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ICD-10-CM External Cause Index

There are 20 terms starting with the letter 'B' in the ICD-10-CM External Cause Index.


Barotitis, barodontalgia, barosinusitis, barotrauma (otitic) (sinus) - - see Air, pressure
Battered (baby) (child) (person) (syndrome) X58
Bayonet wound W26.1
Bean in nose T18 - see categories T17 and
Bed set on fire NEC - see Exposure, fire, uncontrolled, building, bed
Beheading (by guillotine)
Bending, injury in
Bends - - see Air, pressure, change
Bite, bitten by
Blast (air) in war operations - see War operations, blast
Blizzard X37.2
Blood alcohol level Y90.9
Blow X58
Blowing up - see Explosion
Brawl (hand) (fists) (foot) Y04.0
Breakage (accidental) (part of)
Bumping against, into (accidentally)
Burn, burned, burning (accidental) (by) (from) (on)
Butted by animal W55.82
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