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Osteomyelitis ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 16 terms under the parent term 'Osteomyelitis' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: M86.9

acute M86.10
carpus M86.14-
clavicle M86.11-
femur M86.15-
fibula M86.16-
finger M86.14-
hematogenous M86.00
carpus M86.04-
clavicle M86.01-
femur M86.05-
fibula M86.06-
finger M86.04-
humerus M86.02-
ilium M86.059
ischium M86.059
mandible M27.2
metacarpus M86.04-
metatarsus M86.07-
multiple sites M86.09
neck M86.08
orbit H05.02-
petrous bone - see Petrositis
radius M86.03-
rib M86.08
scapula M86.01-
skull M86.08
tarsus M86.07-
tibia M86.06-
toe M86.07-
ulna M86.03-
vertebra - see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
humerus M86.12-
ilium M86.159
ischium M86.159
mandible M27.2
metacarpus M86.14-
metatarsus M86.17-
multiple sites M86.19
neck M86.18
orbit H05.02-
petrous bone - see Petrositis
radius M86.13-
rib M86.18
scapula M86.11-
skull M86.18
tarsus M86.17-
tibia M86.16-
toe M86.17-
ulna M86.13-
vertebra - see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
chronic (or old) M86.60
with draining sinus M86.40
carpus M86.44-
clavicle M86.41-
femur M86.45-
fibula M86.46-
finger M86.44-
humerus M86.42-
ilium M86.459
ischium M86.459
mandible M27.2
metacarpus M86.44-
metatarsus M86.47-
multiple sites M86.49
neck M86.48
orbit H05.02-
petrous bone - see Petrositis
radius M86.43-
rib M86.48
scapula M86.41-
skull M86.48
tarsus M86.47-
tibia M86.46-
toe M86.47-
ulna M86.43-
vertebra - see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
carpus M86.64-
clavicle M86.61-
femur M86.65-
fibula M86.66-
finger M86.64-
hematogenous NEC M86.50
carpus M86.54-
clavicle M86.51-
femur M86.55-
fibula M86.56-
finger M86.54-
humerus M86.52-
ilium M86.559
ischium M86.559
mandible M27.2
metacarpus M86.54-
metatarsus M86.57-
multifocal M86.30
carpus M86.34-
clavicle M86.31-
femur M86.35-
fibula M86.36-
finger M86.34-
humerus M86.32-
ilium M86.359
ischium M86.359
metacarpus M86.34-
metatarsus M86.37-
multiple sites M86.39
neck M86.38
radius M86.33-
rib M86.38
scapula M86.31-
skull M86.38
tarsus M86.37-
tibia M86.36-
toe M86.37-
ulna M86.33-
vertebra - see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
multiple sites M86.59
neck M86.58
orbit H05.02-
petrous bone - see Petrositis
radius M86.53-
rib M86.58
scapula M86.51-
skull M86.58
tarsus M86.57-
tibia M86.56-
toe M86.57-
ulna M86.53-
vertebra - see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
humerus M86.62-
ilium M86.659
ischium M86.659
mandible M27.2
metacarpus M86.64-
metatarsus M86.67-
multifocal - see Osteomyelitis, chronic, hematogenous, multifocal
multiple sites M86.69
neck M86.68
orbit H05.02-
petrous bone - see Petrositis
radius M86.63-
rib M86.68
scapula M86.61-
skull M86.68
tarsus M86.67-
tibia M86.66-
toe M86.67-
ulna M86.63-
vertebra - see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
echinococcal B67.2
Garr's - see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
jaw (acute) (chronic) (lower) (neonatal) (suppurative) (upper) M27.2
nonsuppurating - see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
orbit H05.02-
petrous bone - see Petrositis
Salmonella (arizonae) (cholerae-suis) (enteritidis) (typhimurium) A02.24
sclerosing, nonsuppurative - see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
specified type NEC M86.8X- - see also subcategory
mandible M27.2
orbit H05.02-
petrous bone - see Petrositis
vertebra - see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
subacute M86.20
carpus M86.24-
clavicle M86.21-
femur M86.25-
fibula M86.26-
finger M86.24-
humerus M86.22-
mandible M27.2
metacarpus M86.24-
metatarsus M86.27-
multiple sites M86.29
neck M86.28
orbit H05.02-
petrous bone - see Petrositis
radius M86.23-
rib M86.28
scapula M86.21-
skull M86.28
tarsus M86.27-
tibia M86.26-
toe M86.27-
ulna M86.23-
vertebra - see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
syphilitic A52.77
congenital (early) A50.02
tuberculous - see Tuberculosis, bone
typhoid A01.05
vertebra M46.20
cervical region M46.22
cervicothoracic region M46.23
lumbar region M46.26
lumbosacral region M46.27
occipito-atlanto-axial region M46.21
sacrococcygeal region M46.28
thoracic region M46.24
thoracolumbar region M46.25
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