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ICD-10-CM Drugs Index

There are 18 terms starting with the letter 'W' in the ICD-10-CM Drugs Index.


term poisoning accidental poisoning intentional self harm poisoning assault poisoning undetermined adverse effect underdosing
Warfarin T45.511 T45.512 T45.513 T45.514 T45.515 T45.516
rodenticide T60.4X1 T60.4X2 T60.4X3 T60.4X4
sodium T60.4X1 T60.4X2 T60.4X3 T60.4X4
Wasp (sting) T63.461 T63.462 T63.463 T63.464
balance drug T50.3X1 T50.3X2 T50.3X3 T50.3X4 T50.3X5 T50.3X6
distilled T50.3X1 T50.3X2 T50.3X3 T50.3X4 T50.3X5 T50.3X6
gas - see Gas, water
incomplete combustion of - see Carbon, monoxide, fuel, utility
hemlock T62.2X1 T62.2X2 T62.2X3 T62.2X4
moccasin (venom) T63.061 T63.062 T63.063 T63.064
purified T50.3X1 T50.3X2 T50.3X3 T50.3X4 T50.3X5 T50.3X6
Wax (paraffin) (petroleum) T52.0X1 T52.0X2 T52.0X3 T52.0X4
automobile T65.891 T65.892 T65.893 T65.894
floor T52.0X1 T52.0X2 T52.0X3 T52.0X4
Weed killers NEC T60.3X1 T60.3X2 T60.3X3 T60.3X4
Welldorm T42.6X1 T42.6X2 T42.6X3 T42.6X4 T42.6X5 T42.6X6
arsenic T57.0X1 T57.0X2 T57.0X3 T57.0X4
hellebore T62.2X1 T62.2X2 T62.2X3 T62.2X4
lotion (keratolytic) T49.4X1 T49.4X2 T49.4X3 T49.4X4 T49.4X5 T49.4X6
spirit T52.0X1 T52.0X2 T52.0X3 T52.0X4
Whitewash T65.891 T65.892 T65.893 T65.894
Whole blood (human) T45.8X1 T45.8X2 T45.8X3 T45.8X4 T45.8X5 T45.8X6
black cherry T62.2X1 T62.2X2 T62.2X3 T62.2X4
poisonous plants NEC T62.2X1 T62.2X2 T62.2X3 T62.2X4
Window cleaning fluid T65.891 T65.892 T65.893 T65.894
Wintergreen (oil) T49.3X1 T49.3X2 T49.3X3 T49.3X4 T49.3X5 T49.3X6
Wisterine T62.2X1 T62.2X2 T62.2X3 T62.2X4
Witch hazel T49.2X1 T49.2X2 T49.2X3 T49.2X4 T49.2X5 T49.2X6
Wood alcohol or spirit T51.1X1 T51.1X2 T51.1X3 T51.1X4
Wool fat (hydrous) T49.3X1 T49.3X2 T49.3X3 T49.3X4 T49.3X5 T49.3X6
Woorali T48.1X1 T48.1X2 T48.1X3 T48.1X4 T48.1X5 T48.1X6
Wormseed, American T37.4X1 T37.4X2 T37.4X3 T37.4X4 T37.4X5 T37.4X6
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