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ICD-10-CM External Cause Index

There are 16 terms starting with the letter 'M' in the ICD-10-CM External Cause Index.


Malfunction (mechanism or component) (of)
Maltreatment - see Perpetrator
Mangled (accidentally) NOS X58
Manhandling (in brawl, fight) Y04.0
Manslaughter (nonaccidental) - see Assault
Mauled by animal NEC W55.89
Medical procedure, complication of (delayed or as an abnormal reaction without mention of misadventure) - see Complication of or following, by specified type of procedure
Melting (due to fire) - see also Exposure, fire
Mental cruelty X58
Military operations (injuries to military and civilians occuring during peacetime on military property and during routine military exercises and operations) (by) (from) (involving) Y37.90-
Misadventure (s) to patient(s) during surgical or medical care Y69
Mismatched blood in transfusion Y65.0
Motion sickness T75.3
Mountain sickness W94.11
Mudslide (of cataclysmic nature) - see Landslide
Murder (attempt) - see Assault
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