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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 253 terms starting with the letter 'R' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Rabbit fever - see Tularemia
Rabies A82.9
Rachischisis - see Spina bifida
Rachitic - see also condition
Rachitis, rachitism (acute) (tarda) - see also Rickets
Radial nerve - see condition
Radiculitis (pressure) (vertebrogenic) - see Radiculopathy
Radiculomyelitis - see also Encephalitis
Radiculopathy M54.10
Radiodermal burns (acute, chronic, or occupational) - see Burn
Radiodermatitis L58.9
Radiotherapy session Z51.0
Rage, meaning rabies - see Rabies
Ragpicker's disease A22.1
Ragsorter's disease A22.1
Raillietiniasis B71.8
Railroad neurosis F48.8
Railway spine F48.8
Raised - see also Elevated
Rake teeth, tooth M26.39
Rales R09.89
Ramifying renal pelvis Q63.8
Ramsay-Hunt disease or syndrome B02.21 - see also Hunt's disease
Ranula K11.6
Rarefaction, bone - see Disorder, bone, density and structure, specified NEC
Rash (toxic) R21
Rasmussen aneurysm - see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
Rasmussen encephalitis G04.81
Rat-bite fever A25.9
Rathke's pouch tumor D44.3
Raymond (-Céstan) syndrome I65.8
Raynaud's disease, phenomenon or syndrome (secondary) I73.00
RDS (newborn) (type I) P22.0
Reaction - see also Disorder
Reactive airway disease - see Asthma
Reactive depression - see Reaction, depressive
Recalcitrant patient - see Noncompliance
Recanalization, thrombus - see Thrombosis
Recession, receding
Recklinghausen disease Q85.01
Reclus' disease (cystic) - see Mastopathy, cystic
Recrudescent typhus (fever) A75.1
Recruitment, auditory H93.21-
Rectalgia K62.89
Rectitis K62.89
Rectosigmoid junction - see condition
Rectosigmoiditis K63.89
Rectourethral - see condition
Rectovaginal - see condition
Rectovesical - see condition
Rectum, rectal - see condition
Recurrent - see condition
Red bugs B88.0
Red-cedar lung or pneumonitis J67.8
Red tide T65.82- - see also Table of Drugs and Chemicals
Redundant, redundancy
Reduplication - see Duplication
Reflex R29.2
Reflux K21.9
Reforming, artificial openings - see Attention to, artificial, opening
Refractive error - see Disorder, refraction
Refsum's disease or syndrome G60.1
Refusal of
Regional - see condition
Regurgitation R11.10
Reifenstein syndrome E34.52
Reinsertion, contraceptive device Z30.433
Reiter's disease, syndrome, or urethritis M02.30
Reichmann's disease or syndrome K31.89
Relapsing fever A68.9
Release from prison, anxiety concerning Z65.2
Remittent fever (malarial) B54
Removal (from) (of)
Renal - see condition
Rendu-Osler-Weber disease or syndrome I78.0
Reninoma D41.0-
Renon-Delille syndrome E23.3
Reovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.5
Repeated falls NEC R29.6
Replaced chromosome by dicentric ring Q93.2
Replacement by artificial or mechanical device or prosthesis of
Request for expert evidence Z04.8
Reserve, decreased or low
Residual - see also condition
Resistance, resistant (to)
Respiratory - see also condition
Respite care Z75.5
Response (drug)
Restless legs (syndrome) G25.81
Restlessness R45.1
Restriction of housing space Z59.1
Restoration (of)
Restorative material (dental)
Rests, ovarian, in fallopian tube Q50.6
Restzustand (schizophrenic) F20.5
Retained - see also Retention
Retching - see Vomiting
Retention - see also Retained
Reticular erythematous mucinosis L98.5
Reticulation, dust - see Pneumoconiosis
Reticulocytosis R70.1
Reticulohistiocytoma (giant-cell) D76.3
Reticuloid, actinic L57.1
Reticulosis (skin)
Retina, retinal - see also condition
Retinitis - see also Inflammation, chorioretinal
Retinoblastoma C69.2-
Retinochoroiditis - see also Inflammation, chorioretinal
Retinopathy (background) H35.00
Retinoschisis H33.10-
Retortamoniasis A07.8
Retractile testis Q55.22
Retrobulbar - see condition
Retrocecal - see condition
Retrocession - see Retroversion
Retrodisplacement - see Retroversion
Retroflection, retroflexion - see Retroversion
Retrognathia, retrognathism (mandibular) (maxillary) M26.19
Retrograde menstruation N92.5
Retroperineal - see condition
Retroperitoneal - see condition
Retroperitonitis K68.9
Retropharyngeal - see condition
Retroplacental - see condition
Retroposition - see Retroversion
Retroprosthetic membrane T85.398
Retrosternal thyroid (congenital) Q89.2
Retroversion, retroverted
Retrovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.30
Retrusion, premaxilla (developmental) M26.09
Rett's disease or syndrome F84.2
Reverse peristalsis R19.2
Reye's syndrome G93.7
Rh (factor)
Rhabdomyolysis (idiopathic) NEC M62.82
Rhabdomyoma - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Rhabdomyosarcoma (any type) - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Rhabdosarcoma - see Rhabdomyosarcoma
Rhesus (factor) incompatibility - see Rh, incompatibility
Rheumatic (acute) (subacute) (chronic)
Rheumatism (articular) (neuralgic) (nonarticular) M79.0
Rheumatoid - see also condition
Rhinitis (atrophic) (catarrhal) (chronic) (croupous) (fibrinous) (granulomatous) (hyperplastic) (hypertrophic) (membranous) (obstructive) (purulent) (suppurative) (ulcerative) J31.0
Rhinoantritis (chronic) - see Sinusitis, maxillary
Rhinodacryolith - see Dacryolith
Rhinolith (nasal sinus) J34.89
Rhinomegaly J34.89
Rhinopharyngitis (acute) (subacute) - see also Nasopharyngitis
Rhinophyma L71.1
Rhinorrhea J34.89
Rhinosalpingitis - see Salpingitis, eustachian
Rhinoscleroma A48.8
Rhinosporidiosis B48.1
Rhinovirus infection NEC B34.8
Rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata E71.540
Rhytidosis facialis L98.8
Rib - see also condition
Riboflavin deficiency E53.0
Rice bodies - see also Loose, body, joint
Richter syndrome - see Leukemia, chronic lymphocytic, B-cell type
Richter's hernia - see Hernia, abdomen, with obstruction
Ricinism - see Poisoning, food, noxious, plant
Rickets (active) (acute) (adolescent) (chest wall) (congenital) (current) (infantile) (intestinal) E55.0
Rickettsial disease A79.9
Rickettsialpox (Rickettsia akari) A79.1
Rickettsiosis A79.9
Rider's bone - see Ossification, muscle, specified NEC
Ridge, alveolus - see also condition
Ridged ear, congenital Q17.3
Rieger's anomaly or syndrome Q13.81
Riehl's melanosis L81.4
Rietti-Greppi-Micheli anemia D56.9
Rieux's hernia - see Hernia, abdomen, specified site NEC
Riga (-Fede) disease K14.0
Riggs' disease - see Periodontitis
Right middle lobe syndrome J98.11
Rigid, rigidity - see also condition
Rigors R68.89
Riley-Day syndrome G90.1
RIND (reversible ischemic neurologic deficit) I63.9
Ring (s)
Ringed hair (congenital) Q84.1
Ringworm B35.9
Rise, venous pressure I87.8
Risk, suicidal
Ritter's disease L00
Rivalry, sibling Z62.891
Rivalta's disease A42.2
River blindness B73.01
Robert's pelvis Q74.2
Robin (-Pierre) syndrome Q87.0
Robinow-Silvermann-Smith syndrome Q87.1
Robinson's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia or syndrome Q82.4
Robles' disease B73.01
Rocky Mountain (spotted) fever A77.0
Roetheln - see Rubella
Roger's disease Q21.0
Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses (gallbladder) K82.8
Rolando's fracture (displaced) S62.22-
Romano-Ward (prolonged QT interval) syndrome I45.81
Romberg's disease or syndrome G51.8
Roof, mouth - see condition
Rosacea L71.9
Rosary, rachitic E55.0
Rosenbach's erysipeloid A26.0
Rosenthal's disease or syndrome D68.1
Roseola B09
Rossbach's disease K31.89
Ross River disease or fever B33.1
Rostan's asthma (cardiac) - see Failure, ventricular, left
Rotes Quérol disease or syndrome - see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
Roth (-Bernhardt) disease or syndrome - see Meralgia paraesthetica
Rothmund (-Thomson) syndrome Q82.8
Rotor's disease or syndrome E80.6
Roussy-Lévy syndrome G60.0
Rubella (German measles) B06.9
Rubeola (meaning measles) - see Measles
Rubeosis, iris - see Disorder, iris, vascular
Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome Q87.2
Rudimentary (congenital) - see also Agenesis
Ruled out condition - see Observation, suspected
Rumination R11.10
Runeberg's disease D51.0
Runny nose R09.89
Rupia (syphilitic) A51.39
Rupture, ruptured
Russell-Silver syndrome Q87.1
Russian spring-summer type encephalitis A84.0
Rust's disease (tuberculous cervical spondylitis) A18.01
Ruvalcaba-Myhre-Smith syndrome E71.440
Rytand-Lipsitch syndrome I44.2
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