure
Fernell's disease (aortic aneurysm) I71.9
Fertile eunuch syndrome E23.0
Fetishism F65.0
Fetus, fetal - see also condition
Fever (inanition) (of unknown origin) (persistent) (with chills) (with rigor) R50.9
Fibrinogenolysis - see Fibrinolysis
Fibrinogenopenia D68.8
Fibrinolysis (hemorrhagic) (acquired) D65
Fibrinopenia (hereditary) D68.2
Fibrinopurulent - see condition
Fibrinous - see condition
Fibroadenosis, breast (chronic) (cystic) (diffuse) (periodic) (segmental) N60.2-
Fibroangioma - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Fibrochondrosarcoma - see Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva - - see Myositis, ossificans, progressiva
Fibroelastosis (cordis) (endocardial) (endomyocardial) I42.4
Fibroid (tumor) - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibrolipoma - see Lipoma
Fibroliposarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fibroma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibromatosis M72.9
Fibromyalgia M79.7
Fibromyoma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibromyositis M79.7
Fibromyxolipoma D17.9
Fibromyxoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibromyxosarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fibro-odontoma, ameloblastic - see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Fibro-osteoma - see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Fibroplasia, retrolental H35.17-
Fibropurulent - see condition
Fibrosarcoma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fibrosis, fibrotic
Fibrositis (periarticular) M79.7
Fibrothorax J94.1
Fibrotic - see Fibrosis
Fibrous - see condition
Fibroxanthoma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibroxanthosarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fifth disease B08.3
Filaria, filarial, filariasis - see Infestation, filarial
Filatov's disease - see Mononucleosis, infectious
File-cutter's disease - see Poisoning, lead
Filling defect
Fimbrial cyst Q50.4
Financial problem affecting care NOS Z59.9
Findings, abnormal, inconclusive, without diagnosis - see also Abnormal
Finger - see condition
Fire, Saint Anthony's - see Erysipelas
Fish hook stomach K31.89
Fishmeal-worker's lung J67.8
Fissure, fissured
Fistula (cutaneous) L98.8
Fit R56.9
Fitting (and adjustment) (of)
Fitzhugh-Curtis syndrome
Fitz's syndrome (acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis) K85.8
Flabby ridge K06.8
Flaccid - see also condition
Flajani's disease - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
Flap, liver K71.3
Flashbacks (residual to hallucinogen use) F16.283
Flatau-Schilder disease G37.0
Flatback syndrome M40.30
Flatulence R14.3
Flatus R14.3
Flax-dresser's disease J66.1
Flea bite - see Injury, bite, by site, superficial, insect
Flecks, glaucomatous (subcapsular) - see Cataract, complicated
Fleischer (-Kayser) ring (cornea) H18.04-
Fleshy mole O02.0
Flexibilitas cerea - see Catalepsy
Flexner-Boyd dysentery A03.2
Flexner's dysentery A03.1
Flexure - see Flexion
Flint murmur (aortic insufficiency) I35.1
Floater, vitreous - see Opacity, vitreous
Flooding N92.0
Floor - see condition
Flu - see also Influenza
Fluctuating blood pressure I99.8
Flukes NEC - see also Infestation, fluke
Fluor (vaginalis) N89.8
Flush syndrome E34.0
Flushing R23.2
FNHTR (febrile nonhemolytic transfusion reaction) R50.84
Fochier's abscess - code by site under Abscess
Focus, Assmann's - see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
Fogo selvagem L10.3
Foix-Alajouanine syndrome G95.19
Fold, folds (anomalous) - see also Anomaly, by site
Folie à deux F24
Follicular - see condition
Folliculitis (superficial) L73.9
Folliculome lipidique
Følling's disease E70.0
Follow-up - see Examination, follow-up
Fong's syndrome (hereditary osteo-onychodysplasia) Q78.5
Foot - see condition
Foramen ovale (nonclosure) (patent) (persistent) Q21.1
Forbes' glycogen storage disease E74.03
Fordyce-Fox disease L75.2
Fordyce's disease (mouth) Q38.6
Forearm - see condition
Foreign body
Forestier's disease (rhizomelic pseudopolyarthritis) M35.3
Formication R20.2
Fort Bragg fever A27.89
Fossa - see also condition
Foster-Kennedy syndrome H47.14-
Foul breath R19.6
Foundling Z76.1
Fournier disease or gangrene N49.3
Foville's (peduncular) disease or syndrome G46.3
Fox (-Fordyce) disease (apocrine miliaria) L75.2
Fracture, burst - see Fracture, traumatic, by site
Fracture, chronic - see Fracture, pathological
Fracture, insufficiency - see Fracture, pathologic, by site
Fracture, pathological (pathologic) - see also Fracture, traumatic M84.40
Fracture, traumatic (abduction) (adduction) (separation) T14.8 - see also Fracture, pathological
Fragile, fragility
Fragments, cataract (lens), following cataract surgery H59.02-
Frailty (frail) R54
Frambesia, frambesial (tropica) - see also Yaws
Frambesioma A66.1
Franceschetti-Klein (-Wildervanck) disease or syndrome Q75.4
Francis' disease - see Tularemia
Franklin disease C88.2
Frank's essential thrombocytopenia D69.3
Fraser's syndrome Q87.0
Freckle (s) L81.2
Frederickson's hyperlipoproteinemia, type
Freeman Sheldon syndrome Q87.0
Freezing T69.9 - see also Effect, adverse, cold
Freiberg's disease (infraction of metatarsal head or osteochondrosis) - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, metatarsus
Frei's disease A55
Fremitus, friction, cardiac R01.2
Frenum, frenulum
Frequency micturition (nocturnal) R35.0
Frey's syndrome
Friderichsen-Waterhouse syndrome or disease A39.1
Friedländer's B (bacillus) NEC A49.8 - see also condition
Frigidity F52.22
Fröhlich's syndrome E23.6
Frontal - see also condition
Frostbite (superficial) T33.90
Frotteurism F65.81
Frozen T69.9 - see also Effect, adverse, cold
Fructokinase deficiency E74.11
Fructose 1,6 diphosphatase deficiency E74.19
Fructosemia (benign) (essential) E74.12
Fructosuria (benign) (essential) E74.11
Fucosidosis E77.1
Fugue R68.89
Fulminant, fulminating - see condition
Functional - see also condition
Functioning, intellectual, borderline R41.83
Fundus - see condition
Fungemia NOS B49
Fungus, fungous
Funiculitis (acute) (chronic) (endemic) N49.1
FUO (fever of unknown origin) R50.9
Furfur L21.0
Furrier's lung J67.8
Furrowed K14.5
Furuncle L02.92
Furunculosis - see Furuncle
Fused - see Fusion, fused
Fusion, fused (congenital)
Fusospirillosis (mouth) (tongue) (tonsil) A69.1
Fussy baby R68.12
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