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Perpetrator ICD-10-CM External Cause Index

The ICD-10-CM External Cause Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 27 terms under the parent term 'Perpetrator' in the ICD-10-CM External Cause Index.


See Code: Y07.9

boyfriend Y07.03
brother Y07.410
stepbrother Y07.435
coach Y07.53
female Y07.491
male Y07.490
daycare provider Y07.519
adult care Y07.512
childcare Y07.510
care center
adult care Y07.513
childcare Y07.511
family member NEC Y07.499
father Y07.11
adoptive Y07.13
foster Y07.420
stepfather Y07.430
foster father Y07.420
foster mother Y07.421
girl friend Y07.04
healthcare provider Y07.529
mental health Y07.521
specified NEC Y07.528
husband Y07.01
instructor Y07.53
mother Y07.12
adoptive Y07.14
foster Y07.421
stepmother Y07.433
nonfamily member Y07.50
specified NEC Y07.59
nurse Y07.528
occupational therapist Y07.528
partner of parent
female Y07.434
male Y07.432
physical therapist Y07.528
sister Y07.411
speech therapist Y07.528
stepbrother Y07.435
stepfather Y07.430
stepmother Y07.433
stepsister Y07.436
teacher Y07.53
wife Y07.02
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