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Contraction ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 54 terms under the parent term 'Contraction' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Achilles tendon - see also Short, tendon, Achilles
congenital Q66.89
amputation stump (surgical) (flexion) (late) (next proximal joint) T87.89
anus K59.8
bile duct (common) (hepatic) K83.8
bladder N32.89
neck or sphincter N32.0
bowel, cecum, colon or intestine, any part - see Obstruction, intestine
Braxton Hicks - see False, labor
breast implant, capsular T85.44
bronchial J98.09
burn (old) - see Cicatrix
cervix - see Stricture, cervix
cicatricial - see Cicatrix
conjunctiva, trachomatous, active A71.1
sequelae (late effect) B94.0
Dupuytren's M72.0
eyelid - see Disorder, eyelid function
fascia (lata) (postural) M72.8
Dupuytren's M72.0
palmar M72.0
plantar M72.2
finger NEC - see also Deformity, finger
congenital Q68.1
joint - see Contraction, joint, hand
flaccid - see Contraction, paralytic
gallbladder K82.0
heart valve - see Endocarditis
hip - see Contraction, joint, hip
bladder N32.89
congenital Q64.79
gallbladder K82.0
congenital Q44.1
stomach K31.89
congenital Q40.2
psychogenic F45.8
uterus (complicating delivery) O62.4
hysterical F44.4
internal os - see Stricture, cervix
joint (abduction) (acquired) (adduction) (flexion) (rotation) M24.50
ankle M24.57-
congenital NEC Q68.8
hip Q65.89
elbow M24.52-
foot joint M24.57-
hand joint M24.54-
hip M24.55-
congenital Q65.89
hysterical F44.4
knee M24.56-
shoulder M24.51-
wrist M24.53-
kidney (granular) (secondary) N26.9
congenital Q63.8
hydronephritic - see Hydronephrosis
Page N26.2
pyelonephritic - see Pyelitis, chronic
tuberculous A18.11
ligament - see also Disorder, ligament
congenital Q79.8
muscle (postinfective) (postural) NEC M62.40
with contracture of joint - see Contraction, joint
ankle M62.47-
congenital Q79.8
sternocleidomastoid Q68.0
extraocular - see Strabismus
eye (extrinsic) - see Strabismus
foot M62.47-
forearm M62.43-
hand M62.44-
hysterical F44.4
ischemic (Volkmann's) T79.6
lower leg M62.46-
multiple sites M62.49
pelvic region M62.45-
posttraumatic - see Strabismus, paralytic
psychogenic F45.8
conversion reaction F44.4
shoulder region M62.41-
specified site NEC M62.48
thigh M62.45-
upper arm M62.42-
neck - see Torticollis
ocular muscle - see Strabismus
organ or site, congenital NEC - see Atresia, by site
outlet (pelvis) - see Contraction, pelvis
palmar fascia M72.0
joint - see Contraction, joint
muscle - see also Contraction, muscle NEC
ocular - see Strabismus, paralytic
pelvis (acquired) (general) M95.5
with disproportion (fetopelvic) O33.1
causing obstructed labor O65.1
inlet O33.2
mid-cavity O33.3
outlet O33.3
plantar fascia M72.2
atrium I49.1
auriculoventricular I49.49
heart I49.49
junctional I49.2
supraventricular I49.1
ventricular I49.3
prostate N42.89
pylorus NEC - see also Pylorospasm
psychogenic F45.8
rectum, rectal (sphincter) K59.8
ring (Bandl's) (complicating delivery) O62.4
scar - see Cicatrix
spine - see Dorsopathy, deforming
sternocleidomastoid (muscle), congenital Q68.0
stomach K31.89
hourglass K31.89
congenital Q40.2
psychogenic F45.8
psychogenic F45.8
tendon (sheath) M62.40
with contracture of joint - see Contraction, joint
Achilles - see Short, tendon, Achilles
ankle M62.47-
Achilles - see Short, tendon, Achilles
foot M62.47-
forearm M62.43-
hand M62.44-
lower leg M62.46-
multiple sites M62.49
neck M62.48
pelvic region M62.45-
shoulder region M62.41-
specified site NEC M62.48
thigh M62.45-
thorax M62.48
trunk M62.48
upper arm M62.42-
toe - see Deformity, toe, specified NEC
ureterovesical orifice (postinfectional) N13.5
with infection N13.6
urethra - see also Stricture, urethra
orifice N32.0
uterus N85.8
abnormal NEC O62.9
clonic (complicating delivery) O62.4
dyscoordinate (complicating delivery) O62.4
hourglass (complicating delivery) O62.4
hypertonic O62.4
hypotonic NEC O62.2
primary O62.0
secondary O62.1
incoordinate (complicating delivery) O62.4
poor O62.2
tetanic (complicating delivery) O62.4
vagina (outlet) N89.5
vesical N32.89
neck or urethral orifice N32.0
visual field - see Defect, visual field, generalized
Volkmann's (ischemic) T79.6
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