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Reaction ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 75 terms under the parent term 'Reaction' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.

Reaction - see also Disorder

adaptation - see Disorder, adjustment
adjustment (anxiety) (conduct disorder) (depressiveness) (distress) - see Disorder, adjustment
mutism, elective (child) (adolescent) F94.0
food (any) (ingested) NEC T78.1
anaphylactic - see Shock, anaphylactic, due to food
affective - see Disorder, mood
allergic - see Allergy
anaphylactic - see Shock, anaphylactic
anaphylactoid - see Shock, anaphylactic
anesthesia - see Anesthesia, complication
antitoxin (prophylactic) (therapeutic) - see Complications, vaccination
anxiety F41.1
Arthus - see Arthus' phenomenon
asthenic F48.8
combat and operational stress F43.0
compulsive F42
conversion F44.9
crisis, acute F43.0
deoxyribonuclease (DNA) (DNase) hypersensitivity D69.2
depressive (single episode) F32.9
affective (single episode) F31.4
recurrent episode F33.9
neurotic F34.1
psychoneurotic F34.1
psychotic F32.3
recurrent - see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
dissociative F44.9
drug NEC T88.7
addictive - see Dependence, drug
transmitted via placenta or breast milk - see Absorption, drug, addictive, through placenta
allergic - see Allergy, drug
lichenoid L43.2
newborn P93.8
gray baby syndrome P93.0
overdose or poisoning (by accident) - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
photoallergic L56.1
phototoxic L56.0
withdrawal - see Dependence, by drug, with, withdrawal
infant of dependent mother P96.1
newborn P96.1
wrong substance given or taken (by accident) - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
fear F40.9
child (abnormal) F93.8
febrile nonhemolytic transfusion (FNHTR) R50.84
fluid loss, cerebrospinal G97.1
body NEC - see Granuloma, foreign body
in operative wound (inadvertently left) - see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
substance accidentally left during a procedure (chemical) (powder) (talc) T81.60
aseptic peritonitis T81.61
body or object (instrument) (sponge) (swab) - see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
specified reaction NEC T81.69
grief - see Disorder, adjustment
Herxheimer's R68.89
hyperkinetic - see Hyperkinesia
hypochondriacal F45.20
hypoglycemic, due to insulin E16.0
with coma (diabetic) - see Diabetes, coma
nondiabetic E15
therapeutic misadventure
hypomanic F30.8
hysterical F44.9
immunization - see Complications, vaccination
ABO blood group (infusion) (transfusion) - see Complication(s), transfusion, incompatibility reaction, ABO
delayed serologic T80.39
minor blood group (Duffy) (E) (K(ell)) (Kidd) (Lewis) (M) (N) (P) (S) T80.89
Rh (factor) (infusion) (transfusion) - see Complication(s), transfusion, incompatibility reaction, Rh (factor)
inflammatory - see Infection
infusion - see Complications, infusion
inoculation (immune serum) - see Complications, vaccination
insulin T38.3-
involutional psychotic - see Disorder, depressive
leukemoid D72.823
basophilic D72.823
lymphocytic D72.823
monocytic D72.823
myelocytic D72.823
neutrophilic D72.823
LSD (acute)
due to drug abuse - see Abuse, drug, hallucinogen
due to drug dependence - see Dependence, drug, hallucinogen
lumbar puncture G97.1
manic-depressive - see Disorder, bipolar
neurasthenic F48.8
neurogenic - see Neurosis
neurotic F48.9
neurotic-depressive F34.1
nitritoid - see Crisis, nitritoid
cell mediated immunity measurement of gamma interferon antigen response without active tuberculosis R76.12
QuantiFERON-TB test (QFT) without active tuberculosis R76.12
tuberculin test R76.11 - see also Reaction, tuberculin skin test
obsessive-compulsive F42
organic, acute or subacute - see Delirium
paranoid (acute) F23
chronic F22
senile F03
passive dependency F60.7
phobic F40.9
post-traumatic stress, uncomplicated Z73.3
psychogenic F99
psychoneurotic - see also Neurosis
compulsive F42
depersonalization F48.1
depressive F34.1
hypochondriacal F45.20
neurasthenic F48.8
obsessive F42
psychophysiologic - see Disorder, somatoform
psychosomatic - see Disorder, somatoform
psychotic - see Psychosis
scarlet fever toxin - see Complications, vaccination
schizophrenic F23
acute (brief) (undifferentiated) F23
latent F21
undifferentiated (acute) (brief) F23
serological for syphilis - see Serology for syphilis
serum T80.69
anaphylactic (immediate) T80.59 - see also Shock, anaphylactic
specified reaction NEC
due to
administration of blood and blood products T80.61
immunization T80.62
serum specified NEC T80.69
vaccination T80.62
situational - see Disorder, adjustment
somatization - see Disorder, somatoform
spinal puncture G97.1
stress (severe) F43.9
acute (agitation) ('daze') (disorientation) (disturbance of consciousness) (flight reaction) (fugue) F43.0
specified NEC F43.8
surgical procedure - see Complications, surgical procedure
tetanus antitoxin - see Complications, vaccination
toxic, to local anesthesia T81.89
in labor and delivery O74.4
in pregnancy O29.3X-
postpartum, puerperal O89.3
toxin-antitoxin - see Complications, vaccination
transfusion (blood) (bone marrow) (lymphocytes) (allergic) - see Complications, transfusion
tuberculin skin test, abnormal R76.11
vaccination (any) - see Complications, vaccination
withdrawing, child or adolescent F93.8
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