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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 107 terms starting with the letter 'W' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Waiting list, person on Z75.1
Waldenström-Kjellberg syndrome D50.1
Wall, abdominal - see condition
Wallenberg's disease or syndrome G46.3
Wallgren's disease I87.8
War neurosis F48.8
Wart (due to HPV) (filiform) (infectious) (viral) B07.9
Warthin's tumor - see Neoplasm, salivary gland, benign
Wassilieff's disease A27.0
Waterbrash R12
Waterhouse (-Friderichsen) syndrome or disease (meningococcal) A39.1
Water-losing nephritis N25.89
Watermelon stomach K31.819
Watsoniasis B66.8
Wax in ear - see Impaction, cerumen
Weak, weakening, weakness (generalized) R53.1
Wear, worn (with normal or routine use)
Weather, weathered
Weaver's syndrome Q87.3
Web, webbed (congenital)
Weber-Christian disease M35.6
Weber-Cockayne syndrome (epidermolysis bullosa) Q81.8
Weber-Gubler syndrome G46.3
Weber-Leyden syndrome G46.3
Weber-Osler syndrome I78.0
Weber's paralysis or syndrome G46.3
Wedge-shaped or wedging vertebra - see Collapse, vertebra NEC
Wegener's granulomatosis or syndrome M31.30
Wegner's disease A50.02
Weightlessness (effect of) T75.82
Weil (l)-Marchesani syndrome Q87.1
Weil's disease A27.0
Weingarten's syndrome J82
Weir Mitchell's disease I73.81
Weiss-Baker syndrome G90.09
Wells' disease L98.3
Wen - see Cyst, sebaceous
Wenckebach's block or phenomenon I44.1
Werdnig-Hoffmann syndrome (muscular atrophy) G12.0
Werlhof's disease D69.3
Wermer's disease or syndrome E31.21
Werner-His disease A79.0
Werner's disease or syndrome E34.8
Wernicke-Korsakoff's syndrome or psychosis (alcoholic) F10.96
Wernicke-Posadas disease B38.9
West African fever B50.8
Westphal-Strümpell syndrome E83.01
West's syndrome - see Epilepsy, spasms
Wharton's duct - see condition
Wheal - see Urticaria
Wheezing R06.2
Whiplash injury S13.4
Whipple's disease K90.81 - see also subcategory M14.8-
Whipworm (disease) (infection) (infestation) B79
Whistling face Q87.0
White - see also condition
Whitehead L70.0
Whitlow - see also Cellulitis, digit
Whitmore's disease or fever - see Melioidosis
Whooping cough A37.90
Wichman's asthma J38.5
Wide cranial sutures, newborn P96.3
Widening aorta - see Ectasia, aorta
Wilkie's disease or syndrome K55.1
Wilkinson-Sneddon disease or syndrome L13.1
Willebrand (-Jürgens) thrombopathy D68.0
Willige-Hunt disease or syndrome G23.1
Wilms' tumor C64.-
Wilson-Mikity syndrome P27.0
Window - see also Imperfect, closure
Winter - see condition
Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome D82.0
Withdrawal state - see also Dependence, drug by type, with withdrawal
Witts' anemia D50.8
Witzelsucht F07.0
Woakes' ethmoiditis or syndrome J33.1
Wolff-Hirschorn syndrome Q93.3
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome I45.6
Wolhynian fever A79.0
Wolman's disease E75.5
Wood lung or pneumonitis J67.8
Woolly, wooly hair (congenital) (nevus) Q84.1
Woolsorter's disease A22.1
Worm (s) (infection) (infestation) - see also Infestation, helminth
Worm-eaten soles A66.3
Worn out - see Exhaustion
Worried well Z71.1
Worries R45.82
Wound, open
Wound, superficial - see Injury - see also specified injury type
Wright's syndrome G54.0
Wrist - see condition
Wrong drug (by accident) (given in error) - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
Wry neck - see Torticollis
Wuchereria (bancrofti) infestation B74.0
Wuchereriasis B74.0
Wuchernde Struma Langhans C73
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