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Granuloma ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 81 terms under the parent term 'Granuloma' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: L92.9

abdomen K66.8
from residual foreign body L92.3
pyogenicum L98.0
actinic L57.5
annulare (perforating) L92.0
apical K04.5
aural - see Otitis, externa, specified NEC
beryllium (skin) L92.3
eosinophilic C96.6
from residual foreign body - see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
lung C96.6
brain (any site) G06.0
schistosomiasis B65.9
canaliculus lacrimalis - see Granuloma, lacrimal
candidal (cutaneous) B37.2
cerebral (any site) G06.0
coccidioidal (primary) (progressive) B38.7
lung B38.1
meninges B38.4
colon K63.89
conjunctiva H11.22-
dental K04.5
ear, middle - see Cholesteatoma
eosinophilic C96.6
bone C96.6
lung C96.6
oral mucosa K13.4
skin L92.2
eyelid H01.8
facial (e) L92.2
foreign body (in soft tissue) NEC M60.20
ankle M60.27-
foot M60.27-
forearm M60.23-
hand M60.24-
in operation wound - see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
lower leg M60.26-
pelvic region M60.25-
shoulder region M60.21-
skin L92.3
specified site NEC M60.28
subcutaneous tissue L92.3
thigh M60.25-
upper arm M60.22-
gangraenescens M31.2
genito-inguinale A58
giant cell (central) (reparative) (jaw) M27.1
gingiva (peripheral) K06.8
gland (lymph) I88.8
hepatic NEC K75.3
in (due to)
berylliosis J63.2
sarcoidosis D86.89
Hodgkin C81.9
ileum K63.89
infectious B99.9
specified NEC B99.8
inguinale (Donovan) (venereal) A58
intestine NEC K63.89
intracranial (any site) G06.0
intraspinal (any part) G06.1
iridocyclitis - see Iridocyclitis, chronic
jaw (bone) (central) M27.1
reparative giant cell M27.1
kidney N15.8 - see also Infection, kidney
lacrimal H04.81-
larynx J38.7
lethal midline (faciale(e)) M31.2
liver NEC - see Granuloma, hepatic
lung (infectious) - see also Fibrosis, lung
coccidioidal B38.1
eosinophilic C96.6
Majocchi's B35.8
malignant (facial(e)) M31.2
mandible (central) M27.1
midline (lethal) M31.2
monilial (cutaneous) B37.2
nasal sinus - see Sinusitis
operation wound T81.89
foreign body - see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
stitch T81.89
talc - see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
oral mucosa K13.4
orbit, orbital H05.11-
paracoccidioidal B41.8
penis, venereal A58
periapical K04.5
peritoneum K66.8
due to ova of helminths NOS B83.9 - see also Helminthiasis
postmastoidectomy cavity - see Complications, postmastoidectomy, recurrent cholesteatoma
prostate N42.89
pudendi (ulcerating) A58
pulp, internal (tooth) K03.3
pyogenic, pyogenicum (of) (skin) L98.0
gingiva K06.8
maxillary alveolar ridge K04.5
oral mucosa K13.4
rectum K62.89
reticulohistiocytic D76.3
rubrum nasi L74.8
Schistosoma - see Schistosomiasis
septic (skin) L98.0
silica (skin) L92.3
sinus (accessory) (infective) (nasal) - see Sinusitis
skin L92.9
from residual foreign body L92.3
pyogenicum L98.0
syphilitic (epidural) A52.19
tuberculous A18.01
stitch (postoperative) T81.89
suppurative (skin) L98.0
swimming pool A31.1
talc - see also Granuloma, foreign body
in operation wound - see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
telangiectaticum (skin) L98.0
tracheostomy J95.09
trichophyticum B35.8
tropicum A66.4
umbilicus L92.9
urethra N36.8
uveitis - see Iridocyclitis, chronic
vagina A58
venereum A58
vocal cord J38.3
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