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Stricture ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 89 terms under the parent term 'Stricture' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.

Stricture - see also Stenosis

ampulla of Vater K83.1
anus (sphincter) K62.4
congenital Q42.3
with fistula Q42.2
infantile Q42.3
with fistula Q42.2
aorta (ascending) (congenital) Q25.3
arteriosclerotic I70.0
calcified I70.0
supravalvular, congenital Q25.3
aortic (valve) - see Stenosis, aortic
aqueduct of Sylvius (congenital) Q03.0
with spina bifida - see Spina bifida, by site, with hydrocephalus
acquired G91.1
artery I77.1
basilar - see Occlusion, artery, basilar
carotid - see Occlusion, artery, carotid
celiac I77.4
congenital (peripheral) Q27.8
cerebral Q28.3
coronary Q24.5
digestive system Q27.8
lower limb Q27.8
retinal Q14.1
specified site NEC Q27.8
umbilical Q27.0
upper limb Q27.8
coronary - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
congenital Q24.5
precerebral - see Occlusion, artery, precerebral
pulmonary (congenital) Q25.6
acquired I28.8
renal I70.1
vertebral - see Occlusion, artery, vertebral
auditory canal (external) (congenital)
acquired - see Stenosis, external ear canal
bile duct (common) (hepatic) K83.1
congenital Q44.3
postoperative K91.89
bladder N32.89
neck N32.0
bowel - see Obstruction, intestine
brain G93.89
bronchus J98.09
congenital Q32.3
syphilitic A52.72
cardia (stomach) K22.2
congenital Q39.3
cardiac - see also Disease, heart
orifice (stomach) K22.2
cecum - see Obstruction, intestine
cervix, cervical (canal) N88.2
congenital Q51.828
in pregnancy - see Pregnancy, complicated by, abnormal cervix
causing obstructed labor O65.5
colon - see also Obstruction, intestine
congenital Q42.9
specified NEC Q42.8
colostomy K94.03
common (bile) duct K83.1
coronary (artery) - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
cystic duct - see Obstruction, gallbladder
digestive organs NEC, congenital Q45.8
duodenum K31.5
congenital Q41.0
ear canal (external) (congenital) Q16.1
acquired - see Stricture, auditory canal, acquired
ejaculatory duct N50.8
enterostomy K94.13
esophagus K22.2
congenital Q39.3
syphilitic A52.79
congenital A50.59
eustachian tube - see also Obstruction, eustachian tube
congenital Q17.8
fallopian tube N97.1
gonococcal A54.24
tuberculous A18.17
gallbladder - see Obstruction, gallbladder
glottis J38.6
heart - see also Disease, heart
valve I38 - see also Endocarditis
aortic Q23.0
mitral Q23.4
pulmonary Q22.1
tricuspid Q22.4
hepatic duct K83.1
hourglass, of stomach K31.2
hymen N89.6
hypopharynx J39.2
ileum K56.69
congenital Q41.2
intestine - see also Obstruction, intestine
congenital (small) Q41.9
large Q42.9
specified NEC Q42.8
specified NEC Q41.8
ischemic K55.1
jejunum K56.69
congenital Q41.1
lacrimal passages - see also Stenosis, lacrimal
congenital Q10.5
larynx J38.6
congenital NEC Q31.8
subglottic Q31.1
syphilitic A52.73
congenital A50.59
ear (congenital) Q16.1
acquired - see Stricture, auditory canal, acquired
osseous (ear) (congenital) Q16.1
acquired - see Stricture, auditory canal, acquired
urinarius - see also Stricture, urethra
congenital Q64.33
mitral (valve) - see Stenosis, mitral
myocardium, myocardial I51.5
hypertrophic subaortic (idiopathic) I42.1
nares (anterior) (posterior) J34.89
congenital Q30.0
nasal duct - see also Stenosis, lacrimal, duct
congenital Q10.5
nasolacrimal duct - see also Stenosis, lacrimal, duct
congenital Q10.5
nasopharynx J39.2
syphilitic A52.73
nose J34.89
congenital Q30.0
nostril (anterior) (posterior) J34.89
congenital Q30.0
syphilitic A52.73
congenital A50.59
organ or site, congenital NEC - see Atresia, by site
os uteri - see Stricture, cervix
osseous meatus (ear) (congenital) Q16.1
acquired - see Stricture, auditory canal, acquired
oviduct - see Stricture, fallopian tube
pelviureteric junction (congenital) Q62.11
penis, by foreign body T19.4
pharynx J39.2
prostate N42.89
pulmonary, pulmonic
artery (congenital) Q25.6
acquired I28.8
noncongenital I28.8
infundibulum (congenital) Q24.3
valve I37.0
congenital Q22.1
vein, acquired I28.8
vessel NEC I28.8
punctum lacrimale - see also Stenosis, lacrimal, punctum
congenital Q10.5
pylorus (hypertrophic) K31.1
adult K31.1
congenital Q40.0
infantile Q40.0
rectosigmoid K56.69
rectum (sphincter) K62.4
congenital Q42.1
with fistula Q42.0
due to
chlamydial lymphogranuloma A55
irradiation K91.89
lymphogranuloma venereum A55
gonococcal A54.6
inflammatory (chlamydial) A55
syphilitic A52.74
tuberculous A18.32
renal artery I70.1
congenital Q27.1
salivary duct or gland (any) K11.8
sigmoid (flexure) - see Obstruction, intestine
spermatic cord N50.8
stoma (following) (of)
colostomy K94.03
enterostomy K94.13
gastrostomy K94.23
ileostomy K94.13
tracheostomy J95.03
stomach K31.89
congenital Q40.2
hourglass K31.2
subaortic Q24.4
hypertrophic (acquired) (idiopathic) I42.1
subglottic J38.6
syphilitic NEC A52.79
trachea J39.8
congenital Q32.1
syphilitic A52.73
tuberculous NEC A15.5
tracheostomy J95.03
tricuspid (valve) - see Stenosis, tricuspid
tunica vaginalis N50.8
ureter (postoperative) N13.5
hydronephrosis N13.1
with infection N13.6
pyelonephritis (chronic) N11.1
congenital - see Atresia, ureter
tuberculous A18.11
ureteropelvic junction (congenital) Q62.11
ureterovesical orifice N13.5
with infection N13.6
urethra (organic) (spasmodic) N35.9
associated with schistosomiasis B65.0
congenital Q64.39
valvular (posterior) Q64.2
due to
infection - see Stricture, urethra, postinfective
trauma - see Stricture, urethra, post-traumatic
gonococcal, gonorrheal A54.01
infective NEC - see Stricture, urethra, postinfective
late effect (sequelae) of injury - see Stricture, urethra, post-traumatic
postcatheterization - see Stricture, urethra, postprocedural
postinfective NEC
female N35.12
male N35.119
anterior urethra N35.114
bulbous urethra N35.112
meatal N35.111
membranous urethra N35.113
postobstetric N35.021
postoperative - see Stricture, urethra, postprocedural
female N99.12
male N99.114
anterior urethra N99.113
bulbous urethra N99.111
meatal N99.110
membranous urethra N99.112
female N35.028
due to childbirth N35.021
male N35.014
anterior urethra N35.013
bulbous urethra N35.011
meatal N35.010
membranous urethra N35.012
sequela (late effect) of
childbirth N35.021
injury - see Stricture, urethra, post-traumatic
specified cause NEC N35.8
syphilitic A52.76
traumatic - see Stricture, urethra, post-traumatic
valvular (posterior), congenital Q64.2
urinary meatus - see Stricture, urethra
uterus, uterine (synechiae) N85.6
os (external) (internal) - see Stricture, cervix
vagina (outlet) - see Stenosis, vagina
valve (cardiac) (heart) - see also Endocarditis
aortic Q23.0
mitral Q23.2
pulmonary Q22.1
tricuspid Q22.4
vas deferens N50.8
congenital Q55.4
vein I87.1
vena cava (inferior) (superior) NEC I87.1
congenital Q26.0
vesicourethral orifice N32.0
congenital Q64.31
vulva (acquired) N90.5
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