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Body ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 10 terms under the parent term 'Body' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Aschoff's - see Myocarditis, rheumatic
asteroid, vitreous - see Deposit, crystalline
cytoid (retina) - see Occlusion, artery, retina
drusen (degenerative) (macula) (retinal) - see also Degeneration, macula, drusen
optic disc - see Drusen, optic disc
foreign - see Foreign body
joint, except knee - see Loose, body, joint
knee M23.4-
sheath, tendon - see Disorder, tendon, specified type NEC
mass index (BMI)
19 or less Z68.1
20.0-20.9 Z68.20
21.0-21.9 Z68.21
22.0-22.9 Z68.22
23.0-23.9 Z68.23
24.0-24.9 Z68.24
25.0-25.9 Z68.25
26.0-26.9 Z68.26
27.0-27.9 Z68.27
28.0-28.9 Z68.28
29.0-29.9 Z68.29
30.0-30.9 Z68.30
31.0-31.9 Z68.31
32.0-32.9 Z68.32
33.0-33.9 Z68.33
34.0-34.9 Z68.34
35.0-35.9 Z68.35
36.0-36.9 Z68.36
37.0-37.9 Z68.37
38.0-38.9 Z68.38
39.0-39.9 Z68.39
40.0-44.9 Z68.41
45.0-49.9 Z68.42
50.0-59.9 Z68.43
60.0-69.9 Z68.44
70 and over Z68.45
5th percentile to less than 85th percentile for age Z68.52
85th percentile to less than 95th percentile for age Z68.53
greater than or equal to ninety-fifth percentile for age Z68.54
less than fifth percentile for age Z68.51
Mooser's A75.2
rice - see also Loose, body, joint
knee M23.4-
rocking F98.4
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