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Myositis ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 16 terms under the parent term 'Myositis' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: M60.9

clostridial A48.0
due to posture - see Myositis, specified type NEC
epidemic B33.0
fibrosa or fibrous (chronic), Volkmann's T79.6
foreign body granuloma - see Granuloma, foreign body
in (due to)
bilharziasis B65.9
cysticercosis B69.81
leprosy A30.9
mycosis B49
sarcoidosis D86.87
schistosomiasis B65.9
late A52.78
secondary A51.49
toxoplasmosis (acquired) B58.82
trichinellosis B75
tuberculosis A18.09
inclusion body [IBM] G72.41
infective M60.009
arm M60.002
left M60.001
right M60.000
leg M60.005
left M60.004
right M60.003
lower limb M60.005
ankle M60.07-
foot M60.07-
lower leg M60.06-
thigh M60.05-
toe M60.07-
multiple sites M60.09
specified site NEC M60.08
upper limb M60.002
finger M60.04-
forearm M60.03-
hand M60.04-
shoulder region M60.01-
upper arm M60.02-
interstitial M60.10
ankle M60.17-
foot M60.17-
forearm M60.13-
hand M60.14-
lower leg M60.16-
multiple sites M60.19
shoulder region M60.11-
specified site NEC M60.18
thigh M60.15-
upper arm M60.12-
mycotic B49
orbital, chronic H05.12-
ossificans or ossifying (circumscripta) - see also Ossification, muscle, specified NEC
in (due to)
burns M61.30
ankle M61.37-
foot M61.37-
forearm M61.33-
hand M61.34-
lower leg M61.36-
multiple sites M61.39
pelvic region M61.35-
shoulder region M61.31-
specified site NEC M61.38
thigh M61.35-
upper arm M61.32-
quadriplegia or paraplegia M61.20
ankle M61.27-
foot M61.27-
forearm M61.23-
hand M61.24-
lower leg M61.26-
multiple sites M61.29
pelvic region M61.25-
shoulder region M61.21-
specified site NEC M61.28
thigh M61.25-
upper arm M61.22-
progressiva M61.10
ankle M61.17-
finger M61.14-
foot M61.17-
forearm M61.13-
hand M61.14-
lower leg M61.16-
multiple sites M61.19
pelvic region M61.15-
shoulder region M61.11-
specified site NEC M61.18
thigh M61.15-
toe M61.17-
upper arm M61.12-
traumatica M61.00
ankle M61.07-
foot M61.07-
forearm M61.03-
hand M61.04-
lower leg M61.06-
multiple sites M61.09
pelvic region M61.05-
shoulder region M61.01-
specified site NEC M61.08
thigh M61.05-
upper arm M61.02-
purulent - see Myositis, infective
specified type NEC M60.80
ankle M60.87-
foot M60.87-
forearm M60.83-
hand M60.84-
lower leg M60.86-
multiple sites M60.89
pelvic region M60.85-
shoulder region M60.81-
specified site NEC M60.88
thigh M60.85-
upper arm M60.82-
suppurative - see Myositis, infective
traumatic (old) - see Myositis, specified type NEC
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