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0MB Medical and Surgical: Bursae and Ligaments Excision

The ICD-10-PCS contains one code groups starting with the three digits 0MB. These code groups contain procedure codes used to classify Medical and Surgical Excision procedures affecting the Bursae and Ligaments.

PCS codes are broken down into PCS tables, which allow digits 4-7 of a seven-digit PCS code to be chosen based on the value of each digit. On each of the one code tables below, you can select any combination of four digits to calculate a full PCS procedure code (which will be displayed below the table).

Body Part Approach Device Qualifier
PCS Code Builder: 0MB

List of Excision Procedure Codes

There are a total of 168 PCS codes under code 0MB (Excision procedures). These codes are defined in the PCS tables above, and listed in their entirety below.

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