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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 208 terms starting with the letter 'I' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Ichthyoparasitism due to Vandellia cirrhosa B88.8
Ichthyosis (congenital) Q80.9
Ichthyotoxism - see Poisoning, fish
Icteroanemia, hemolytic (acquired) D59.9
Icterus - see also Jaundice
Ictus solaris, solis T67.0
Identity disorder (child) F64.9
Id reaction (due to bacteria) L30.2
Idioglossia F80.0
Idiopathic - see condition
Idiot, idiocy (congenital) F73
IgE asthma J45.909
IIAC (idiopathic infantile arterial calcification) Q28.8
Ileitis (chronic) (noninfectious) K52.9 - see also Enteritis
Ileocolitis K52.9 - see also Enteritis
Ileotyphus - see Typhoid
Ileum - see condition
Ileus (bowel) (colon) (inhibitory) (intestine) K56.7
Iliac - see condition
Iliotibial band syndrome M76.3-
Illiteracy Z55.0
Illness R69 - see also Disease
Imbalance R26.89
Imbecile, imbecility (I.Q.35-49) F71
Imbedding, intrauterine device T83.39
Imbibition, cholesterol (gallbladder) K82.4
Imbrication, teeth,, fully erupted M26.30
Imerslund (-Gräsbeck) syndrome D51.1
Immature - see also Immaturity
Immaturity (less than 37 completed weeks) - see also Preterm, newborn
Immersion T75.1
Immobile, immobility
Immune reconstitution (inflammatory) syndrome [IRIS] D89.3
Immunization - see also Vaccination
Immunocytoma C83.0-
Immunodeficiency D84.9
Immunotherapy (encounter for)
Impaction, impacted
Impaired, impairment (function)
Impediment, speech R47.9
Imperception auditory (acquired) - see also Deafness
Imperfectly descended testis - see Cryptorchid
Imperforate (congenital) - see also Atresia
Impervious (congenital) - see also Atresia
Impetiginization of dermatoses L01.1
Impetigo (any organism) (any site) (circinate) (contagiosa) (simplex) (vulgaris) L01.00
Impingement (on teeth)
Implant, endometrial N80.9
Impotence (sexual) N52.9
Impression, basilar Q75.8
Imprisonment, anxiety concerning Z65.1
Improper care (child) (newborn) - see Maltreatment
Improperly tied umbilical cord (causing hemorrhage) P51.8
Impulsiveness (impulsive) R45.87
Inability to swallow - see Aphagia
Inaccessible, inaccessibility
Inactive - see condition
Inadequate, inadequacy
Inanition R64
Inattention at or after birth - see Neglect
Incarceration, incarcerated
Incised wound
Incision, incisional
Incompetency, incompetent, incompetence
Incomplete - see also condition
Incontinence R32
Incontinentia pigmenti Q82.3
Incoordinate, incoordination
Increase, increased
Increta placenta O43.22-
Incrustation, cornea, foreign body (lead)(zinc) - see Foreign body, cornea
Incyclophoria H50.54
Incyclotropia - see Cyclotropia
Indeterminate sex Q56.4
India rubber skin Q82.8
Indigestion (acid) (bilious) (functional) K30
Indirect - see condition
Induratio penis plastica N48.6
Induration, indurated
Inebriety (without dependence) - see Alcohol, intoxication
Inefficiency, kidney N28.9
Inelasticity, skin R23.4
Inequality, leg (length) (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, unequal length
Infancy, infantile, infantilism - see also condition
Infant (s) - see also Infancy
Infantile - see also condition
Infantilism - see Infancy
Infarct, infarction
Infecting - see condition
Infection, infected, infective (opportunistic) B99.9
Infective, infectious - see condition
Infestation B88.9
Infiltrate, infiltration
Infirmity R68.89
Inflammation, inflamed, inflammatory (with exudation)
Inflation, lung, imperfect (newborn) - see Atelectasis
Influenza (bronchial) (epidemic) (respiratory (upper)) (unidentified influenza virus) J11.1
Influenza-like disease - see Influenza
Influenzal - see Influenza
Infraction, Freiberg's (metatarsal head) - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, metatarsus
Infraeruption of tooth (teeth) M26.34
Infusion complication, misadventure, or reaction - see Complications, infusion
Inguinal - see also condition
Inhibition, orgasm
Inhibitor, systemic lupus erythematosus (presence of) D68.62
Iniencephalus, iniencephaly Q00.2
Injection, traumatic jet (air) (industrial) (water) (paint or dye) T70.4
Injury T14.90 - see also specified injury type
Inoculation - see also Vaccination
Insanity, insane - see also Psychosis
Insolation (sunstroke) T67.0
Insomnia (organic) G47.00
Inspissated bile syndrome (newborn) P59.1
Institutional syndrome (childhood) F94.2
Institutionalization, affecting child Z62.22
Insufficiency, insufficient
Insufflation, fallopian Z31.41
Insular - see condition
Insuloma - see Insulinoma
Intermenstrual - see condition
Intermittent - see condition
Internal - see condition
Interstitial - see condition
Intertrigo L30.4
Intervertebral disc - see condition
Intestine, intestinal - see condition
Intoxicated NEC (without dependence) - see Alcohol, intoxication
Intracranial - see condition
Intrahepatic gallbladder Q44.1
Intraligamentous - see condition
Intrathoracic - see also condition
Intrauterine contraceptive device
Intraventricular - see condition
Intrinsic deformity - see Deformity
Intubation, difficult or failed T88.4
Intumescence, lens (eye) (cataract) - see Cataract
Intussusception (bowel) (colon) (enteric) (ileocecal) (ileocolic) (intestine) ( rectum) K56.1
Invagination (bowel, colon, intestine or rectum) K56.1
Investigation Z04.9 - see also Examination
Involuntary movement, abnormal R25.9
Involution, involutional - see also condition
IRDS (type I) P22.0
Irideremia Q13.1
Iridis rubeosis - see Disorder, iris, vascular
Iridochoroiditis (panuveitis) - see Panuveitis
Iridocyclitis H20.9
Iridocyclochoroiditis (panuveitis) - see Panuveitis
Iridodialysis H21.53-
Iridodonesis H21.89
Iridoplegia (complete) (partial) (reflex) H57.09
Iridoschisis H21.25-
Iris - see also condition
Iritis - see also Iridocyclitis
Iron - see condition
Iron-miner's lung J63.4
Irradiated enamel (tooth, teeth) K03.89
Irradiation effects, adverse T66
Irreducible, irreducibility - see condition
Irregular, irregularity
Irritable, irritability R45.4
Ischemia, ischemic I99.8
Ischial spine - see condition
Ischialgia - see Sciatica
Ischiopagus Q89.4
Ischium, ischial - see condition
Ischuria R34
Iselin's disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, metatarsus
Islands of
Islet cell tumor, pancreas D13.7
Isoimmunization NEC - see also Incompatibility
Isolation, isolated
Isoleucinosis E71.19
Isomerism atrial appendages (with asplenia or polysplenia) Q20.6
Isosporiasis, isosporosis A07.3
Isovaleric acidemia E71.110
Issue of
Itch, itching - see also Pruritus
Ivemark's syndrome (asplenia with congenital heart disease) Q89.01
Ivory bones Q78.2
Ixodiasis NEC B88.8
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