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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 148 terms starting with the letter 'V' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Vaccination (prophylactic)
Vaccinia (generalized) (localized) T88.1
Vacuum, in sinus (accessory) (nasal) J34.89
Vagabond, vagabondage Z59.0
Vagabond's disease B85.1
Vagina, vaginal - see condition
Vaginalitis (tunica) (testis) N49.1
Vaginismus (reflex) N94.2
Vaginitis (acute) (circumscribed) (diffuse) (emphysematous) (nonvenereal) (ulcerative) N76.0
Vaginosis - see Vaginitis
Vagotonia G52.2
Vagrancy Z59.0
VAIN - see Neoplasia, intraepithelial, vagina
Vallecula - see condition
Valley fever B38.0
Valsuani's disease - see Anemia, obstetric
Valve, valvular (formation) - see also condition
Valvulitis (chronic) - see Endocarditis
Valvulopathy - see Endocarditis
Van Bogaert's leukoencephalopathy (sclerosing) (subacute) A81.1
Van Bogaert-Scherer-Epstein disease or syndrome E75.5
Van Buchem's syndrome M85.2
Van Creveld-von Gierke disease E74.01
Van der Hoeve (-de Kleyn) syndrome Q78.0
Van der Woude's syndrome Q38.0
Van Neck's disease or osteochondrosis M91.0
Vanishing lung J44.9
Vapor asphyxia or suffocation T59.9
Variance, lethal ball, prosthetic heart valve T82.09
Variants, thalassemic D56.8
Variations in hair color L67.1
Varicella B01.9
Varices - see Varix
Varicocele (scrotum) (thrombosed) I86.1
Varicosis, varicosities, varicosity - see Varix
Variola (major) (minor) B03
Varioloid B03
Varix (lower limb) (ruptured) I83.90
Vas deferens - see condition
Vas deferentitis N49.1
Vasa previa O69.4
Vascular - see also condition
Vascularization, cornea - see Neovascularization, cornea
Vasculitis I77.6
Vasculopathy, necrotizing M31.9
Vasitis (nodosa) N49.1
Vasodilation I73.9
Vasomotor - see condition
Vasoplasty, after previous sterilization Z31.0
Vasospasm (vasoconstriction) I73.9
Vasospastic - see condition
Vasovagal attack (paroxysmal) R55
VATER syndrome Q87.2
Vater's ampulla - see condition
Vegetation, vegetative
Vein, venous - see condition
Veldt sore - see Ulcer, skin
Velpeau's hernia - see Hernia, femoral
Venofibrosis I87.8
Venom, venomous - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by animal or substance, poisoning
Venous - see condition
Ventilator lung, newborn P27.8
Ventral - see condition
Ventricle, ventricular - see also condition
Ventriculitis (cerebral) G04.90 - see also Encephalitis
Ventriculostomy status Z98.2
Vernet's syndrome G52.7
Verneuil's disease (syphilitic bursitis) A52.78
Verruca (due to HPV) (filiformis) (simplex) (viral) (vulgaris) B07.9
Verrucosities - see Verruca
Verruga peruana, peruviana A44.1
Vertebra, vertebral - see condition
Vertical talus (congenital) Q66.80
Vertigo R42
Very-low-density-lipoprotein-type (VLDL) hyperlipoproteinemia E78.1
Vesania - see Psychosis
Vesical - see condition
Vesicocolic - see condition
Vesicoperineal - see condition
Vesicorectal - see condition
Vesicourethrorectal - see condition
Vesicovaginal - see condition
Vesicular - see condition
Vesiculitis (seminal) N49.0
Vestibulitis (ear) H83.0 - see also subcategory
Vestibulopathy , acute peripheral (recurrent) - see Neuronitis, vestibular
Vestige, vestigial - see also Persistence
Vibriosis A28.9
Victim (of)
Vidal's disease L28.0
Villaret's syndrome G52.7
Villous - see condition
VIN - see Neoplasia, intraepithelial, vulva
Vincent's infection (angina) (gingivitis) A69.1
Vinson-Plummer syndrome D50.1
Violence, physical R45.6
Viosterol deficiency - see Deficiency, calciferol
Vipoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Viremia B34.9
Virilism (adrenal) E25.9
Virilization (female) (suprarenal) E25.9
Virulent bubo A57
Virus, viral - see also condition
Viscera, visceral - see condition
Visceroptosis K63.4
Visible peristalsis R19.2
Vision, visual
Vitality, lack or want of R53.83
Vitamin deficiency - see Deficiency, vitamin
Vitelline duct, persistent Q43.0
Vitiligo L80
Vitreal corneal syndrome H59.01-
Vitreoretinopathy, proliferative - see also Retinopathy, proliferative
Vitreous - see also condition
Vocal cord - see condition
Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome H20.82-
Vogt's disease or syndrome G80.3
Vogt-Spielmeyer amaurotic idiocy or disease E75.4
Volhynian fever A79.0
Volkmann's ischemic contracture or paralysis (complicating trauma) T79.6
Volvulus (bowel) (colon) (duodenum) (intestine) K56.2
Vomiting R11.10
Vomito negro - see Fever, yellow
Von Bezold's abscess - see Mastoiditis, acute
Von Economo-Cruchet disease A85.8
Von Eulenburg's disease G71.19
Von Gierke's disease E74.01
Von Hippel (-Lindau) disease or syndrome Q85.8
Von Jaksch's anemia or disease D64.89
Von Recklinghausen
Von Schroetter's syndrome I82.890
Von Willebrand (-Jurgens)(-Minot) disease or syndrome D68.0
Von Zumbusch's disease L40.1
Voyeurism F65.3
Vrolik's disease Q78.0
Vulva - see condition
Vulvismus N94.2
Vulvitis (acute) (allergic) (atrophic) (hypertrophic) (intertriginous) (senile) N76.2
Vulvodynia N94.819
Vulvorectal - see condition
Vulvovaginitis (acute) - see Vaginitis
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