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ICD-10-CM Drugs Index

There are 4 terms starting with the letter 'Y' in the ICD-10-CM Drugs Index.


term poisoning accidental poisoning intentional self harm poisoning assault poisoning undetermined adverse effect underdosing
Yeast T45.2X1 T45.2X2 T45.2X3 T45.2X4 T45.2X5 T45.2X6
dried T45.2X1 T45.2X2 T45.2X3 T45.2X4 T45.2X5 T45.2X6
fever vaccine T50.B91 T50.B92 T50.B93 T50.B94 T50.B95 T50.B96
jasmine T62.2X1 T62.2X2 T62.2X3 T62.2X4
phenolphthalein T47.2X1 T47.2X2 T47.2X3 T47.2X4 T47.2X5 T47.2X6
Yew T62.2X1 T62.2X2 T62.2X3 T62.2X4
Yohimbic acid T40.991 T40.992 T40.993 T40.994 T40.995 T40.996
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