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Lesion ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 120 terms under the parent term 'Lesion' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


abducens nerve - see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
alveolar process K08.9
angiocentric immunoproliferative D47.Z9
anorectal K62.9
aortic (valve) I35.9
auditory nerve
basal ganglion G25.9
bile duct - see Disease, bile duct
biomechanical M99.9
specified type NEC M99.89
abdomen M99.89
acromioclavicular M99.87
cervical region M99.81
cervicothoracic M99.81
costochondral M99.88
costovertebral M99.88
head region M99.80
hip M99.85
lower extremity M99.86
lumbar region M99.83
lumbosacral M99.83
occipitocervical M99.80
pelvic region M99.85
pubic M99.85
rib cage M99.88
sacral region M99.84
sacrococcygeal M99.84
sacroiliac M99.84
specified NEC M99.89
sternochondral M99.88
sternoclavicular M99.87
thoracic region M99.82
thoracolumbar M99.82
upper extremity M99.87
bladder N32.9
bone - see Disorder, bone
brachial plexus G54.0
brain G93.9
congenital Q04.9
vascular I67.9
degenerative I67.9
hypertensive I67.4
buccal cavity K13.79
calcified - see Calcification
canthus - see Disorder, eyelid
carate - see Pinta, lesions
cardia K22.9
cardiac I51.9 - see also Disease, heart
congenital Q24.9
valvular - see Endocarditis
cauda equina G83.4
cecum K63.9
cerebral - see Lesion, brain
cerebrovascular I67.9
degenerative I67.9
hypertensive I67.4
cervical (nerve) root NEC G54.2
chiasmal - see Disorder, optic, chiasm
chorda tympani G51.8
coin, lung R91.1
colon K63.9
congenital - see Anomaly, by site
conjunctiva H11.9
conus medullaris - see Injury, conus medullaris
coronary artery - see Ischemia, heart
cranial nerve G52.9
eighth - see Disorder, ear
eleventh G52.9
fifth G50.9
first G52.0
fourth - see Strabismus, paralytic, fourth nerve
seventh G51.9
sixth - see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
tenth G52.2
twelfth G52.3
cystic - see Cyst
degenerative - see Degeneration
duodenum K31.9
edentulous (alveolar) ridge, associated with trauma, due to traumatic occlusion K06.2
en coup de sabre L94.1
eyelid - see Disorder, eyelid
gasserian ganglion G50.8
gastric K31.9
gastroduodenal K31.9
gastrointestinal K63.9
gingiva, associated with trauma K06.2
focal and segmental N05.1 - see also N00-N07 with fourth character .1
minimal change N05.0 - see also N00-N07 with fourth character .0
heart (organic) - see Disease, heart
hyperchromic, due to pinta (carate) A67.1
hyperkeratotic - see Hyperkeratosis
hypothalamic E23.7
ileocecal K63.9
ileum K63.9
iliohypogastric nerve G57.8-
inflammatory - see Inflammation
intestine K63.9
intracerebral - see Lesion, brain
intrachiasmal (optic) - see Disorder, optic, chiasm
intracranial, space-occupying R90.0
joint - see Disorder, joint
sacroiliac (old) M53.3
keratotic - see Keratosis
kidney - see Disease, renal
laryngeal nerve (recurrent) G52.2
lip K13.0
liver K76.9
plexus G54.1
root (nerve) NEC G54.4
lung (coin) R91.1
maxillary sinus J32.0
mitral I05.9
Morel-Lavallée - see Hematoma, by site
motor cortex NEC G93.89
mouth K13.79
nerve G58.9
femoral G57.2-
median G56.1-
carpal tunnel syndrome - see Syndrome, carpal tunnel
plantar G57.6-
popliteal (lateral) G57.3-
medial G57.4-
radial G56.3-
sciatic G57.0-
spinal - see Injury, nerve, spinal
ulnar G56.2-
nervous system, congenital Q07.9
nonallopathic - see Lesion, biomechanical
nose (internal) J34.89
obstructive - see Obstruction
obturator nerve G57.8-
oral mucosa K13.70
organ or site NEC - see Disease, by site
osteolytic - see Osteolysis
peptic K27.9
periodontal, due to traumatic occlusion K05.5
pharynx J39.2
pigment, pigmented (skin) L81.9
pinta - see Pinta, lesions
polypoid - see Polyp
prechiasmal (optic) - see Disorder, optic, chiasm
primary A51.0 - see also Syphilis, primary
carate A67.0
pinta A67.0
yaws A66.0
pulmonary J98.4
valve I37.9
pylorus K31.9
rectosigmoid K63.9
retina, retinal H35.9
sacroiliac (joint) (old) M53.3
salivary gland K11.9
benign lymphoepithelial K11.8
saphenous nerve G57.8-
sciatic nerve G57.0-
secondary - see Syphilis, secondary
shoulder (region) M75.9-
specified NEC M75.8-
sigmoid K63.9
sinus (accessory) (nasal) J34.89
skin L98.9
suppurative L08.0
SLAP S43.43-
spinal cord G95.9
congenital Q06.9
spleen D73.89
stomach K31.9
superior glenoid labrum S43.43-
syphilitic - see Syphilis
tertiary - see Syphilis, tertiary
thoracic root (nerve) NEC G54.3
tonsillar fossa J35.9
tooth, teeth K08.9
white spot
chewing surface K02.51
pit and fissure surface K02.51
smooth surface K02.61
traumatic - see specific type of injury by site
tricuspid (valve) I07.9
nonrheumatic I36.9
trigeminal nerve G50.9
ulcerated or ulcerative - see Ulcer, skin
uterus N85.9
vagus nerve G52.2
valvular - see Endocarditis
vascular I99.9
affecting central nervous system I67.9
following trauma NEC T14.8
umbilical cord, complicating delivery O69.5
warty - see Verruca
white spot (tooth)
chewing surface K02.51
pit and fissure surface K02.51
smooth surface K02.61
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