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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 395 terms starting with the letter 'B' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Baastrup's disease - see Kissing spine
Babesiosis B60.0
Babington's disease (familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) I78.0
Babinski's syndrome A52.79
Bacillary - see condition
Bacilluria N39.0
Bacillus - see also Infection, bacillus
Back - see condition
Backache (postural) M54.9
Backflow - see Reflux
Backward reading (dyslexia) F81.0
Bacteremia R78.81
Bactericholia - see Cholecystitis, acute
Bacterid, bacteride (pustular) L40.3
Bacterium, bacteria, bacterial
Bacteriuria, bacteruria N39.0
Baelz's disease (cheilitis glandularis apostematosa) K13.0
Baerensprung's disease (eczema marginatum) B35.6
Bagasse disease or pneumonitis J67.1
Bagassosis J67.1
Baker's cyst - see Cyst, Baker's
Bakwin-Krida syndrome (craniometaphyseal dysplasia) Q78.5
Balancing side interference M26.56
Balanitis (circinata) (erosiva) (gangrenosa) (phagedenic) (vulgaris) N48.1
Balanoposthitis N47.6
Balanorrhagia - see Balanitis
Balantidiasis, balantidiosis A07.0
Bald tongue K14.4
Baldness - see also Alopecia
Balkan grippe A78
Balloon disease - see Effect, adverse, high altitude
Balo's disease (concentric sclerosis) G37.5
Bamberger-Marie disease - see Osteoarthropathy, hypertrophic, specified type NEC
Bancroft's filariasis B74.0
Band (s)
Bandemia D72.825
Bandl's ring (contraction), complicating delivery O62.4
Bangkok hemorrhagic fever A91
Bang's disease (brucella abortus) A23.1
Bankruptcy, anxiety concerning Z59.8
Bannister's disease T78.3
Banti's disease or syndrome (with cirrhosis) (with portal hypertension) K76.6
Bar, median, prostate - see Enlargement, enlarged, prostate
Barcoo disease or rot - see Ulcer, skin
Barlow's disease E54
Barodontalgia T70.29
Baron Münchausen syndrome - see Disorder, factitious
Barosinusitis T70.1
Barotitis T70.0
Barotrauma T70.29
Barraquer (-Simons) disease or syndrome (progressive lipodystrophy) E88.1
Barré-Guillain disease or syndrome G61.0
Barré-Liéou syndrome (posterior cervical sympathetic) M53.0
Barrel chest M95.4
Bársony (-Polgár) (-Teschendorf) syndrome (corkscrew esophagus) K22.4
Bartholinitis (suppurating) N75.8
Barth syndrome E78.71
Bartonellosis A44.9
Barton's fracture S52.56-
Bartter's syndrome E26.81
Basal - see condition
Basan's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia Q82.4
Baseball finger - see Dislocation, finger
Basedow's disease (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter
Basic - see condition
Basilar - see condition
Bason's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia Q82.4
Basopenia - see Agranulocytosis
Basophilia D72.824
Basophilism (cortico-adrenal) (Cushing's) (pituitary) E24.0
Bassen-Kornzweig disease or syndrome E78.6
Bat ear Q17.5
Bathing cramp T75.1
Bathophobia F40.248
Batten (-Mayou) disease E75.4
Batten-Steinert syndrome G71.11
Battered - see Maltreatment
Battey Mycobacterium infection A31.0
Battle exhaustion F43.0
Battledore placenta O43.19-
Baumgarten-Cruveilhier cirrhosis, disease or syndrome K74.69
Bauxite fibrosis (of lung) J63.1
Bayle's disease (general paresis) A52.17
Bazin's disease (primary) (tuberculous) A18.4
Beach ear - see Swimmer's, ear
Beaded hair (congenital) Q84.1
Béal conjunctivitis or syndrome B30.2
Beard's disease (neurasthenia) F48.8
Beat (s)
Bechterev's syndrome - see Spondylitis, ankylosing
Beck's syndrome (anterior spinal artery occlusion) I65.8
Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome Q87.3
Bed confinement status Z74.01
Bed sore - see Ulcer, pressure, by site
Bedbug bite (s) - see Bite(s), by site, superficial, insect
Bedclothes, asphyxiation or suffocation by - see Asphyxia, traumatic, due to, mechanical, trapped
Bedridden Z74.01
Bedsore - see Ulcer, pressure, by site
Bedwetting - see Enuresis
Bee sting (with allergic or anaphylactic shock) - see Toxicity, venom, arthropod, bee
Beer drinker's heart (disease) I42.6
Begbie's disease (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter
Behçet's disease or syndrome M35.2
Behr's disease - see Degeneration, macula
Beigel's disease or morbus (white piedra) B36.2
Bejel A65
Bekhterev's syndrome - see Spondylitis, ankylosing
Belching - see Eructation
Bence Jones albuminuria or proteinuria NEC R80.3
Bends T70.3
Benedikt's paralysis or syndrome G46.3
Benign - see also condition
Bennett's fracture (displaced) S62.21-
Benson's disease - see Deposit, crystalline
Bereavement (uncomplicated) Z63.4
Bergeron's disease (hysterical chorea) F44.4
Berger's disease - see Nephropathy, IgA
Beriberi (dry) E51.11
Berlin's disease or edema (traumatic) S05.8X-
Berlock (berloque) dermatitis L56.2
Bernard-Horner syndrome G90.2
Bernard-Soulier disease or thrombopathia D69.1
Bernhardt (-Roth) disease - see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, meralgia paresthetica
Bernheim's syndrome - see Failure, heart, congestive
Bertielliasis B71.8
Berylliosis (lung) J63.2
Besnier-Boeck (-Schaumann) disease - see Sarcoidosis
Bestiality F65.89
Best's disease H35.50
Beta-mercaptolactate-cysteine disulfiduria E72.09
Betalipoproteinemia, broad or floating E78.2
Betting and gambling Z72.6
Bezoar T18.9
Bezold's abscess - see Mastoiditis, acute
Bianchi's syndrome R48.8
Bicornate or bicornis uterus Q51.3
Bicuspid aortic valve Q23.1
Biedl-Bardet syndrome Q87.89
Bielschowsky (-Jansky) disease E75.4
Biermer's (pernicious) anemia or disease D51.0
Biett's disease L93.0
Bifid (congenital)
Biforis uterus (suprasimplex) Q51.3
Bifurcation (congenital)
Big spleen syndrome D73.1
Bigeminal pulse R00.8
Bilateral - see condition
Bilharziasis - see also Schistosomiasis
Biliary - see condition
Bilirubin metabolism disorder E80.7
Bilirubinemia, familial nonhemolytic E80.4
Bilirubinuria R82.2
Biliuria R82.2
Bilocular stomach K31.2
Binswanger's disease I67.3
Biparta, bipartite
Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome Q87.89
Birthmark Q82.5
Bisalbuminemia E88.09
Biskra's button B55.1
Bite (s) (animal) (human)
Biting, cheek or lip K13.1
Biventricular failure (heart) I50.9
Björck (-Thorson) syndrome (malignant carcinoid) E34.0
Blackfan-Diamond anemia or syndrome (congenital hypoplastic anemia) D61.01
Blackhead L70.0
Blackout R55
Bladder - see condition
Blast (air) (hydraulic) (immersion) (underwater)
Blastoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Blastomycosis, blastomycotic B40.9
Bleb (s) R23.8
Blebitis, postprocedural H59.40
Bleeder (familial) (hereditary) - see Hemophilia
Bleeding - see also Hemorrhage
Blennorrhagia, blennorrhagic - see Gonorrhea
Blennorrhea (acute) (chronic) - see also Gonorrhea
Blepharelosis - see Entropion
Blepharitis (angularis) (ciliaris) (eyelid) (marginal) (nonulcerative) H01.009
Blepharochalasis H02.30
Blepharoclonus H02.59
Blepharoconjunctivitis H10.50-
Blepharophimosis (eyelid) H02.529
Blepharoptosis H02.40-
Blepharopyorrhea, gonococcal A54.39
Blepharospasm G24.5
Blighted ovum O02.0
Blind - see also Blindness
Blindness (acquired) (congenital) (both eyes) H54.0
Blister (nonthermal)
Bloating R14.0
Bloch-Sulzberger disease or syndrome Q82.3
Block, blocked
Blockage - see Obstruction
Blocq's disease F44.4
Blood-forming organs, disease D75.9
Bloodgood's disease - see Mastopathy, cystic
Bloom (-Machacek)(-Torre) syndrome Q82.8
Blount's disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
Blueness - see Cyanosis
Blues, postpartal O90.6
Blurring, visual H53.8
Blushing (abnormal) (excessive) R23.2
BMI - see Body, mass index
Boarder, hospital NEC Z76.4
Bockhart's impetigo L01.02
Bodechtel-Guttman disease (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis) A81.1
Boder-Sedgwick syndrome (ataxia-telangiectasia) G11.3
Body, bodies
Boerhaave's syndrome (spontaneous esophageal rupture) K22.3
Boil - see also Furuncle, by site
Bold hives - see Urticaria
Bombé, iris - see Membrane, pupillary
Bone - see condition
Bonnevie-Ullrich syndrome Q87.1
Bonnier's syndrome
Bonvale dam fever T73.3
Bony block of joint - see Ankylosis
BOOP (bronchiolitis obliterans organized pneumonia) J84.89
Borna disease A83.9
Bornholm disease B33.0
Boston exanthem A88.0
Botalli, ductus (patent) (persistent) Q25.0
Bothriocephalus latus infestation B70.0
Botulism (foodborne intoxication) A05.1
Bouba - see Yaws
Bouchard's nodes (with arthropathy) M15.2
Bouffée délirante F23
Bouillaud's disease or syndrome (rheumatic heart disease) I01.9
Bourneville's disease Q85.1
Boutonniere deformity (finger) - see Deformity, finger, boutonniere
Bouveret (-Hoffmann) syndrome (paroxysmal tachycardia) I47.9
Bovine heart - see Hypertrophy, cardiac
Bowel - see condition
Bowleg (s) (acquired) M21.16-
Boyd's dysentery A03.2
Brachial - see condition
Brachycardia R00.1
Brachycephaly Q75.0
Bradley's disease A08.19
Bradyarrhythmia, cardiac I49.8
Bradycardia (sinoatrial) (sinus) (vagal) R00.1
Bradykinesia R25.8
Bradypnea R06.89
Bradytachycardia I49.5
Brailsford's disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, radius
Brain - see also condition
Branched-chain amino-acid disorder E71.2
Branchial - see condition
Branchiogenic remnant (in neck) Q18.0
Brandt's syndrome (acrodermatitis enteropathica) E83.2
Brash (water) R12
Bravais-jacksonian epilepsy - see Epilepsy, localization-related, symptomatic, with simple partial seizures
Braxton Hicks contractions - see False, labor
Brazilian leishmaniasis B55.2
Break, retina (without detachment) H33.30-
Breast - see also condition
Breathlessness R06.81
Breda's disease - see Yaws
Breech presentation (mother) O32.1
Breisky's disease N90.4
Brennemann's syndrome I88.0
Bretonneau's disease or angina A36.0
Breus' mole O02.0
Brevicollis Q76.49
Brickmakers' anemia B76.9
Bridge, myocardial Q24.5
Bright red blood per rectum (BRBPR) K62.5
Bright's disease - see also Nephritis
Brill (-Zinsser) disease (recrudescent typhus) A75.1
Brill-Symmers' disease C82.90
Brion-Kayser disease - see Fever, parathyroid
Briquet's disorder or syndrome F45.0
Broad - see also condition
Broad- or floating-betalipoproteinemia E78.2
Brock's syndrome (atelectasis due to enlarged lymph nodes) J98.19
Brocq-Duhring disease (dermatitis herpetiformis) L13.0
Brodie's abscess or disease M86.8X-
Bromhidrosis, bromidrosis L75.0
Bromidism, bromism G92
Bromidrosiphobia F40.298
Bronchi, bronchial - see condition
Bronchiectasis (cylindrical) (diffuse) (fusiform) (localized) (saccular) J47.9
Bronchiolectasis - see Bronchiectasis
Bronchiolitis (acute) (infective) (subacute) J21.9
Bronchitis (diffuse) (fibrinous) (hypostatic) (infective) (membranous) J40
Bronchoalveolitis J18.0
Bronchoaspergillosis B44.1
Bronchocele meaning goiter E04.0
Broncholithiasis J98.09
Bronchomalacia J98.09
Bronchomycosis NOS B49
Bronchopleuropneumonia - see Pneumonia, broncho
Bronchopneumonia - see Pneumonia, broncho
Bronchopneumonitis - see Pneumonia, broncho
Bronchopulmonary - see condition
Bronchopulmonitis - see Pneumonia, broncho
Bronchorrhagia (see Hemoptysis)
Bronchorrhea J98.09
Bronchospasm (acute) J98.01
Bronchospirochetosis A69.8
Bronchostenosis J98.09
Bronchus - see condition
Brontophobia F40.220
Bronze baby syndrome P83.8
Brooke's tumor - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Brown enamel of teeth (hereditary) K00.5
Brown's sheath syndrome H50.61-
Brown-Séquard disease, paralysis or syndrome G83.81
Bruce sepsis A23.0
Brucellosis (infection) A23.9
Bruck-de Lange disease Q87.1
Bruck's disease - see Deformity, limb
Brugsch's syndrome Q82.8
Bruise (skin surface intact) - see also Contusion
Bruit (arterial) R09.89
Brush burn - see Abrasion, by site
Bruton's X-linked agammaglobulinemia D80.0
Bubbly lung syndrome P27.0
Bubo I88.8
Bubonic plague A20.0
Bubonocele - see Hernia, inguinal
Buccal - see condition
Buchanan's disease or osteochondrosis M91.0
Buchem's syndrome (hyperostosis corticalis) M85.2
Bucket-handle fracture or tear (semilunar cartilage) - see Tear, meniscus
Budd-Chiari syndrome (hepatic vein thrombosis) I82.0
Budgerigar fancier's disease or lung J67.2
Buerger's disease (thromboangiitis obliterans) I73.1
Bulbar - see condition
Bulbus cordis (left ventricle) (persistent) Q21.8
Bulimia (nervosa) F50.2
Bulla (e) R23.8
Bullet wound - see also Wound, open
Bunion - see Deformity, toe, hallux valgus
Buphthalmia, buphthalmos (congenital) Q15.0
Burdwan fever B55.0
Bürger-Grütz disease or syndrome E78.3
Burke's syndrome K86.8
Burn (electricity) (flame) (hot gas, liquid or hot object) (radiation) (steam) (thermal) T30.0
Burnett's syndrome E83.52
Burn-out (state) Z73.0
Burns' disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, ulna
Bursa - see condition
Bursitis M71.9
Bursopathy M71.9
Burst stitches or sutures (complication of surgery) T81.31
Buruli ulcer A31.1
Bury's disease L95.1
Busse-Buschke disease B45.3
Buttock - see condition
Buttonhole deformity (finger) - see Deformity, finger, boutonniere
Bwamba fever A92.8
Byssinosis J66.0
Bywaters' syndrome T79.5
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