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Sclerosis ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 77 terms under the parent term 'Sclerosis' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


adrenal (gland) E27.8
Alzheimer's - see Disease, Alzheimer's
amyotrophic (lateral) G12.21
aorta, aortic I70.0
valve - see Endocarditis, aortic
artery, arterial, arteriolar, arteriovascular - see Arteriosclerosis
ascending multiple G35
brain (generalized) (lobular) G37.9
artery, arterial I67.2
diffuse G37.0
disseminated G35
insular G35
Krabbe's E75.23
miliary G35
multiple G35
presenile (Alzheimer's) - see Disease, Alzheimer's, early onset
senile (arteriosclerotic) I67.2
stem, multiple G35
tuberous Q85.1
bulbar, multiple G35
bundle of His I44.39
cardiac - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
cardiorenal - see Hypertension, cardiorenal
cardiovascular - see also Disease, cardiovascular
renal - see Hypertension, cardiorenal
cerebellar - see Sclerosis, brain
cerebral - see Sclerosis, brain
cerebrospinal (disseminated) (multiple) G35
cerebrovascular I67.2
choroid - see Degeneration, choroid
combined (spinal cord) - see also Degeneration, combined
multiple G35
concentric (Balo) G37.5
cornea - see Opacity, cornea
coronary (artery) I25.10
with angina pectoris - see Arteriosclerosis, coronary (artery),
corpus cavernosum
female N90.89
male N48.6
diffuse (brain) (spinal cord) G37.0
disseminated G35
dorsal G35
dorsolateral (spinal cord) - see Degeneration, combined
endometrium N85.5
extrapyramidal G25.9
eye, nuclear (senile) - see Cataract, senile, nuclear
focal and segmental (glomerular) N05.1 - see also N00-N07 with fourth character .1
Friedreich's (spinal cord) G11.1
funicular (spermatic cord) N50.8
general (vascular) - see Arteriosclerosis
gland (lymphatic) I89.8
hepatic K74.1
alcoholic K70.2
cerebellar G11.9
spinal (Friedreich's ataxia) G11.1
hippocampal G93.81
insular G35
kidney - see Sclerosis, renal
larynx J38.7
lateral (amyotrophic) (descending) (primary) (spinal) G12.21
lens, senile nuclear - see Cataract, senile, nuclear
liver K74.1
with fibrosis K74.2
alcoholic K70.2
alcoholic K70.2
cardiac K76.1
lung - see Fibrosis, lung
mastoid - see Mastoiditis, chronic
mesial temporal G93.81
mitral I05.8
Mönckeberg's (medial) - see Arteriosclerosis, extremities
multiple (brain stem) (cerebral) (generalized) (spinal cord) G35
myocardium, myocardial - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
nuclear (senile), eye - see Cataract, senile, nuclear
ovary N83.8
pancreas K86.8
penis N48.6
peripheral arteries - see Arteriosclerosis, extremities
plaques G35
pluriglandular E31.8
polyglandular E31.8
posterolateral (spinal cord) - see Degeneration, combined
presenile (Alzheimer's) - see Disease, Alzheimer's, early onset
primary, lateral G12.29
progressive, systemic M34.0
pulmonary - see Fibrosis, lung
artery I27.0
valve (heart) - see Endocarditis, pulmonary
renal N26.9
cystine storage disease E72.09
hypertensive heart disease (conditions in I11) - see Hypertension, cardiorenal
arteriolar (hyaline) (hyperplastic) - see Hypertension, kidney
retina (senile) (vascular) H35.00
senile (vascular) - see Arteriosclerosis
spinal (cord) (progressive) G95.89
ascending G61.0
combined - see also Degeneration, combined
multiple G35
syphilitic A52.11
disseminated G35
dorsolateral - see Degeneration, combined
hereditary (Friedreich's) (mixed form) G11.1
lateral (amyotrophic) G12.21
multiple G35
posterior (syphilitic) A52.11
stomach K31.89
subendocardial, congenital I42.4
systemic M34.9
lung involvement M34.81
myopathy M34.82
polyneuropathy M34.83
drug-induced M34.2
due to chemicals NEC M34.2
progressive M34.0
specified NEC M34.89
temporal (mesial) G93.81
tricuspid (heart) (valve) I07.8
tuberous (brain) Q85.1
tympanic membrane - see Disorder, tympanic membrane, specified NEC
valve, valvular (heart) - see Endocarditis
vascular - see Arteriosclerosis
vein I87.8
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