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Glaucoma ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 31 terms under the parent term 'Glaucoma' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: H40.9

increased episcleral venous pressure H40.81-
pseudoexfoliation of lens - see Glaucoma, open angle, primary, capsular
absolute H44.51-
angle-closure (primary) H40.20-
acute (attack) (crisis) H40.21-
chronic H40.22-
intermittent H40.23-
residual stage H40.24-
borderline H40.00-
capsular (with pseudoexfoliation of lens) - see Glaucoma, open angle, primary, capsular
childhood Q15.0
closed angle - see Glaucoma, angle-closure
congenital Q15.0
corticosteroid-induced - see Glaucoma, secondary, drugs
hypersecretion H40.82-
in (due to)
amyloidosis E85.4
aniridia Q13.1
concussion of globe - see Glaucoma, secondary, trauma
dislocation of lens - see Glaucoma, secondary
disorder of lens NEC - see Glaucoma, secondary
drugs - see Glaucoma, secondary, drugs
endocrine disease NOS E34.9
inflammation - see Glaucoma, secondary, inflammation
trauma - see Glaucoma, secondary, trauma
hypermature cataract - see Glaucoma, secondary
iridocyclitis - see Glaucoma, secondary, inflammation
lens disorder - see Glaucoma, secondary,
Lowe's syndrome E72.03
metabolic disease NOS E88.9
ocular disorders NEC - see Glaucoma, secondary
onchocerciasis B73.02
pupillary block - see Glaucoma, secondary
retinal vein occlusion - see Glaucoma, secondary
Rieger's anomaly Q13.81
rubeosis of iris - see Glaucoma, secondary
tumor of globe - see Glaucoma, secondary
infantile Q15.0
low tension - see Glaucoma, open angle, primary, low-tension
malignant H40.83-
narrow angle - see Glaucoma, angle-closure
newborn Q15.0
noncongestive (chronic) - see Glaucoma, open angle
nonobstructive - see Glaucoma, open angle
obstructive - see also Glaucoma, angle-closure
due to lens changes - see Glaucoma, secondary
open angle H40.10-
primary H40.11-
capsular (with pseudoexfoliation of lens) H40.14-
low-tension H40.12-
pigmentary H40.13-
residual stage H40.15-
phacolytic - see Glaucoma, secondary
pigmentary - see Glaucoma, open angle, primary, pigmentary
postinfectious - see Glaucoma, secondary, inflammation
secondary (to) H40.5-
drugs H40.6-
inflammation H40.4-
trauma H40.3-
simple (chronic) H40.11
simplex H40.11
specified type NEC H40.89
suspect H40.00-
syphilitic A52.71
traumatic - see also Glaucoma, secondary, trauma
newborn (birth injury) P15.3
tuberculous A18.59
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