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ICD-10-CM Neoplasms Index

There are 10 terms starting with the letter 'D' in the ICD-10-CM Neoplasms Index.


term malignant primary malignant secondary carcinoma in situ benign uncertain behavior unspecified behavior
dermis - see Neoplasm, skin
diaphragm C49.3 C79.89 D21.3 D48.1 D49.2
digestive organs, system, tube, or tract NEC C26.9 C78.89 D01.9 D13.9 D37.9 D49.0
disc, intervertebral C41.2 C79.51 D16.6 D48.0 D49.2
disease, generalized C80.0
disseminated C80.0
Douglas' cul-de-sac or pouch C48.1 C78.6 D20.1 D48.4 D49.0
duodenojejunal junction C17.8 C78.4 D01.49 D13.39 D37.2 D49.0
duodenum C17.0 C78.4 D01.49 D13.2 D37.2 D49.0
dura (cranial) (mater) C70.9 C79.49 D32.9 D42.9 D49.7
cerebral C70.0 C79.32 D32.0 D42.0 D49.7
spinal C70.1 C79.49 D32.1 D42.1 D49.7
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