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Obstruction ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 98 terms under the parent term 'Obstruction' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


airway J98.8
allergic alveolitis J67.9
asthma J45.909
exacerbation (acute) J45.901
status asthmaticus J45.902
bronchiectasis J47.9
exacerbation (acute) J47.1
lower respiratory infection J47.0
bronchitis (chronic) J44.9
emphysema J43.9
chronic J44.9
allergic alveolitis - see Pneumonitis, hypersensitivity
bronchiectasis J47.9
exacerbation (acute) J47.1
lower respiratory infection J47.0
due to
foreign body - see Foreign body, by site, causing asphyxia
inhalation of fumes or vapors J68.9
laryngospasm J38.5
ampulla of Vater K83.1
aortic (heart) (valve) - see Stenosis, aortic
aortoiliac I74.09
aqueduct of Sylvius G91.1
congenital Q03.0
with spina bifida - see Spina bifida, by site, with hydrocephalus
Arnold-Chiari - see Arnold-Chiari disease
artery I74.9 - see also Embolism, artery
basilar (complete) (partial) - see Occlusion, artery, basilar
carotid (complete) (partial) - see Occlusion, artery, carotid
cerebellar - see Occlusion, artery, cerebellar
cerebral (anterior) (middle) (posterior) - see Occlusion, artery, cerebral
precerebral - see Occlusion, artery, precerebral
renal N28.0
retinal NEC - see Occlusion, artery, retina
vertebral (complete) (partial) - see Occlusion, artery, vertebral
band (intestinal) K56.69
bile duct or passage (common) (hepatic) (noncalculous) K83.1
with calculus K80.51
congenital (causing jaundice) Q44.3
biliary (duct) (tract) K83.1
gallbladder K82.0
bladder-neck (acquired) N32.0
congenital Q64.31
due to hyperplasia (hypertrophy) of prostate - see Hyperplasia, prostate
bowel - see Obstruction, intestine
bronchus J98.09
canal, ear - see Stenosis, external ear canal
cardia K22.2
caval veins (inferior) (superior) I87.1
cecum - see Obstruction, intestine
circulatory I99.8
colon - see Obstruction, intestine
common duct (noncalculous) K83.1
coronary (artery) - see Occlusion, coronary
cystic duct - see also Obstruction, gallbladder
with calculus K80.21
device, implant or graft T85.698 - see also Complications, by site and type, mechanical
arterial graft NEC - see Complication, cardiovascular device, mechanical, vascular
catheter NEC T85.628
cystostomy T83.090
dialysis (renal) T82.49
intraperitoneal T85.691
infusion NEC T82.594
spinal (epidural) (subdural) T85.690
urinary, indwelling T83.098
due to infection T85.79
gastrointestinal - see Complications, prosthetic device, mechanical, gastrointestinal device
genital NEC T83.498
intrauterine contraceptive device T83.39
penile prosthesis T83.490
heart NEC - see Complication, cardiovascular device, mechanical
joint prosthesis - see Complications, joint prosthesis, mechanical, specified NEC, by site
orthopedic NEC - see Complication, orthopedic, device, mechanical
specified NEC T85.628
urinary NEC - see also Complication, genitourinary, device, urinary, mechanical
graft T83.29
vascular NEC - see Complication, cardiovascular device, mechanical
ventricular intracranial shunt T85.09
due to foreign body accidentally left in operative wound T81.529
duodenum K31.5
ejaculatory duct N50.8
esophagus K22.2
eustachian tube (complete) (partial) H68.10-
cartilagenous (extrinsic) H68.13-
intrinsic H68.12-
osseous H68.11-
fallopian tube (bilateral) N97.1
fecal K56.41
with hernia - see Hernia, by site, with obstruction
foramen of Monro (congenital) Q03.8
with spina bifida - see Spina bifida, by site, with hydrocephalus
foreign body - see Foreign body
gallbladder K82.0
with calculus, stones K80.21
congenital Q44.1
gastric outlet K31.1
gastrointestinal - see Obstruction, intestine
hepatic K76.89
duct (noncalculous) K83.1
hepatobiliary K83.1
ileum - see Obstruction, intestine
iliofemoral (artery) I74.5
intestine K56.60
adhesions (intestinal) (peritoneal) K56.5
adynamic K56.0
by gallstone K56.3
congenital (small) Q41.9
large Q42.9
specified part NEC Q42.8
neurogenic K56.0
Hirschsprung's disease or megacolon Q43.1
newborn P76.9
due to
fecaliths P76.8
inspissated milk P76.2
meconium (plug) P76.0
in mucoviscidosis E84.11
specified NEC P76.8
postoperative K91.3
reflex K56.0
specified NEC K56.69
volvulus K56.2
intracardiac ball valve prosthesis T82.09
jejunum - see Obstruction, intestine
joint prosthesis - see Complications, joint prosthesis, mechanical, specified NEC, by site
kidney (calices) N28.89
labor - see Delivery
lacrimal (passages) (duct)
dacryolith - see Dacryolith
stenosis - see Stenosis, lacrimal
congenital Q10.5
neonatal H04.53-
lacrimonasal duct - see Obstruction, lacrimal
lacteal, with steatorrhea K90.2
laryngitis - see Laryngitis
larynx NEC J38.6
congenital Q31.8
lung J98.4
disease, chronic J44.9
lymphatic I89.0
meconium (plug)
newborn P76.0
due to fecaliths P76.0
in mucoviscidosis E84.11
mitral - see Stenosis, mitral
nasal J34.89
nasolacrimal duct - see also Obstruction, lacrimal
congenital Q10.5
nasopharynx J39.2
nose J34.89
organ or site, congenital NEC - see Atresia, by site
pancreatic duct K86.8
parotid duct or gland K11.8
pelviureteral junction N13.5
congenital Q62.39
pharynx J39.2
portal (circulation) (vein) I81
prostate - see also Hyperplasia, prostate
valve (urinary) N32.0
pulmonary valve (heart) I37.0
pyelonephritis (chronic) N11.1
adult K31.1
congenital or infantile Q40.0
rectosigmoid - see Obstruction, intestine
rectum K62.4
renal N28.89
outflow N13.8
pelvis, congenital Q62.39
respiratory J98.8
chronic J44.9
retinal (vessels) H34.9
salivary duct (any) K11.8
with calculus K11.5
sigmoid - see Obstruction, intestine
sinus (accessory) (nasal) J34.89
Stensen's duct K11.8
stomach NEC K31.89
acute K31.0
congenital Q40.2
due to pylorospasm K31.3
submandibular duct K11.8
submaxillary gland K11.8
with calculus K11.5
thoracic duct I89.0
thrombotic - see Thrombosis
trachea J39.8
tracheostomy airway J95.03
tricuspid (valve) - see Stenosis, tricuspid
upper respiratory, congenital Q34.8
ureter (functional) (pelvic junction) NEC N13.5
hydronephrosis N13.1
with infection N13.6
pyelonephritis (chronic) N11.1
congenital Q62.39
due to calculus - see Calculus, ureter
urethra NEC N36.8
congenital Q64.39
urinary (moderate) N13.9
due to hyperplasia (hypertrophy) of prostate - see Hyperplasia, prostate
organ or tract (lower) N13.9
prostatic valve N32.0
specified NEC N13.8
uropathy N13.9
uterus N85.8
vagina N89.5
valvular - see Endocarditis
vein, venous I87.1
caval (inferior) (superior) I87.1
thrombotic - see Thrombosis
vena cava (inferior) (superior) I87.1
vesical NEC N32.0
vesicourethral orifice N32.0
congenital Q64.31
vessel NEC I99.8
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