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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 202 terms starting with the letter 'N' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Naegleriasis (with meningoencephalitis) B60.2
Naffziger's syndrome G54.0
Naga sore - see Ulcer, skin
Nägele's pelvis M95.5
Nail - see also condition
Nanism, nanosomia - see Dwarfism
Nanophyetiasis B66.8
Nanukayami A27.89
Napkin rash L22
Narcolepsy G47.419
Narcosis R06.89
Narcotism - see Dependence
NARP (Neuropathy, Ataxia and Retinitis pigmentosa) syndrome E88.49
Narrowing - see also Stenosis
Narrowness, abnormal, eyelid Q10.3
Nasal - see condition
Nasolachrymal, nasolacrimal - see condition
Nasopharyngeal - see also condition
Nasopharyngitis (acute) (infective) (streptococcal) (subacute) J00
Nasopharynx, nasopharyngeal - see condition
Natal tooth, teeth K00.6
Nausea (without vomiting) R11.0
Navel - see condition
Neapolitan fever - see Brucellosis
Near drowning T75.1
Nearsightedness - see Myopia
Near-syncope R55
Nebula, cornea - see Opacity, cornea
Necator americanus infestation B76.1
Necatoriasis B76.1
Neck - see condition
Necrobiosis R68.89
Necrolysis, toxic epidermal L51.2
Necrophilia F65.89
Necrosis, necrotic (ischemic) - see also Gangrene
Necrospermia - see Infertility, male
Need (for)
Neisserian infection NEC - see Gonococcus
Nelaton's syndrome G60.8
Nelson's syndrome E24.1
Nematodiasis (intestinal) B82.0
Neonatal - see also Newborn
Neonatorum - see condition
Neoplasm, neoplastic - see also Table of Neoplasms
Nephralgia N23
Nephritis, nephritic (albuminuric) (azotemic) (congenital) (disseminated) (epithelial) (familial) (focal) (granulomatous) (hemorrhagic) (infantile) (nonsuppurative, excretory) (uremic) N05.9
Nephroblastoma (epithelial) (mesenchymal) C64.-
Nephrocalcinosis E83.59
Nephrocystitis, pustular - see Nephritis, tubulo-interstitial
Nephrolithiasis (congenital) (pelvis) (recurrent) - see also Calculus, kidney
Nephroma C64.-
Nephronephritis - see Nephrosis
Nephronophthisis Q61.5
Nephropathia epidemica A98.5
Nephropathy N28.9 - see also Nephritis
Nephroptosis N28.83
Nephropyosis - see Abscess, kidney
Nephrorrhagia N28.89
Nephrosclerosis (arteriolar)(arteriosclerotic) (chronic) (hyaline) - see also Hypertension, kidney
Nephrosis, nephrotic (Epstein's) (syndrome) (congenital) N04.9
Nephrosonephritis, hemorrhagic (endemic) A98.5
Nerve - see also condition
Nerves R45.0
Nervous R45.0 - see also condition
Nervousness R45.0
Nettleship's syndrome Q82.2
Neumann's disease or syndrome L10.1
Neuralgia, neuralgic (acute) M79.2
Neurapraxia - see Injury, nerve
Neurasthenia F48.8
Neurilemmoma - see also Neoplasm, nerve, benign
Neurilemmosarcoma - see Neoplasm, nerve, malignant
Neurinoma - see Neoplasm, nerve, benign
Neurinomatosis - see Neoplasm, nerve, uncertain behavior
Neuritis (rheumatoid) M79.2
Neuroastrocytoma - see Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Neuroavitaminosis E56.9
Neurochorioretinitis - see Chorioretinitis
Neurocirculatory asthenia F45.8
Neurocysticercosis B69.0
Neurocytoma - see Neoplasm, benign, by site
Neurodermatitis (circumscribed) (circumscripta) (local) L28.0
Neuroencephalomyelopathy, optic G36.0
Neuroepithelioma - see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Neurofibroma - see also Neoplasm, nerve, benign
Neurofibromatosis (multiple) (nonmalignant) Q85.00
Neurofibrosarcoma - see Neoplasm, nerve, malignant
Neurogenic - see also condition
Neuroglioma - see Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site
Neurolabyrinthitis (of Dix and Hallpike) - see Neuronitis, vestibular
Neurolathyrism - see Poisoning, food, noxious, plant
Neuroleprosy A30.9
Neuroma - see also Neoplasm, nerve, benign
Neuromyalgia - see Neuralgia
Neuromyasthenia (epidemic) (postinfectious) G93.3
Neuromyelitis G36.9
Neuromyopathy G70.9
Neuromyotonia (Isaacs) G71.19
Neuronevus - see Nevus
Neuronitis G58.9
Neuroparalytic - see condition
Neuropathy, neuropathic G62.9
Neurophthisis - see also Disorder, nerve
Neuroretinitis - see Chorioretinitis
Neuroretinopathy, hereditary optic H47.22
Neurosarcoma - see Neoplasm, nerve, malignant
Neurosclerosis - see Disorder, nerve
Neurosis, neurotic F48.9
Neurospongioblastosis diffusa Q85.1
Neurosyphilis (arrested) (early) (gumma) (late) (latent) (recurrent) (relapse) A52.3
Neurothekeoma - see Neoplasm, nerve, benign
Neurotic - see Neurosis
Neurotoxemia - see Toxemia
Neutroclusion M26.211
Neutropenia, neutropenic (chronic) (genetic) (idiopathic) (immune) (infantile) (malignant) (pernicious) (splenic) D70.9
Neutrophilia, hereditary giant D72.0
Nevocarcinoma - see Melanoma
Nevus D22.9
Newborn (infant) (liveborn) (singleton) Z38.2
Newcastle conjunctivitis or disease B30.8
Nezelof's syndrome (pure alymphocytosis) D81.4
Niacin (amide) deficiency E52
Nicolas (-Durand)-Favre disease A55
Nicotine - see Tobacco
Nicotinic acid deficiency E52
Niemann-Pick disease or syndrome E75.249
Nightmares (REM sleep type) F51.5
Nipple - see condition
Nisbet's chancre A57
Nishimoto (-Takeuchi) disease I67.5
Nitritoid crisis or reaction - see Crisis, nitritoid
Nitrosohemoglobinemia D74.8
Njovera A65
Nocardiosis, nocardiasis A43.9
Nocturia R35.1
Nocturnal - see condition
Nodal rhythm I49.8
Node (s) - see also Nodule
Nodule (s), nodular
Noma (gangrenous) (hospital) (infective) A69.0
Nomad, nomadism Z59.0
Nonautoimmune hemolytic anemia D59.4
Nonclosure - see also Imperfect, closure
Noncompliance Z91.19
Nondescent (congenital) - see also Malposition, congenital
Nonexanthematous tick fever A93.2
Nonexpansion, lung (newborn) P28.0
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma NEC - see Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin
Non-working side interference M26.56
Nonimplantation, ovum N97.2
Noninsufflation, fallopian tube N97.1
Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia E72.51
Nonne-Milroy syndrome Q82.0
Nonovulation N97.0
Nonpatent fallopian tube N97.1
Nonpneumatization, lung NEC P28.0
Nonrotation - see Malrotation
Nonsecretion, urine - see Anuria
Nonvisualization, gallbladder R93.2
Nonvital, nonvitalized tooth K04.99
Noonan's syndrome Q87.1
Normocytic anemia (infectional) due to blood loss (chronic) D50.0
Norrie's disease (congenital) Q15.8
North American blastomycosis B40.9
Norwegian itch B86
Nose, nasal - see condition
Nosebleed R04.0
Nose-picking F98.8
Nosomania F45.21
Nosophobia F45.22
Nostalgia F43.20
Notch of iris Q13.2
Notching nose, congenital (tip) Q30.2
Novy's relapsing fever A68.9
Nucleus pulposus - see condition
Numbness R20.0
Nuns' knee - see Bursitis, prepatellar
Nursemaid's elbow S53.03-
Nutcracker esophagus K22.4
Nutmeg liver K76.1
Nutrient element deficiency E61.9
Nutrition deficient or insufficient E46 - see also Malnutrition
Nutritional stunting E45
Nyctalopia (night blindness) - see Blindness, night
Nycturia R35.1
Nymphomania F52.8
Nystagmus H55.00
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