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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 592 terms starting with the letter 'M' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Macacus ear Q17.3
Maceration, wet feet, tropical (syndrome) T69.02-
MacLeod's syndrome J43.0
Macrocephalia, macrocephaly Q75.3
Macrocheilia, macrochilia (congenital) Q18.6
Macrocolon Q43.1 - see also Megacolon
Macrocornea Q15.8
Macrocytic - see condition
Macrocytosis D75.89
Macrodactylia, macrodactylism (fingers) (thumbs) Q74.0
Macrodontia K00.2
Macrogenia M26.05
Macrogenitosomia (adrenal) (male) (praecox) E25.9
Macroglobulinemia (idiopathic) (primary) C88.0
Macroglossia (congenital) Q38.2
Macrognathia, macrognathism (congenital) (mandibular) (maxillary) M26.09
Macrogyria (congenital) Q04.8
Macrohydrocephalus - see Hydrocephalus
Macromastia - see Hypertrophy, breast
Macrophthalmos Q11.3
Macropsia H53.15
Macrosigmoid K59.3
Macrospondylitis , acromegalic E22.0
Macrostomia (congenital) Q18.4
Macrotia (external ear) (congenital) Q17.1
Maculae ceruleae -- B85.1
Maculopathy, toxic - see Degeneration, macula, toxic
Madarosis (eyelid) H02.729
Madness - see Psychosis
Maduromycosis B47.0
Maffucci's syndrome Q78.4
Magnesium metabolism disorder - see Disorder, metabolism, magnesium
Main en griffe (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, clawhand
Maintenance (encounter for)
Major - see condition
Malabar itch (any site) B35.5
Malabsorption K90.9
Malacia, bone (adult) M83.9
Malacosteon, juvenile - see Rickets
Maladaptation - see Maladjustment
Maladie de Roger Q21.0
Malaise R53.81
Malakoplakia - see Malacoplakia
Malaria, malarial (fever) B54
Malassimilation K90.9
Malassez's disease (cystic) N50.8
Mal de los pintos - see Pinta
Mal de mer T75.3
Maldescent, testis Q53.9
Maldevelopment - see also Anomaly
Male type pelvis Q74.2
Malformation (congenital) - see also Anomaly
Malfunction - see also Dysfunction
Malherbe's tumor - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Malibu disease L98.8
Malignancy - see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Malignant - see condition
Malingerer, malingering Z76.5
Mallet finger (acquired) - see Deformity, finger, mallet finger
Malleus A24.0
Mallory's bodies R89.7
Mallory-Weiss syndrome K22.6
Malnutrition E46
Malocclusion (teeth) M26.4
Malposture R29.3
Malta fever - see Brucellosis
Maltworker's lung J67.4
Malunion, fracture - see Fracture, by site
Mammillitis N61
Mammitis - see Mastitis
Mammogram (examination) Z12.39
Mammoplasia N62
Management (of)
Mangled - see specified injury by site
Mania (monopolar) - see also Disorder, mood, manic episode
Manic-depressive insanity, psychosis, or syndrome - see Disorder, bipolar
Mannosidosis E77.1
Mansonelliasis, mansonellosis B74.4
Manual - see condition
Maple-bark-stripper's lung (disease) J67.6
Maple-syrup-urine disease E71.0
Marable's syndrome (celiac artery compression) I77.4
Marasmus E41
Marburg virus disease A98.3
Marchesani (-Weill) syndrome Q87.0
Marchiafava (-Bignami) syndrome or disease G37.1
Marchiafava-Micheli syndrome D59.5
Marcus Gunn's syndrome Q07.8
Marfan's syndrome - see Syndrome, Marfan's
Marie-Bamberger disease - see Osteoarthropathy, hypertrophic, specified NEC
Marie-Charcot-Tooth neuropathic muscular atrophy G60.0
Marie-Strümpell arthritis, disease or spondylitis - see Spondylitis, ankylosing
Marion's disease (bladder neck obstruction) N32.0
Marital conflict Z63.0
Marker heterochromatin - see Extra, marker chromosomes
Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome (mild) (severe) E76.29
Marrow (bone)
Marseilles fever A77.1
Marsh fever - see Malaria
Marshall's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia Q82.4
Marsh's disease (exophthalmic goiter) E05.00
Masculinization (female) with adrenal hyperplasia E25.9
Masculinovoblastoma D27.-
Masochism (sexual) F65.51
Mason's lung J62.8
Massive - see condition
Mast cell
Mastalgia N64.4
Masters-Allen syndrome N83.8
Mastitis (acute) (diffuse) (nonpuerperal) (subacute) N61
Mastocytoma D47.0
Mastocytosis Q82.2
Mastodynia N64.4
Mastoid - see condition
Mastoiditis (coalescent) (hemorrhagic) (suppurative) H70.9-
Mastopathy, mastopathia N64.9
Mastoplasia, mastoplastia N62
Masturbation (excessive) F98.8
Maternal care (for) - see Pregnancy (complicated by) (management affected by)
Matheiu's disease (leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
Mauclaire's disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, hand, metacarpal
Maxcy's disease A75.2
Maxilla, maxillary - see condition
May (-Hegglin) anomaly or syndrome D72.0
McArdle (-Schmid)(-Pearson) disease (glycogen storage) E74.04
McCune-Albright syndrome Q78.1
McQuarrie's syndrome (idiopathic familial hypoglycemia) E16.2
Meadow's syndrome Q86.1
Measles (black) (hemorrhagic) (suppressed) B05.9
Meatitis, urethral - see Urethritis
Meatus, meatal - see condition
Meat-wrappers' asthma J68.9
Meckel-Gruber syndrome Q61.9
Meckel's diverticulitis, diverticulum (displaced) (hypertrophic) Q43.0
Median - see also condition
Mediastinal shift R93.8
Mediastinitis (acute) (chronic) J98.5
Mediastinopericarditis - see also Pericarditis
Mediastinum, mediastinal - see condition
Medicine poisoning - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
Medulla - see condition
Medullary cystic kidney Q61.5
Medullated fibers
Medulloepithelioma - see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Meekeren-Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Q79.6
Megacolon (acquired) (functional) (not Hirschsprung's disease) (in) K59.3
Megaesophagus (functional) K22.0
Megalencephaly Q04.5
Megalerythema (epidemic) B08.3
Megaloappendix Q43.8
Megalocephalus, megalocephaly NEC Q75.3
Megalocornea Q15.8
Megalocytic anemia D53.1
Megalodactylia (fingers) (thumbs) (congenital) Q74.0
Megaloduodenum Q43.8
Megaloesophagus (functional) K22.0
Megalogastria (acquired) K31.89
Megalophthalmos Q11.3
Megalopsia H53.15
Megalosplenia - see Splenomegaly
Megaloureter N28.82
Megarectum K62.89
Megasigmoid K59.3
Megaureter N28.82
Megavitamin-B6 syndrome E67.2
Megrim - see Migraine
Meibomitis - see Hordeolum
Meige-Milroy disease (chronic hereditary edema) Q82.0
Meige's syndrome Q82.0
Melalgia, nutritional E53.8
Melancholia F32.9
Melanemia R79.89
Melanoameloblastoma - see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Melanoblastoma - see Melanoma
Melanocarcinoma - see Melanoma
Melanocytoma, eyeball D31.4-
Melanocytosis, neurocutaneous Q82.8
Melanoderma, melanodermia L81.4
Melanodontia, infantile K03.89
Melanodontoclasia K03.89
Melanoepithelioma - see Melanoma
Melanoma (malignant) C43.9
Melanosarcoma - see also Melanoma
Melanosis L81.4
Melanuria R82.99
MELAS syndrome E88.41
Melasma L81.1
Melena K92.1
Melioidosis A24.9
Melitensis, febris A23.0
Melkersson (-Rosenthal) syndrome G51.2
Mellitus, diabetes - see Diabetes
Melorheostosis (bone) - see Disorder, bone, density and structure, specified NEC
Meloschisis Q18.4
Melotia Q17.4
Membranacea placenta O43.19-
Membranaceous uterus N85.8
Membrane (s), membranous - see also condition
Membranitis - see Chorioamnionitis
Memory disturbance, lack or loss - see also Amnesia
Menadione deficiency E56.1
Mendacity, pathologic F60.2
Mendelson's syndrome (due to anesthesia) J95.4
Ménétrier's disease or syndrome K29.60
Ménière's disease, syndrome or vertigo H81.0-
Meninges, meningeal - see condition
Meningioma - see also Neoplasm, meninges, benign
Meningiomatosis (diffuse) - see Neoplasm, meninges, uncertain behavior
Meningism - see Meningismus
Meningismus (infectional) (pneumococcal) R29.1
Meningitis (basal) (basic) (brain) (cerebral) (cervical) (congestive) (diffuse) (hemorrhagic) (infantile) (membranous) (metastatic) (nonspecific) (pontine) (progressive) (simple) (spinal) (subacute) (sympathetic) (toxic) G03.9
Meningocele (spinal) - see also Spina bifida
Meningocerebritis - see Meningoencephalitis
Meningococcemia A39.4
Meningococcus, meningococcal A39.9 - see also condition
Meningoencephalitis G04.90 - see also Encephalitis
Meningoencephalocele - see also Encephalocele
Meningoencephalomyelitis - see also Meningoencephalitis
Meningoencephalomyelopathy G96.9
Meningoencephalopathy G96.9
Meningomyelitis - see also Meningoencephalitis
Meningomyelocele - see also Spina bifida
Meningomyeloneuritis - see Meningoencephalitis
Meningoradiculitis - see Meningitis
Meningovascular - see condition
Menkes' disease or syndrome E83.09
Menometrorrhagia N92.1
Menopause, menopausal (asymptomatic) (state) Z78.0
Menorrhagia (primary) N92.0
Menostaxis N92.0
Menses, retention N94.89
Menstrual - see Menstruation
Mental - see also condition
Meralgia paresthetica G57.1-
Mercurial - see condition
MERRF syndrome (myoclonic epilepsy associated with ragged-red fiber) E88.42
Merkel cell tumor - see Carcinoma, Merkel cell
Merocele - see Hernia, femoral
Merzbacher-Pelizaeus disease E75.29
Mesaortitis - see Aortitis
Mesarteritis - see Arteritis
Mesencephalitis - see Encephalitis
Mesenchymoma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
Mesentery, mesenteric - see condition
Mesiodens, mesiodentes K00.1
Mesio-occlusion M26.213
Mesocolon - see condition
Mesonephroma (malignant) - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Mesophlebitis - see Phlebitis
Mesostromal dysgenesia Q13.89
Mesothelioma (malignant) C45.9
Metabolic syndrome E88.81
Metagonimiasis B66.8
Metagonimus infestation (intestine) B66.8
Metamorphopsia H53.15
Metastasis, metastatic
Metastrongyliasis B83.8
Metatarsalgia M77.4-
Metatarsus, metatarsal - see also condition
Methadone use F11.20
Methemoglobinemia D74.9
Methemoglobinuria - see Hemoglobinuria
Methioninemia E72.19
Methylmalonic acidemia E71.120
Metritis (catarrhal) (hemorrhagic) (septic) (suppurative) - see also Endometritis
Metropathia hemorrhagica N93.8
Metroperitonitis - see Peritonitis, pelvic, female
Metrorrhagia N92.1
Metrorrhexis - see Rupture, uterus
Metrosalpingitis N70.91
Metrostaxis N93.8
Metrovaginitis - see Endometritis
Meyer-Schwickerath and Weyers syndrome Q87.0
Meynert's amentia (nonalcoholic) F04
Mibelli's disease (porokeratosis) Q82.8
Mice, joint - see Loose, body, joint
Micrencephalon, micrencephaly Q02
Microalbuminuria R80.9
Microaneurysm, retinal - see also Disorder, retina, microaneurysms
Microangiopathy (peripheral) I73.9
Microcalcifications, breast R92.0
Microcephalus, microcephalic, microcephaly Q02
Microcheilia Q18.7
Microcolon (congenital) Q43.8
Microcornea (congenital) Q13.4
Microcytic - see condition
Microdeletions NEC Q93.88
Microdontia K00.2
Microdrepanocytosis D57.40
Microencephalon Q02
Microfilaria streptocerca infestation - see Onchocerciasis
Microgastria (congenital) Q40.2
Microgenia M26.06
Microgenitalia, congenital
Microglioma - see Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin, specified NEC
Microglossia (congenital) Q38.3
Micrognathia, micrognathism (congenital) (mandibular) (maxillary) M26.09
Microgyria (congenital) Q04.3
Microinfarct of heart - see Insufficiency, coronary
Microlentia (congenital) Q12.8
Microlithiasis, alveolar, pulmonary J84.02
Micromastia N64.82
Micromyelia (congenital) Q06.8
Micropenis Q55.62
Microphakia (congenital) Q12.8
Microphthalmos, microphthalmia (congenital) Q11.2
Micropsia H53.15
Microscopic polyangiitis (polyarteritis) M31.7
Microsporidiosis B60.8
Microsporon furfur infestation B36.0
Microsporosis - see also Dermatophytosis
Microstomia (congenital) Q18.5
Microtia (congenital) (external ear) Q17.2
Microtropia H50.40
Microvillus inclusion disease (MVD) (MVID) Q43.8
Mid plane - see condition
Miescher's elastoma L87.2
Mietens' syndrome Q87.2
Migraine (idiopathic) G43.909
Migrant, social Z59.0
Migration, anxiety concerning Z60.3
Migratory, migrating - see also condition
Mikity-Wilson disease or syndrome P27.0
Mikulicz' disease or syndrome K11.8
Miliaria L74.3
Miliary - see condition
Milium L72.0
Milk-alkali disease or syndrome E83.52
Milk-leg (deep vessels) (nonpuerperal) - see Embolism, vein, lower extremity
Milkman's disease or syndrome M83.8
Milky urine - see Chyluria
Millard-Gubler (-Foville) paralysis or syndrome G46.3
Millar's asthma J38.5
Miller Fisher syndrome G61.0
Mills' disease - see Hemiplegia
Millstone maker's pneumoconiosis J62.8
Milroy's disease (chronic hereditary edema) Q82.0
Minamata disease T26.1-
Miners' asthma or lung J60
Minkowski-Chauffard syndrome - see Spherocytosis
Minor - see condition
Minor's disease (hematomyelia) G95.19
Minot's disease (hemorrhagic disease), newborn P53
Minot-von Willebrand-Jurgens disease or syndrome (angiohemophilia) D68.0
Minus (and plus) hand (intrinsic) - see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, forearm
Miosis (pupil) H57.03
Mirizzi's syndrome (hepatic duct stenosis) K83.1
Mirror writing F81.0
Misadventure (of) (prophylactic) (therapeutic) T88.9 - see also Complications
Miscarriage O03.9
Misdirection, aqueous H40.83-
Misperception, sleep state F51.02
Misplaced, misplacement
Missing - see Absence
Misuse of drugs F19.99
Mitchell's disease (erythromelalgia) I73.81
Mite (s) (infestation) B88.9
Mitral - see condition
Mittelschmerz N94.0
Mixed - see condition
MNGIE (Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalopathy) syndrome E88.49
Mobile, mobility
Mobitz heart block (atrioventricular) I44.1
Moebius, Möbius
Moeller's glossitis K14.0
Mohr's syndrome (Types I and II) Q87.0
Mola destruens D39.2
Molar pregnancy O02.0
Molarization of premolars K00.2
Molding, head (during birth) - omit code
Mole (pigmented) - see also Nevus
Molimen, molimina (menstrual) N94.3
Molluscum contagiosum (epitheliale) B08.1
Mönckeberg's arteriosclerosis, disease, or sclerosis - see Arteriosclerosis, extremities
Mondini's malformation (cochlea) Q16.5
Mondor's disease I80.8
Monge's disease T70.29
Monilethrix (congenital) Q84.1
Moniliasis B37.9 - see also Candidiasis
Monitoring (encounter for)
Monkey malaria B53.1
Monkeypox B04
Monoarthritis M13.10
Monoblastic - see condition
Monochromat (ism), monochromatopsia (acquired) (congenital) H53.51
Monocytic - see condition
Monocytopenia D72.818
Monocytosis (symptomatic) D72.821
Monomania - see Psychosis
Mononeuritis G58.9
Mononeuropathy G58.9
Mononucleosis, infectious B27.90
Monoplegia G83.3-
Monorchism, monorchidism Q55.0
Monosomy Q93.9 - see also Deletion, chromosome
Monster, monstrosity (single) Q89.7
Monteggia's fracture (-dislocation) S52.27-
Mooren's ulcer (cornea) - see Ulcer, cornea, Mooren's
Moore's syndrome - see Epilepsy, specified NEC
Mooser-Neill reaction A75.2
Mooser's bodies A75.2
Morbidity not stated or unknown R69
Morbilli - see Measles
Morbus - see also Disease
Morel (-Stewart)(-Morgagni) syndrome M85.2
Morel-Kraepelin disease - see Schizophrenia
Morel-Moore syndrome M85.2
Morgagni-Stokes-Adams syndrome I45.9
Morgagni-Stewart-Morel syndrome M85.2
Morgagni-Turner (-Albright) syndrome Q96.9
Moria F07.0
Moron (I.Q.50-69) F70
Morphea L94.0
Morphinism (without remission) F11.20
Morphinomania (without remission) F11.20
Morquio (-Ullrich)(-Brailsford) disease or syndrome - see Mucopolysaccharidosis
Mortification (dry) (moist) - see Gangrene
Morton's metatarsalgia (neuralgia)(neuroma) (syndrome) G57.6-
Morvan's disease or syndrome G60.8
Mosaicism, mosaic (autosomal) (chromosomal)
Moschowitz' disease M31.1
Mother yaw A66.0
Motion sickness (from travel, any vehicle) (from roundabouts or swings) T75.3
Mottled, mottling, teeth (enamel) (endemic) (nonendemic) K00.3
Mounier-Kuhn syndrome Q32.4
Mouse, joint - see Loose, body, joint
Mouth - see condition
Movements, dystonic R25.8
Moyamoya disease I67.5
MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
MSSA (Methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus)
Mucha-Habermann disease L41.0
Mucinosis (cutaneous) (focal) (papular) (reticular erythematous) (skin) L98.5
Mucopolysaccharidosis E76.3
Mucormycosis B46.5
Mucositis (ulcerative) K12.30
Mucositis necroticans agranulocytica - see Agranulocytosis
Mucous - see also condition
Mucoviscidosis E84.9
Muguet B37.0
Mulberry molars (congenital syphilis) A50.52
Müllerian mixed tumor
Multicystic kidney (development) Q61.4
Multiparity (grand) Z64.1
Multipartita placenta O43.19-
Multiple, multiplex - see also condition
Mumps B26.9
Mumu B74.9 - see also Infestation, filarial
Münchhausen's syndrome - see Disorder, factitious
Münchmeyer's syndrome - see Myositis, ossificans, progressiva
Mural - see condition
Murmur (cardiac) (heart) (organic) R01.1
Murri's disease (intermittent hemoglobinuria) D59.6
Muscle, muscular - see also condition
Musculoneuralgia - see Neuralgia
Mushroom-workers' (pickers') disease or lung J67.5
Mushrooming hip - see Derangement, joint, specified NEC, hip
Mutation (s)
Mutism - see also Aphasia
MVD (microvillus inclusion disease) Q43.8
MVID (microvillus inclusion disease) Q43.8
Myalgia M79.1
Myasthenia G70.9
Myasthenic M62.81
Mycelium infection B49
Mycetismus - see Poisoning, food, noxious, mushroom
Mycetoma B47.9
Mycobacteriosis - see Mycobacterium
Mycobacterium, mycobacterial (infection) A31.9
Mycoplasma (M.) pneumoniae, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B96.0
Mycosis, mycotic B49
Mydriasis (pupil) H57.04
Myelatelia Q06.1
Myelinolysis, pontine, central G37.2
Myelitis (acute) (ascending) (childhood) (chronic) (descending) (diffuse) (disseminated) (idiopathic) (pressure) (progressive) (spinal cord) (subacute) G04.91 - see also Encephalitis
Myeloblastic - see condition
Myelocele - see Spina bifida
Myelocystocele - see Spina bifida
Myelocytic - see condition
Myelodysplasia D46.9
Myelodysplastic syndrome D46.9
Myeloencephalitis - see Encephalitis
Myelofibrosis D75.81
Myelogenous - see condition
Myeloid - see condition
Myelokathexis D70.9
Myeloleukodystrophy E75.29
Myelolipoma - see Lipoma
Myeloma (multiple) C90.0-
Myelomalacia G95.89
Myelomatosis C90.0-
Myelomeningitis - see Meningoencephalitis
Myelomeningocele (spinal cord) - see Spina bifida
Myelo-osteo-musculodysplasia hereditaria Q79.8
Myelopathy (spinal cord) G95.9
Myelophthisis D61.82
Myeloradiculitis G04.91
Myeloradiculodysplasia (spinal) Q06.1
Myelosarcoma C92.3-
Myelosclerosis D75.89
Myiasis (cavernous) B87.9
Myoadenoma, prostate - see Hyperplasia, prostate
Myocardial - see condition
Myocardiopathy (congestive) (constrictive) (familial) (hypertrophic nonobstructive) (idiopathic) (infiltrative) (obstructive) (primary) (restrictive) (sporadic) I42.9 - see also Cardiomyopathy
Myocarditis (with arteriosclerosis)(chronic)(fibroid) (interstitial) (old) (progressive) (senile) I51.4
Myocardium, myocardial - see condition
Myocardosis - see Cardiomyopathy
Myoclonus, myoclonic, myoclonia (familial) (essential) (multifocal) (simplex) G25.3
Myocytolysis I51.5
Myodiastasis - see Diastasis, muscle
Myoendocarditis - see Endocarditis
Myoepithelioma - see Neoplasm, benign, by site
Myofasciitis (acute) - see Myositis
Myofibroma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Myofibromatosis D48.1
Myofibrosis M62.89
Myofibrositis M79.7
Myoglobulinuria, myoglobinuria (primary) R82.1
Myokymia, facial G51.4
Myolipoma - see Lipoma
Myoma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Myomalacia M62.89
Myometritis - see Endometritis
Myometrium - see condition
Myonecrosis, clostridial A48.0
Myopathy G72.9
Myopericarditis - see also Pericarditis
Myopia (axial) (congenital) H52.1-
Myosarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Myosis (pupil) H57.03
Myositis M60.9
Myospasia impulsiva F95.2
Myotonia (acquisita) (intermittens) M62.89
Myotonic pupil - see Anomaly, pupil, function, tonic pupil
Myriapodiasis B88.2
Myringitis H73.2-
Mysophobia F40.228
Mytilotoxism - see Poisoning, fish
Myxadenitis labialis K13.0
Myxedema (adult) (idiocy) (infantile) (juvenile) E03.9 - see also Hypothyroidism
Myxochondrosarcoma - see Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
Myxofibroma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Myxofibrosarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Myxolipoma D17.9
Myxoliposarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Myxoma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Myxosarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
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