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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 244 terms starting with the letter 'O' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Obermeyer's relapsing fever (European) A68.0
Obesity E66.9
Oblique - see condition
Observation (following) (for) (without need for further medical care) Z04.9
Obsession, obsessional state F42
Obsessive-compulsive neurosis or reaction F42
Obstetric embolism, septic - see Embolism, obstetric, septic
Obstetrical trauma (complicating delivery) O71.9
Obstipation - see Constipation
Obstruction, obstructed, obstructive
Obturator - see condition
Occlusal wear, teeth K03.0
Occlusio pupillae - see Membrane, pupillary
Occlusion, occluded
Ochlophobia - see Agoraphobia
Ochronosis (endogenous) E70.29
Ocular muscle - see condition
Oculogyric crisis or disturbance H51.8
Oculomotor syndrome H51.9
Oddi's sphincter spasm K83.4
Odontalgia K08.8
Odontoameloblastoma - see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Odontoclasia K03.89
Odontodysplasia, regional K00.4
Odontogenesis imperfecta K00.5
Odontoma (ameloblastic) (complex) (compound) (fibroameloblastic) - see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Odontomyelitis (closed) (open) K04.0
Odontorrhagia K08.8
Odontosarcoma, ameloblastic C41.1
Oestriasis - see Myiasis
Oguchi's disease H53.63
Ohara's disease - see Tularemia
Oidiomycosis - see Candidiasis
Oidium albicans infection - see Candidiasis
Old age (without mention of debility) R54
Old (previous) myocardial infarction I25.2
Olfactory - see condition
Oligemia - see Anemia
Oligocythemia D64.9
Oligodontia - see Anodontia
Oligoencephalon Q02
Oligohidrosis L74.4
Oligohydramnios O41.0-
Oligohydrosis L74.4
Oligomenorrhea N91.5
Oligophrenia - see also Disability, intellectual
Oligospermia N46.11
Oligotrichia - see Alopecia
Oliguria R34
Ollier's disease Q78.4
Omentitis - see Peritonitis
Omenotocele - see Hernia, abdomen, specified site NEC
Omentum, omental - see condition
Omphalitis (congenital) (newborn) P38.9
Omphalocele Q79.2
Omphalomesenteric duct, persistent Q43.0
Omphalorrhagia, newborn P51.9
Omsk hemorrhagic fever A98.1
Onanism (excessive) F98.8
Onchocerciasis, onchocercosis B73.1
Oncocytoma - see Neoplasm, benign, by site
Oncovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.32
Ondine's curse - see Apnea, sleep
Oneirophrenia F23
Onychauxis L60.2
Onychia - see also Cellulitis, digit
Onychitis - see also Cellulitis, digit
Onychocryptosis L60.0
Onychodystrophy L60.3
Onychogryphosis, onychogryposis L60.2
Onycholysis L60.1
Onychomadesis L60.8
Onychomalacia L60.3
Onychomycosis (finger) (toe) B35.1
Onycho-osteodysplasia Q79.8
Onychophagia F98.8
Onychophosis L60.8
Onychoptosis L60.8
Onychorrhexis L60.3
Onychoschizia L60.3
Onyxis (finger) (toe) L60.0
Onyxitis - see also Cellulitis, digit
Oophoritis (cystic) (infectional) (interstitial) N70.92
Oophorocele N83.4
Opacity, opacities
Opalescent dentin (hereditary) K00.5
Open, opening
Operational fatigue F48.8
Operative - see condition
Operculitis - see Periodontitis
Operculum - see Break, retina
Ophiasis L63.2
Ophthalmia H10.9 - see also Conjunctivitis
Ophthalmitis - see Ophthalmia
Ophthalmocele (congenital) Q15.8
Ophthalmoneuromyelitis G36.0
Ophthalmoplegia - see also Strabismus, paralytic
Opioid (s)
Opisthognathism M26.09
Opisthorchiasis (felineus) (viverrini) B66.0
Opitz' disease D73.2
Opiumism - see Dependence, drug, opioid
Oppenheim's disease G70.2
Oppenheim-Urbach disease (necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum) - see E08-E13 with .620
Optic nerve - see condition
Orbit - see condition
Orchioblastoma C62.9-
Orchitis (gangrenous) (nonspecific) (septic) (suppurative) N45.2
Orf (virus disease) B08.02
Organic - see also condition
Orifice - see condition
Origin of both great vessels from right ventricle Q20.1
Ormond's disease (with ureteral obstruction) N13.5
Ornithine metabolism disorder E72.4
Ornithinemia (Type I) (Type II) E72.4
Ornithosis A70
Orotaciduria, oroticaciduria (congenital) (hereditary) (pyrimidine deficiency) E79.8
Orthopnea R06.01
Orthopoxvirus B08.09
Os, uterus - see condition
Osgood-Schlatter disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
Osler (-Weber)-Rendu disease I78.0
Osler's nodes I33.0
Osmidrosis L75.0
Osseous - see condition
Osteitis - see also Osteomyelitis
Osteoarthritis M19.90
Osteoarthropathy (hypertrophic) M19.90
Osteoarthrosis (degenerative) (hypertrophic) (joint) - see also Osteoarthritis
Osteoblastoma - see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Osteochondroarthrosis deformans endemica - see Disease, Kaschin-Beck
Osteochondritis - see also Osteochondropathy, by site
Osteochondrodysplasia Q78.9
Osteochondrodystrophy E78.9
Osteochondrolysis - see Osteochondritis, dissecans
Osteochondroma - see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Osteochondromatosis D48.0
Osteochondromyxosarcoma - see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Osteochondropathy M93.90
Osteochondrosarcoma - see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Osteochondrosis - see also Osteochondropathy, by site
Osteoclastoma D48.0
Osteodynia - see Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
Osteodystrophy Q78.9
Osteofibroma - see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Osteofibrosarcoma - see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Osteogenesis imperfecta Q78.0
Osteogenic - see condition
Osteolysis M89.50
Osteoma - see also Neoplasm, bone, benign
Osteomalacia M83.9
Osteomyelitis (general) (infective) (localized) (neonatal) (purulent) (septic) (staphylococcal) (streptococcal) (suppurative) (with periostitis) M86.9
Osteomyelofibrosis D75.89
Osteomyelosclerosis D75.89
Osteonecrosis M87.9
Osteo-onycho-arthro-dysplasia Q79.8
Osteo-onychodysplasia, hereditary Q79.8
Osteopathia condensans disseminata Q78.8
Osteopathy - see also Osteomyelitis, Osteonecrosis, Osteoporosis
Osteopenia M85.8-
Osteoperiostitis - see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
Osteopetrosis (familial) Q78.2
Osteophyte M25.70
Osteopoikilosis Q78.8
Osteoporosis (female) (male) M81.0
Osteopsathyrosis (idiopathica) Q78.0
Osteoradionecrosis, jaw (acute) (chronic) (lower) (suppurative) (upper) M27.2
Osteosarcoma (any form) - see Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Osteosclerosis Q78.2
Osteosclerotic anemia D64.89
Österreicher-Turner syndrome Q87.2
Ostrum-Furst syndrome Q75.8
Otitis (acute) H66.90
Otocephaly Q18.2
Otolith syndrome
Otomycosis (diffuse) NEC B36.9
Otoporosis - see Otosclerosis
Otorrhagia (nontraumatic) H92.2-
Otorrhea H92.1-
Otosclerosis (general) H80.9-
Otospongiosis - see Otosclerosis
Otto's disease or pelvis M24.7
Outcome of delivery Z37.9
Outlet - see condition
Ovalocytosis (congenital) (hereditary) - see Elliptocytosis
Ovarian - see Condition
Ovariocele N83.4
Ovaritis (cystic) - see Oophoritis
Ovary, ovarian - see also condition
Overactive - see also Hyperfunction
Overactivity R46.3
Overbite (deep) (excessive) (horizontal) (vertical) M26.29
Overbreathing - see Hyperventilation
Overconscientious personality F60.5
Overdevelopment - see Hypertrophy
Overdistension - see Distension
Overdose, overdosage (drug) - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
Overeating R63.2
Overexertion (effects) (exhaustion) T73.3
Overexposure (effects) T73.9
Overfeeding - see Overeating
Overfill, endodontic M27.52
Overgrowth, bone - see Hypertrophy, bone
Overhanging of dental restorative material (unrepairable) K08.52
Overheated (places) (effects) - see Heat
Overjet (excessive horizontal) M26.23
Overlaid, overlying (suffocation) - see Asphyxia, traumatic, due to mechanical threat
Overlap, excessive horizontal (teeth) M26.23
Overlapping toe (acquired) - see also Deformity, toe, specified NEC
Overnutrition - see Hyperalimentation
Overproduction - see also Hypersecretion
Overprotection, child by parent Z62.1
Overstrained R53.83
Overuse, muscle NEC M70.8-
Overweight E66.3
Overworked R53.83
Oviduct - see condition
Ovotestis Q56.0
Ovulation (cycle)
Ovum - see condition
Owren's disease or syndrome (parahemophilia) D68.2
Ox heart - see Hypertrophy, cardiac
Oxalosis E72.53
Oxaluria E72.53
Oxycephaly, oxycephalic Q75.0
Oxyuriasis B80
Oxyuris vermicularis (infestation) B80
Ozena J31.0
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