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Deformity ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 226 terms under the parent term 'Deformity' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: Q89.9

abdomen, congenital Q89.9
abdominal wall
acquired M95.8
congenital Q79.59
acquired (unspecified site) M95.9
adrenal gland Q89.1
alimentary tract, congenital Q45.9
upper Q40.9
ankle (joint) (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, lower leg
abduction - see Contraction, joint, ankle
congenital Q68.8
contraction - see Contraction, joint, ankle
specified type NEC - see Deformity, limb, foot, specified NEC
anus (acquired) K62.89
congenital Q43.9
aorta (arch) (congenital) Q25.4
acquired I77.89
arch, acquired I77.89
cusp or valve (congenital) Q23.8
acquired I35.8 - see also Endocarditis, aortic
arm (acquired) (upper) - see also Deformity, limb, upper arm
congenital Q68.8
forearm - see Deformity, limb, forearm
artery (congenital) (peripheral) NOS Q27.9
acquired I77.89
coronary (acquired) I25.9
congenital Q24.5
umbilical Q27.0
atrial septal Q21.1
auditory canal (external) (congenital) - see also Malformation, ear, external
acquired - see Disorder, ear, external, specified type NEC
ear (congenital) - see also Malformation, ear, external
acquired - see Disorder, pinna, deformity
back - see Dorsopathy, deforming
bile duct (common) (congenital) (hepatic) Q44.5
acquired K83.8
biliary duct or passage (congenital) Q44.5
acquired K83.8
bladder (neck) (trigone) (sphincter) (acquired) N32.89
congenital Q64.79
bone (acquired) NOS M95.9
congenital Q79.9
turbinate M95.0
brain (congenital) Q04.9
acquired G93.89
reduction Q04.3
breast (acquired) N64.89
congenital Q83.9
reconstructed N65.0
bronchus (congenital) Q32.4
acquired NEC J98.09
bursa, congenital Q79.9
canaliculi (lacrimalis) (acquired) - see also Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
congenital Q10.6
canthus, acquired - see Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
capillary (acquired) I78.8
cardiovascular system, congenital Q28.9
caruncle, lacrimal (acquired) - see also Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
congenital Q10.6
cascade, stomach K31.2
cecum (congenital) Q43.9
acquired K63.89
cerebral, acquired G93.89
congenital Q04.9
cervix (uterus) (acquired) NEC N88.8
congenital Q51.9
cheek (acquired) M95.2
congenital Q18.9
chest (acquired) (wall) M95.4
congenital Q67.8
sequelae (late effect) of rickets E64.3
chin (acquired) M95.2
congenital Q18.9
choroid (congenital) Q14.3
acquired H31.8
plexus Q07.8
acquired G96.19
cicatricial - see Cicatrix
cilia, acquired - see Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
clavicle (acquired) M95.8
congenital Q68.8
clitoris (congenital) Q52.6
acquired N90.89
clubfoot - see Clubfoot
coccyx (acquired)
colon (congenital) Q43.9
acquired K63.89
concha (ear), congenital - see also Malformation, ear, external
acquired - see Disorder, pinna, deformity
cornea (acquired) H18.70
congenital Q13.4
descemetocele - see Descemetocele
ectasia - see Ectasia, cornea
specified NEC H18.79-
staphyloma - see Staphyloma, cornea
coronary artery (acquired) I25.9
congenital Q24.5
cranium (acquired) - see Deformity, skull
cricoid cartilage (congenital) Q31.8
acquired J38.7
cystic duct (congenital) Q44.5
acquired K82.8
Dandy-Walker Q03.1
with spina bifida - see Spina bifida
diaphragm (congenital) Q79.1
acquired J98.6
digestive organ NOS Q45.9
ductus arteriosus Q25.0
duodenal bulb K31.89
duodenum (congenital) Q43.9
acquired K31.89
dura - see Deformity, meninges
ear (acquired) - see also Disorder, pinna, deformity
congenital (external) Q17.9
internal Q16.5
middle Q16.4
ossicles Q16.3
ossicles Q16.3
ectodermal (congenital) NEC Q84.9
ejaculatory duct (congenital) Q55.4
acquired N50.8
elbow (joint) (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, upper arm
congenital Q68.8
contraction - see Contraction, joint, elbow
endocrine gland NEC Q89.2
epididymis (congenital) Q55.4
acquired N50.8
epiglottis (congenital) Q31.8
acquired J38.7
esophagus (congenital) Q39.9
acquired K22.8
eustachian tube (congenital) NEC Q17.8
eye, congenital Q15.9
eyebrow (congenital) Q18.8
eyelid (acquired) - see also Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
congenital Q10.3
face (acquired) M95.2
congenital Q18.9
fallopian tube, acquired N83.8
femur (acquired) - see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, thigh
with fetopelvic disproportion O33.7
causing obstructed labor O66.3
finger (acquired) M20.00-
boutonniere M20.02-
congenital Q68.1
flexion contracture - see Contraction, joint, hand
mallet finger M20.01-
specified NEC M20.09-
swan-neck M20.03-
flexion (joint) (acquired) M21.20 - see also Deformity, limb, flexion
congenital NOS Q74.9
hip Q65.89
foot (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, lower leg
cavovarus (congenital) Q66.1
congenital NOS Q66.9
specified type NEC Q66.89
specified type NEC - see Deformity, limb, foot, specified NEC
valgus (congenital) Q66.6
acquired - see Deformity, valgus, ankle
varus (congenital) NEC Q66.3
acquired - see Deformity, varus, ankle
forearm (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, forearm
congenital Q68.8
forehead (acquired) M95.2
congenital Q75.8
frontal bone (acquired) M95.2
congenital Q75.8
gallbladder (congenital) Q44.1
acquired K82.8
gastrointestinal tract (congenital) NOS Q45.9
acquired K63.89
genitalia, genital organ (s) or system NEC
female (congenital) Q52.9
acquired N94.89
external Q52.70
male (congenital) Q55.9
acquired N50.8
globe (eye) (congenital) Q15.8
acquired H44.89
gum, acquired NEC K06.8
hand (acquired) - see Deformity, limb, hand
congenital Q68.1
head (acquired) M95.2
congenital Q75.8
heart (congenital) Q24.9
septum Q21.9
auricular Q21.1
ventricular Q21.0
valve (congenital) NEC Q24.8
acquired - see Endocarditis
heel (acquired) - see Deformity, foot
hepatic duct (congenital) Q44.5
acquired K83.8
hip (joint) (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, thigh
congenital Q65.9
due to (previous) juvenile osteochondrosis - see Coxa, plana
flexion - see Contraction, joint, hip
hourglass - see Contraction, hourglass
humerus (acquired) M21.82-
congenital Q74.0
hypophyseal (congenital) Q89.2
ileocecal (coil) (valve) (acquired) K63.89
congenital Q43.9
ileum (congenital) Q43.9
acquired K63.89
ilium (acquired) M95.5
congenital Q74.2
integument (congenital) Q84.9
intervertebral cartilage or disc (acquired) - see Disorder, disc, specified NEC
intestine (large) (small) (congenital) NOS Q43.9
acquired K63.89
intrinsic minus or plus (hand) - see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, forearm
iris (acquired) H21.89
congenital Q13.2
ischium (acquired) M95.5
congenital Q74.2
jaw (acquired) (congenital) M26.9
joint (acquired) NEC M21.90
congenital Q68.8
elbow M21.92-
hand M21.94-
hip M21.95-
knee M21.96-
shoulder M21.92-
wrist M21.93-
kidney (s) (calyx) (pelvis) (congenital) Q63.9
acquired N28.89
artery (congenital) Q27.2
acquired I77.89
Klippel-Feil (brevicollis) Q76.1
knee (acquired) NEC - see also Deformity, limb, lower leg
congenital Q68.2
labium (majus) (minus) (congenital) Q52.79
acquired N90.89
lacrimal passages or duct (congenital) NEC Q10.6
acquired - see Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
larynx (muscle) (congenital) Q31.8
acquired J38.7
web (glottic) Q31.0
leg (upper) (acquired) NEC - see also Deformity, limb, thigh
congenital Q68.8
lower leg - see Deformity, limb, lower leg
lens (acquired) H27.8
congenital Q12.9
lid (fold) (acquired) - see also Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
congenital Q10.3
ligament (acquired) - see Disorder, ligament
congenital Q79.9
limb (acquired) M21.90
clawfoot M21.53-
clawhand M21.51-
clubfoot M21.54-
clubhand M21.52-
congenital, except reduction deformity Q74.9
flat foot M21.4-
flexion M21.20
ankle M21.27-
elbow M21.22-
finger M21.24-
hip M21.25-
knee M21.26-
shoulder M21.21-
toe M21.27-
wrist M21.23-
claw - see Deformity, limb, clawfoot
club - see Deformity, limb, clubfoot
drop M21.37-
flat - see Deformity, limb, flat foot
specified NEC M21.6X-
forearm M21.93-
hand M21.94-
lower leg M21.96-
specified type NEC M21.80
forearm M21.83-
lower leg M21.86-
thigh M21.85-
upper arm M21.82-
thigh M21.95-
unequal length M21.70
short site is
femur M21.75-
fibula M21.76-
humerus M21.72-
radius M21.73-
tibia M21.76-
ulna M21.73-
upper arm M21.92-
valgus - see Deformity, valgus
varus - see Deformity, varus
wrist drop M21.33-
lip (acquired) NEC K13.0
congenital Q38.0
liver (congenital) Q44.7
acquired K76.89
lumbosacral (congenital) (joint) (region) Q76.49
kyphosis - see Kyphosis, congenital
lordosis - see Lordosis, congenital
lung (congenital) Q33.9
acquired J98.4
lymphatic system, congenital Q89.9
Madelung's (radius) Q74.0
mandible (acquired) (congenital) M26.9
maxilla (acquired) (congenital) M26.9
meninges or membrane (congenital) Q07.9
cerebral Q04.8
acquired G96.19
spinal cord (congenital) G96.19
acquired G96.19
metacarpus (acquired) - see Deformity, limb, forearm
congenital Q74.0
metatarsus (acquired) - see Deformity, foot
congenital Q66.9
middle ear (congenital) Q16.4
ossicles Q16.3
mitral (leaflets) (valve) I05.8
parachute Q23.2
stenosis, congenital Q23.2
mouth (acquired) K13.79
congenital Q38.6
multiple, congenital NEC Q89.7
muscle (acquired) M62.89
congenital Q79.9
sternocleidomastoid Q68.0
musculoskeletal system (acquired) M95.9
congenital Q79.9
specified NEC M95.8
nail (acquired) L60.8
congenital Q84.6
nasal - see Deformity, nose
neck (acquired) M95.3
congenital Q18.9
sternocleidomastoid Q68.0
nervous system (congenital) Q07.9
nipple (congenital) Q83.9
acquired N64.89
nose (acquired) (cartilage) M95.0
bone (turbinate) M95.0
congenital Q30.9
bent or squashed Q67.4
saddle M95.0
syphilitic A50.57
septum (acquired) J34.2
congenital Q30.8
sinus (wall) (congenital) Q30.8
acquired M95.0
syphilitic (congenital) A50.57
late A52.73
ocular muscle (congenital) Q10.3
acquired - see Strabismus, mechanical
opticociliary vessels (congenital) Q13.2
orbit (eye) (acquired) H05.30
atrophy - see Atrophy, orbit
congenital Q10.7
due to
bone disease NEC H05.32-
trauma or surgery H05.33-
enlargement - see Enlargement, orbit
exostosis - see Exostosis, orbit
organ of Corti (congenital) Q16.5
ovary (congenital) Q50.39
acquired N83.8
oviduct, acquired N83.8
palate (congenital) Q38.5
acquired M27.8
cleft (congenital) - see Cleft, palate
pancreas (congenital) Q45.3
acquired K86.8
parathyroid (gland) Q89.2
parotid (gland) (congenital) Q38.4
acquired K11.8
patella (acquired) - see Disorder, patella, specified NEC
pelvis, pelvic (acquired) (bony) M95.5
with disproportion (fetopelvic) O33.0
causing obstructed labor O65.0
congenital Q74.2
rachitic sequelae (late effect) E64.3
penis (glans) (congenital) Q55.69
acquired N48.89
pericardium (congenital) Q24.8
acquired - see Pericarditis
pharynx (congenital) Q38.8
acquired J39.2
pinna, acquired - see also Disorder, pinna, deformity
congenital Q17.9
pituitary (congenital) Q89.2
posture - see Dorsopathy, deforming
prepuce (congenital) Q55.69
acquired N47.8
prostate (congenital) Q55.4
acquired N42.89
pupil (congenital) Q13.2
acquired - see Abnormality, pupillary
pylorus (congenital) Q40.3
acquired K31.89
rachitic (acquired), old or healed E64.3
radius (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, forearm
congenital Q68.8
rectum (congenital) Q43.9
acquired K62.89
reduction (extremity) (limb), congenital Q73.8 - see also condition and site
brain Q04.3
lower - see Defect, reduction, lower limb
upper - see Defect, reduction, upper limb
renal - see Deformity, kidney
respiratory system (congenital) Q34.9
rib (acquired) M95.4
congenital Q76.6
cervical Q76.5
rotation (joint) (acquired) - see Deformity, limb, specified site NEC
congenital Q74.9
hip - see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, thigh
congenital Q65.89
sacroiliac joint (congenital) Q74.2
sacrum (acquired)
back - see Lordosis
nose M95.0
syphilitic A50.57
salivary gland or duct (congenital) Q38.4
acquired K11.8
scapula (acquired) M95.8
congenital Q68.8
scrotum (congenital) - see also Malformation, testis and scrotum
acquired N50.8
seminal vesicles (congenital) Q55.4
acquired N50.8
septum, nasal (acquired) J34.2
shoulder (joint) (acquired) - see Deformity, limb, upper arm
congenital Q74.0
contraction - see Contraction, joint, shoulder
sigmoid (flexure) (congenital) Q43.9
acquired K63.89
skin (congenital) Q82.9
skull (acquired) M95.2
congenital Q75.8
anencephaly Q00.0
encephalocele - see Encephalocele
hydrocephalus Q03.9
with spina bifida - see Spina bifida, by site, with hydrocephalus
microcephaly Q02
soft parts, organs or tissues (of pelvis)
in pregnancy or childbirth NEC O34.8-
causing obstructed labor O65.5
spermatic cord (congenital) Q55.4
acquired N50.8
torsion - see Torsion, spermatic cord
spinal - see Dorsopathy, deforming
column (acquired) - see Dorsopathy, deforming
congenital Q67.5
cord (congenital) Q06.9
acquired G95.89
nerve root (congenital) Q07.9
spine (acquired) - see also Dorsopathy, deforming
congenital Q67.5
rachitic E64.3
specified NEC - see Dorsopathy, deforming, specified NEC
acquired D73.89
congenital Q89.09
Sprengel's (congenital) Q74.0
sternocleidomastoid (muscle), congenital Q68.0
sternum (acquired) M95.4
congenital NEC Q76.7
stomach (congenital) Q40.3
acquired K31.89
submandibular gland (congenital) Q38.4
submaxillary gland (congenital) Q38.4
acquired K11.8
talipes - see Talipes
testis (congenital) - see also Malformation, testis and scrotum
acquired N44.8
torsion - see Torsion, testis
thigh (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, thigh
congenital NEC Q68.8
thorax (acquired) (wall) M95.4
congenital Q67.8
sequelae of rickets E64.3
thumb (acquired) - see also Deformity, finger
congenital NEC Q68.1
thymus (tissue) (congenital) Q89.2
thyroid (gland) (congenital) Q89.2
cartilage Q31.8
acquired J38.7
tibia (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, lower leg
congenital NEC Q68.8
saber (syphilitic) A50.56
toe (acquired) M20.6-
congenital Q66.9
hallux rigidus M20.2-
hallux valgus M20.1-
hallux varus M20.3-
hammer toe M20.4-
specified NEC M20.5X-
tongue (congenital) Q38.3
acquired K14.8
tooth, teeth K00.2
trachea (rings) (congenital) Q32.1
acquired J39.8
transverse aortic arch (congenital) Q25.4
tricuspid (leaflets) (valve) I07.8
atresia or stenosis Q22.4
Ebstein's Q22.5
trunk (acquired) M95.8
congenital Q89.9
ulna (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, forearm
congenital NEC Q68.8
urachus, congenital Q64.4
ureter (opening) (congenital) Q62.8
acquired N28.89
urethra (congenital) Q64.79
acquired N36.8
urinary tract (congenital) Q64.9
urachus Q64.4
uterus (congenital) Q51.9
acquired N85.8
uvula (congenital) Q38.5
vagina (acquired) N89.8
congenital Q52.4
valgus NEC M21.00
ankle M21.07-
elbow M21.02-
hip M21.05-
knee M21.06-
valve, valvular (congenital) (heart) Q24.8
acquired - see Endocarditis
varus NEC M21.10
ankle M21.17-
elbow M21.12-
hip M21.15
knee M21.16-
tibia - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
vas deferens (congenital) Q55.4
acquired N50.8
vein (congenital) Q27.9
great Q26.9
vertebra - see Dorsopathy, deforming
vertical talus (congenital) Q66.80
left foot Q66.82
right foot Q66.81
vesicourethral orifice (acquired) N32.89
congenital NEC Q64.79
vessels of optic papilla (congenital) Q14.2
visual field (contraction) - see Defect, visual field
vitreous body, acquired H43.89
vulva (congenital) Q52.79
acquired N90.89
wrist (joint) (acquired) - see also Deformity, limb, forearm
congenital Q68.8
contraction - see Contraction, joint, wrist
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