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Adhesions ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 89 terms under the parent term 'Adhesions' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


See Code: K66.0

with intestinal obstruction K56.5
abdominal (wall) - see Adhesions, peritoneum
appendix K38.8
bile duct (common) (hepatic) K83.8
bladder (sphincter) N32.89
bowel - see Adhesions, peritoneum
cardiac I31.0
rheumatic I09.2
cecum - see Adhesions, peritoneum
cervicovaginal N88.1
congenital Q52.8
postpartal O90.89
old N88.1
cervix N88.1
ciliary body NEC - see Adhesions, iris
clitoris N90.89
colon - see Adhesions, peritoneum
common duct K83.8
congenital - see also Anomaly, by site
fingers - see Syndactylism, complex, fingers
omental, anomalous Q43.3
peritoneal Q43.3
tongue (to gum or roof of mouth) Q38.3
conjunctiva (acquired) H11.21-
congenital Q15.8
cystic duct K82.8
diaphragm - see Adhesions, peritoneum
due to foreign body - see Foreign body
duodenum - see Adhesions, peritoneum
middle H74.1-
epididymis N50.8
epidural - see Adhesions, meninges
epiglottis J38.7
eyelid H02.59
female pelvis N73.6
gallbladder K82.8
globe H44.89
heart I31.0
rheumatic I09.2
ileocecal (coil) - see Adhesions, peritoneum
ileum - see Adhesions, peritoneum
intestine - see also Adhesions, peritoneum
with obstruction K56.5
intra-abdominal - see Adhesions, peritoneum
iris H21.50-
anterior H21.51-
goniosynechiae H21.52-
posterior H21.54-
to corneal graft T85.89
joint - see Ankylosis
knee M23.8X
temporomandibular M26.61
labium (majus) (minus), congenital Q52.5
liver - see Adhesions, peritoneum
lung J98.4
mediastinum J98.5
meninges (cerebral) (spinal) G96.12
congenital Q07.8
tuberculous (cerebral) (spinal) A17.0
mesenteric - see Adhesions, peritoneum
nasal (septum) (to turbinates) J34.89
ocular muscle - see Strabismus, mechanical
omentum - see Adhesions, peritoneum
ovary N73.6
congenital (to cecum, kidney or omentum) Q50.39
paraovarian N73.6
pelvic (peritoneal)
female N73.6
postprocedural N99.4
male - see Adhesions, peritoneum
postpartal (old) N73.6
tuberculous A18.17
penis to scrotum (congenital) Q55.8
periappendiceal - see also Adhesions, peritoneum
pericardium (nonrheumatic) I31.0
focal I31.8
rheumatic I09.2
tuberculous A18.84
pericholecystic K82.8
perigastric - see Adhesions, peritoneum
periovarian N73.6
periprostatic N42.89
perirectal - see Adhesions, peritoneum
perirenal N28.89
peritoneum, peritoneal (postinfective) (postprocedural) K66.0
with obstruction (intestinal) K56.5
congenital Q43.3
pelvic, female N73.6
postprocedural N99.4
postpartal, pelvic N73.6
to uterus N73.6
peritubal N73.6
periureteral N28.89
periuterine N73.6
perivesical N32.89
perivesicular (seminal vesicle) N50.8
pleura, pleuritic J94.8
tuberculous NEC A15.6
pleuropericardial J94.8
postoperative (gastrointestinal tract) K66.0
with obstruction K91.3
due to foreign body accidentally left in wound - see Foreign body, accidentally left during a procedure
pelvic peritoneal N99.4
urethra - see Stricture, urethra, postprocedural
vagina N99.2
postpartal, old (vulva or perineum) N90.89
preputial, prepuce N47.5
pulmonary J98.4
pylorus - see Adhesions, peritoneum
sciatic nerve - see Lesion, nerve, sciatic
seminal vesicle N50.8
shoulder (joint) - see Capsulitis, adhesive
sigmoid flexure - see Adhesions, peritoneum
spermatic cord (acquired) N50.8
congenital Q55.4
spinal canal G96.12
stomach - see Adhesions, peritoneum
subscapular - see Capsulitis, adhesive
temporomandibular M26.61
tendinitis - see also Tenosynovitis, specified type NEC
shoulder - see Capsulitis, adhesive
testis N44.8
tongue, congenital (to gum or roof of mouth) Q38.3
acquired K14.8
trachea J39.8
tubo-ovarian N73.6
tunica vaginalis N44.8
uterus N73.6
internal N85.6
to abdominal wall N73.6
vagina (chronic) N89.5
postoperative N99.2
vitreomacular H43.82-
vitreous H43.89
vulva N90.89
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