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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 684 terms starting with the letter 'S' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Saber, sabre shin or tibia (syphilitic) A50.56
Sac lacrimal - see condition
Saccharomyces infection B37.9
Saccharopinuria E72.3
Saccular - see condition
Sachs' amaurotic familial idiocy or disease E75.02
Sachs-Tay disease E75.02
Sacks-Libman disease M32.11
Sacralgia M53.3
Sacralization Q76.49
Sacrodynia M53.3
Sacroiliac joint - see condition
Sacroiliitis NEC M46.1
Sacrum - see condition
Sadism (sexual) F65.52
Sadness, postpartal O90.6
Sadomasochism F65.50
Saemisch's ulcer (cornea) - see Ulcer, cornea, central
Sahib disease B55.0
Sailors' skin L57.8
Salivary duct or gland - see condition
Salivation, excessive K11.7
Salmonella - see Infection, Salmonella
Salmonellosis A02.0
Salpingitis (catarrhal) (fallopian tube) (nodular) (pseudofollicular) (purulent) (septic) N70.91
Salpingocele N83.4
Salpingo-oophoritis (catarrhal) (purulent) (ruptured) (septic) (suppurative) N70.93
Salpingo-ovaritis - see Salpingo-oophoritis
Salpingoperitonitis - see Salpingo-oophoritis
Salzmann's nodular dystrophy - see Degeneration, cornea, nodular
Sampson's cyst or tumor N80.1
San Joaquin (Valley) fever B38.0
Sandblaster's asthma, lung or pneumoconiosis J62.8
Sander's disease (paranoia) F22
Sandfly fever A93.1
Sandhoff's disease E75.01
Sanfilippo (Type B) (Type C) (Type D) syndrome E76.22
Sanger-Brown ataxia G11.2
Sao Paulo fever or typhus A77.0
Saponification, mesenteric K65.8
Sarcocele (benign)
Sarcocystosis A07.8
Sarcoepiplocele - see Hernia
Sarcoepiplomphalocele Q79.2
Sarcoid - see also Sarcoidosis
Sarcoidosis D86.9
Sarcoma (of) - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Sarcosinemia E72.59
Sarcosporidiosis (intestinal) A07.8
Satiety, early R68.81
Saturnine - see condition
Satyriasis F52.8
Sauriasis - see Ichthyosis
SBE (subacute bacterial endocarditis) I33.0
Scabs R23.4
Scabies (any site) B86
Scaglietti-Dagnini syndrome E22.0
Scald - see Burn
Scalenus anticus (anterior) syndrome G54.0
Scales R23.4
Scaling, skin R23.4
Scalp - see condition
Scapegoating affecting child Z62.3
Scaphocephaly Q75.0
Scapulalgia M89.8X1
Scapulohumeral myopathy G71.0
Scar, scarring L90.5 - see also Cicatrix
Scarabiasis B88.2
Scarlatina (anginosa) (maligna) (ulcerosa) A38.9
Scarlet fever (albuminuria) (angina) A38.9
Schamberg's disease (progressive pigmentary dermatosis) L81.7
Schatzki's ring (acquired) (esophagus) (lower) K22.2
Schaufenster krankheit I20.8
Scheie's syndrome E76.03
Schenck's disease B42.1
Scheuermann's disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, spine
Schilder (-Flatau) disease G37.0
Schilling-type monocytic leukemia C93.0-
Schimmelbusch's disease, cystic mastitis, or hyperplasia - see Mastopathy, cystic
Schistosoma infestation - see Infestation, Schistosoma
Schistosomiasis B65.9
Schizencephaly Q04.6
Schizoaffective psychosis F25.9
Schizodontia K00.2
Schizoid personality F60.1
Schizophrenia, schizophrenic F20.9
Schizothymia (persistent) F60.1
Schlatter-Osgood disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
Schlatter's tibia - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tibia
Schmidt's syndrome (polyglandular, autoimmune) E31.0
Schmincke's carcinoma or tumor - see Neoplasm, nasopharynx, malignant
Schmitz (-Stutzer) dysentery A03.0
Schmorl's disease or nodes
Scholte's syndrome (malignant carcinoid) E34.0
Scholz (-Bielchowsky-Henneberg) disease or syndrome E75.25
Schönlein (-Henoch) disease or purpura (primary) (rheumatic) D69.0
Schottmuller's disease A01.4
Schroeder's syndrome (endocrine hypertensive) E27.0
Schüller-Christian disease or syndrome C96.5
Schultze's type acroparesthesia, simple I73.89
Schultz's disease or syndrome - see Agranulocytosis
Schwalbe-Ziehen-Oppenheim disease G24.1
Schwannoma - see also Neoplasm, nerve, benign
Schwannomatosis Q85.03
Schwartz (-Jampel) syndrome G71.13
Schwartz-Bartter syndrome E22.2
Schweniger-Buzzi anetoderma L90.1
Sciatic - see condition
Sciatica (infective)
Scimitar syndrome Q26.8
Sclera - see condition
Sclerectasia H15.84-
Sclerema (adiposum) (edematosum) (neonatorum) (newborn) P83.0
Scleriasis - see Scleroderma
Scleritis H15.00-
Sclerochoroiditis H31.8
Scleroconjunctivitis - see Scleritis
Sclerocystic ovary syndrome E28.2
Sclerodactyly, sclerodactylia L94.3
Scleroderma, sclerodermia (acrosclerotic) (diffuse) (generalized) (progressive) (pulmonary) M34.9- - see also Sclerosis, systemic
Sclerokeratitis H16.8
Scleroma nasi A48.8
Scleromalacia (perforans) H15.05-
Scleromyxedema L98.5
Sclérose en plaques G35
Sclerosis, sclerotic
Scoliosis (acquired) (postural) M41.9
Scoliotic pelvis
Scorbutus, scorbutic - see also Scurvy
Scotoma (arcuate) (Bjerrum) (central) (ring) - see also Defect, visual field, localized, scotoma
Scratch - see Abrasion
Scratchy throat R09.89
Screening (for) Z13.9
Scrofula, scrofulosis (tuberculosis of cervical lymph glands) A18.2
Scrofulide (primary) (tuberculous) A18.4
Scrofuloderma, scrofulodermia (any site) (primary) A18.4
Scrofulosus lichen (primary) (tuberculous) A18.4
Scrofulous - see condition
Scrotal tongue K14.5
Scrotum - see condition
Scurvy, scorbutic E54
Sealpox B08.62
Seasickness T75.3
Seatworm (infection) (infestation) B80
Sebaceous - see also condition
Seborrhea, seborrheic L21.9
Seckel's syndrome Q87.1
Seclusion, pupil - see Membrane, pupillary
Second hand tobacco smoke exposure (acute) (chronic) Z77.22
Segmentation, incomplete (congenital) - see also Fusion
Seitelberger's syndrome (infantile neuraxonal dystrophy) G31.89
Seizure (s) R56.9 - see also Convulsions
Selenium deficiency, dietary E59
Self-damaging behavior (life-style) Z72.89
Self-harm (attempted)
Self-mutilation (attempted)
Semicoma R40.1
Seminal vesiculitis N49.0
Seminoma C62.9-
Senear-Usher disease or syndrome L10.4
Senectus R54
Senescence (without mention of psychosis) R54
Senile, senility R41.81 - see also condition
Sense loss
Sensibility disturbance (cortical) (deep) (vibratory) R20.9
Sensitive, sensitivity - see also Allergy
Sensitiver Beziehungswahn F22
Sensitization, auto-erythrocytic D69.2
Sepsis (generalized) (unspecified organism) A41.9
Septate - see Septum
Septic - see condition
Septicemia A41.9
Septum, septate (congenital) - see also Anomaly, by site
Sequelae (of) - see also condition
Sequestration - see also Sequestrum
Sequoiosis lung or pneumonitis J67.8
Serology for syphilis
Seroma - see also Hematoma
Seropurulent - see condition
Serositis, multiple K65.8
Serous - see condition
Sertoli cell
Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor - see Neoplasm, benign, by site
Sesamoiditis M25.8-
Sever's disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tarsus
Severe sepsis R65.20
Sextuplet pregnancy - see Pregnancy, sextuplet
Sexuality, pathologic - see Deviation, sexual
Sézary disease C84.1-
Shadow, lung R91.8
Shaking palsy or paralysis - see Parkinsonism
Shallowness, acetabulum - see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC, hip
Shaver's disease J63.1
Sheath (tendon) - see condition
Sheathing, retinal vessels H35.01-
Sheehan's disease or syndrome E23.0
Shelf, rectal K62.89
Shell teeth K00.5
Shellshock (current) F43.0
Shield kidney Q63.1
Shifting sleep-work schedule (affecting sleep) G47.26
Shiga (-Kruse) dysentery A03.0
Shiga's bacillus A03.0
Shigella (dysentery) - see Dysentery, bacillary
Shigellosis A03.9
Shin splints S86.89
Shingles - see Herpes, zoster
Shipyard disease or eye B30.0
Shirodkar suture, in pregnancy - see Pregnancy, complicated by, incompetent cervix
Shock R57.9
Shoemaker's chest M95.4
Short, shortening, shortness
Shortsightedness - see Myopia
Shoshin (acute fulminating beriberi) E51.11
Shoulder - see condition
Shovel-shaped incisors K00.2
Shower, thromboembolic - see Embolism
Shutdown, renal N28.9
Shy-Drager syndrome G90.3
Sialadenitis, sialadenosis (any gland) (chronic) (periodic) (suppurative) - see Sialoadenitis
Sialectasia K11.8
Sialidosis E77.1
Sialitis, silitis (any gland) (chronic) (suppurative) - see Sialoadenitis
Sialoadenitis (any gland) (periodic) (suppurative) K11.20
Sialoadenopathy K11.9
Sialoangitis - see Sialoadenitis
Sialodochitis (fibrinosa) - see Sialoadenitis
Sialodocholithiasis K11.5
Sialolithiasis K11.5
Sialometaplasia, necrotizing K11.8
Sialorrhea - see also Ptyalism
Sialosis K11.7
Siamese twin Q89.4
Sibling rivalry Z62.891
Sicard's syndrome G52.7
Sicca syndrome M35.00
Sick R69
Sick-euthyroid syndrome E07.81
Sicklemia - see also Disease, sickle-cell
Sideropenia - see Anemia, iron deficiency
Siderosilicosis J62.8
Siderosis (lung) J63.4
Siemens' syndrome (ectodermal dysplasia) Q82.8
Sighing R06.89
Sigmoid - see also condition
Sigmoiditis K52.9 - see also Enteritis
Silfversköld's syndrome Q78.9
Silicosiderosis J62.8
Silicosis, silicotic (simple) (complicated) J62.8
Silicotuberculosis J65
Silo-fillers' disease J68.8
Silver's syndrome Q87.1
Simian malaria B53.1
Simmonds' cachexia or disease E23.0
Simons' disease or syndrome (progressive lipodystrophy) E88.1
Simple, simplex - see condition
Simulation, conscious (of illness) Z76.5
Simultanagnosia (asimultagnosia) R48.3
Sin Nombre virus disease (Hantavirus) (cardio)-pulmonary syndrome) B33.4
Sinding-Larsen disease or osteochondrosis - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, patella
Singapore hemorrhagic fever A91
Singer's node or nodule J38.2
Singultus R06.6
Sinus - see also Fistula
Sinusitis (accessory) (chronic) (hyperplastic) (nasal) (nonpurulent) (purulent) J32.9
Sinusitis-bronchiectasis-situs inversus (syndrome) (triad) Q89.3
Sipple's syndrome E31.22
Sirenomelia (syndrome) Q87.2
Siriasis T67.0
Sirkari's disease B55.0
Siti A65
Situation, psychiatric F99
Situs inversus or transversus (abdominalis) (thoracis) Q89.3
Sixth disease B08.20
Sjögren-Larsson syndrome Q87.1
Sjögren's syndrome or disease - see Sicca syndrome
Skeletal - see condition
Skene's gland - see condition
Skenitis - see Urethritis
Skerljevo A65
Skevas-Zerfus disease - see Toxicity, venom, marine animal, sea anemone
Skin - see also condition
Slate-dressers' or slate-miners' lung J62.8
Sleep hygiene
Sleeping sickness - see Sickness, sleeping
Sleeplessness - see Insomnia
Sleep-wake schedule disorder G47.20
Slim disease (in HIV infection) B20
Slipped, slipping
Slocumb's syndrome E27.0
Sloughing (multiple) (phagedena) (skin) - see also Gangrene
Slowing, urinary stream R39.19
Sluder's neuralgia (syndrome) G44.89
Slurred, slurring speech R47.81
Small (ness)
Small-and-light-for-dates - see Small for dates
Small-for-dates (infant) P05.10
Smallpox B03
Smearing, fecal R15.1
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome E78.72
Smith's fracture S52.54-
Smoker - see Dependence, drug, nicotine
Smothering spells R06.81
Snaggle teeth, tooth M26.39
Sneddon-Wilkinson disease or syndrome (sub-corneal pustular dermatosis) L13.1
Sneezing (intractable) R06.7
Snoring R06.83
Snow blindness - see Photokeratitis
Snuffles (non-syphilitic) R06.5
Sodoku A25.0
Soemmerring's ring - see Cataract, secondary
Soft - see also condition
Solvent abuse - see Abuse, drug, inhalant
Somatization reaction, somatic reaction - see Disorder, somatoform
Somnambulism F51.3
Somnolence R40.0
Sonne dysentery A03.3
Soor B37.0
Soto's syndrome (cerebral gigantism) Q87.3
South African cardiomyopathy syndrome I42.8
Southeast Asian hemorrhagic fever A91
Spade-like hand (congenital) Q68.1
Spading nail L60.8
Spanish collar N47.1
Sparganosis B70.1
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity R25.2 - see also condition
Spasmodic - see condition
Spasmophilia - see Tetany
Spasmus nutans F98.4
Spastic, spasticity - see also Spasm
Speaker's throat R49.8
Specific, specified - see condition
Spencer's disease A08.19
Spens' syndrome (syncope with heart block) I45.9
Sperm counts (fertility testing) Z31.41
Spermatic cord - see condition
Spermatocele N43.40
Spermatocystitis N49.0
Spermatocytoma C62.9-
Spermatorrhea N50.8
Sphacelus - see Gangrene
Sphenoidal - see condition
Sphenoiditis (chronic) - see Sinusitis, sphenoidal
Sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia G90.09
Sphericity, increased, lens (congenital) Q12.4
Spherocytosis (congenital) (familial) (hereditary) D58.0
Spherophakia Q12.4
Sphincter - see condition
Sphincteritis, sphincter of Oddi - see Cholangitis
Sphingolipidosis E75.3
Sphingomyelinosis E75.3
Spicule tooth K00.2
Spielmeyer-Vogt disease E75.4
Spina bifida (aperta) Q05.9
Spindle, Krukenberg's - see Pigmentation, cornea, posterior
Spine, spinal - see condition
Spiradenoma (eccrine) - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Spirillosis A25.0
Spirochetal - see condition
Spirochetosis A69.9
Spirometrosis B70.1
Spitting blood - see Hemoptysis
Splanchnoptosis K63.4
Spleen, splenic - see condition
Splenectasis - see Splenomegaly
Splenitis (interstitial) (malignant) (nonspecific) D73.89
Splenocele D73.89
Splenomegaly, splenomegalia (Bengal) (cryptogenic) (idiopathic) (tropical) R16.1
Splenopathy D73.9
Splenoptosis D73.89
Splenosis D73.89
Splinter - see Foreign body, superficial, by site
Split, splitting
Spondylarthrosis - see Spondylosis
Spondylitis (chronic) - see also Spondylopathy, inflammatory
Spondylolisthesis (acquired) (degenerative) M43.10
Spondylolysis (acquired) M43.00
Spondylopathy M48.9
Spondylosis M47.9
Sponge-diver's disease - see Toxicity, venom, marine animal, sea anemone
Spongioblastoma (any type) - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Spongioneuroblastoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Spontaneous - see also condition
Spoon nail L60.3
Sporadic - see condition
Sporothrix schenckii infection - see Sporotrichosis
Sporotrichosis B42.9
Spots, spotting (in) (of)
Spotted fever N92.3 - see Fever, spotted
Sprain (joint) (ligament)
Sprengel's deformity (congenital) Q74.0
Sprue (tropical) K90.1
Spur, bone - see also Enthesopathy
Spurway's syndrome Q78.0
Squamous - see also condition
Squashed nose M95.0
Squeeze, diver's T70.3
Squint - see also Strabismus
St. Hubert's disease A82.9
Stab - see also Laceration
Stafne's cyst or cavity M27.0
Staggering gait R26.0
Staghorn calculus - see Calculus, kidney
Stähli's line (cornea) (pigment) - see Pigmentation, cornea, anterior
Stain, staining
Stammering F80.81 - see also Disorder, fluency
Stannosis J63.5
Stanton's disease - see Melioidosis
Staphylitis (acute) (catarrhal) (chronic) (gangrenous) (membranous) (suppurative) (ulcerative) K12.2
Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome L00
Staphylococcemia A41.2
Staphylococcus, staphylococcal - see also condition
Staphyloma (sclera)
Stargardt's disease - see Dystrophy, retina
Starvation (inanition) (due to lack of food) T73.0
State (of)
Status (post) - see also Presence (of)
Steam burn - see Burn
Steatocystoma multiplex L72.2
Steatohepatitis (nonalcoholic) (NASH) K75.81
Steatoma L72.3
Steatorrhea (chronic) K90.4
Steatosis E88.89
Steele-Richardson-Olszewski disease or syndrome G23.1
Steinbrocker's syndrome G90.8
Steinert's disease G71.11
Stein-Leventhal syndrome E28.2
Stein's syndrome E28.2
STEMI I21.3 - see also - Infarct, myocardium, ST elevation
Stenocardia I20.8
Stenocephaly Q75.8
Stenosis, stenotic (cicatricial) - see also Stricture
Stent jail T82.897
Stercolith (impaction) K56.41
Stercoraceous, stercoral ulcer K63.3
Stereotypies NEC F98.4
Sterility - see Infertility
Sterilization - see Encounter (for), sterilization
Sternalgia - see Angina
Sternopagus Q89.4
Sternum bifidum Q76.7
Stevens-Johnson disease or syndrome L51.1
Stewart-Morel syndrome M85.2
Sticker's disease B08.3
Sticky eye - see Conjunctivitis, acute, mucopurulent
Stieda's disease - see Bursitis, tibial collateral
Stiff neck - see Torticollis
Stiff-man syndrome G25.82
Stiffness, joint NEC M25.60-
Stigmata congenital syphilis A50.59
Stillbirth P95
Still-Felty syndrome - see Felty's syndrome
Still's disease or syndrome (juvenile) M08.20
Stimulation, ovary E28.1
Sting (venomous) (with allergic or anaphylactic shock) - see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by animal or substance, poisoning
Stippled epiphyses Q78.8
Stokes-Adams disease or syndrome I45.9
Stokes' disease E05.00
Stokvis (-Talma) disease D74.8
Stoma malfunction
Stomach - see condition
Stomatitis (denture) (ulcerative) K12.1
Stomatocytosis D58.8
Stomatomycosis B37.0
Stomatorrhagia K13.79
Stone (s) - see also Calculus
Stonecutter's lung J62.8
Stonemason's asthma, disease, lung or pneumoconiosis J62.8
Storm, thyroid - see Thyrotoxicosis
Strabismus (congenital) (nonparalytic) H50.9
Straining, on urination R39.16
Strand, vitreous - see Opacity, vitreous, membranes and strands
Strangulation, strangulated - see also Asphyxia, traumatic
Strangury R30.0
Straw itch B88.0
Streak (s)
Strephosymbolia F81.0
Streptobacillary fever A25.1
Streptobacillosis A25.1
Streptobacillus moniliformis A25.1
Streptococcus, streptococcal - see also condition
Streptomycosis B47.1
Streptotrichosis A48.8
Stress F43.9
Stretching, nerve - see Injury, nerve
Striae albicantes, atrophicae or distensae (cutis) L90.6
Stricture - see also Stenosis
Stridor R06.1
Stridulous - see condition
Stroke (apoplectic) (brain) (embolic) (ischemic) (paralytic) (thrombotic) I63.9
Stromatosis, endometrial D39.0
Strongyloidiasis, strongyloidosis B78.9
Strophulus pruriginosus L28.2
Struck by lightning - see Lightning
Struma - see also Goiter
Strumipriva cachexia E03.4
Strümpell-Marie spine - see Spondylitis, ankylosing
Strümpell-Westphal pseudosclerosis E83.01
Stuart deficiency disease (factor X) D68.2
Stuart-Prower factor deficiency (factor X) D68.2
Student's elbow - see Bursitis, elbow, olecranon
Stump - see Amputation
Stunting, nutritional E45
Stupor (catatonic) R40.1
Sturge (-Weber) (-Dimitri) (-Kalischer) disease or syndrome Q85.8
Stuttering F80.81
Sty, stye (external) (internal) (meibomian) (zeisian) - see Hordeolum
Subacidity, gastric K31.89
Subacute - see condition
Subarachnoid - see condition
Subcortical - see condition
Subcostal syndrome, nerve compression - see Mononeuropathy, upper limb, specified site NEC
Subcutaneous, subcuticular - see condition
Subdural - see condition
Subendocardium - see condition
Suberosis J67.3
Subglossitis - see Glossitis
Subhemophilia D66
Sublingual - see condition
Sublinguitis - see Sialoadenitis
Subluxatable hip Q65.6
Subluxation - see also Dislocation
Submaxillary - see condition
Submersion (fatal) (nonfatal) T75.1
Submucous - see condition
Subnormal, subnormality
Subphrenic - see condition
Subscapular nerve - see condition
Subseptus uterus Q51.2
Subsiding appendicitis K36
Substernal thyroid E04.9
Substitution disorder F44.9
Subtentorial - see condition
Subthyroidism (acquired) - see also Hypothyroidism
Succenturiate placenta O43.19-
Sucking thumb, child (excessive) F98.8
Sudamen, sudamina L74.1
Sudanese kala-azar B55.0
Sudeck's atrophy, disease, or syndrome - see Algoneurodystrophy
Suffocation - see Asphyxia, traumatic
Suicide, suicidal (attempted) T14.91
Suipestifer infection - see Infection, salmonella
Sulfhemoglobinemia, sulphemoglobinemia (acquired) (with methemoglobinemia) D74.8
Sumatran mite fever A75.3
Summer - see condition
Sunburn L55.9
SUNCT (short lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache with conjunctival injection and tearing) G44.059
Sunken acetabulum - see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC, hip
Sunstroke T67.0
Superfecundation - see Pregnancy, multiple
Superfetation - see Pregnancy, multiple
Superinvolution (uterus) N85.8
Supernumerary (congenital)
Supervision (of)
Supplemental teeth K00.1
Suppuration, suppurative - see also condition
Supraeruption of tooth (teeth) M26.34
Supraglottitis J04.30
Suprarenal (gland) - see condition
Suprascapular nerve - see condition
Suprasellar - see condition
Surfer's knots or nodules S89.8-
Surveillance (of) (for) - see also Observation
Susceptibility to disease, genetic Z15.89
Suspected condition, ruled out - see also Observation, suspected
Suspended uterus
Sutton's nevus D22.9
Swab inadvertently left in operation wound - see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
Swallowed, swallowing
Swan-neck deformity (finger) - see Deformity, finger, swan-neck
Swearing, compulsive F42
Sweat, sweats
Sweating, excessive R61
Sweeley-Klionsky disease E75.21
Sweet's disease or dermatosis L98.2
Swelling (of) R60.9
Swift (-Feer) disease
Swimming in the head R42
Swollen - see Swelling
Swyer syndrome Q99.1
Sycosis L73.8
Sydenham's chorea - see Chorea, Sydenham's
Sylvatic yellow fever A95.0
Sylvest's disease B33.0
Symblepharon H11.23-
Symond's syndrome G93.2
Sympathetic - see condition
Sympatheticotonia G90.8
Sympathogonioma - see Sympathicoblastoma
Symphalangy (fingers) (toes) Q70.9
Symptoms NEC R68.89
Sympus Q74.2
Syncephalus Q89.4
Synchysis (scintillans) (senile) (vitreous body) H43.89
Syncope (near) (pre-) R55
Syndactylism, syndactyly Q70.9
Syndrome - see also Disease
Synechia (anterior) (iris) (posterior) (pupil) - see also Adhesions, iris
Synesthesia R20.8
Syngamiasis, syngamosis B83.3
Synodontia K00.2
Synorchidism, synorchism Q55.1
Synostosis (congenital) Q78.8
Synovial sarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Synovioma (malignant) - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Synoviosarcoma - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Synovitis - see also Tenosynovitis
Syphilid A51.39
Syphilis, syphilitic (acquired) A53.9
Syphiloma A52.79
Syphilophobia F45.29
Syringadenoma - see also Neoplasm, skin, benign
Syringobulbia G95.0
Syringocystadenoma - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Syringoma - see also Neoplasm, skin, benign
Syringomyelia G95.0
Syringomyelitis - see Encephalitis
Syringomyelocele - see Spina bifida
Syringopontia G95.0
System, systemic - see also condition
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