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Disease ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 744 terms under the parent term 'Disease' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.

Disease - see also Syndrome

absorbent system I87.8
acid-peptic K30
Acosta's T70.29
Adams-Stokes (-Morgagni) (syncope with heart block) I45.9
Addison's anemia (pernicious) D51.0
adenoids (and tonsils) J35.9
adrenal (capsule) (cortex) (gland) (medullary) E27.9
hyperfunction E27.0
specified NEC E27.8
ainhum L94.6
obstructive, chronic J44.9
due to
cotton dust J66.0
specific organic dusts NEC J66.8
reactive - see Asthma
akamushi (scrub typhus) A75.3
Albers-Schönberg (marble bones) Q78.2
Albert's - see Tendinitis, Achilles
alimentary canal K63.9
alligator-skin Q80.9
acquired L85.0
alpha heavy chain C88.3
alpine T70.29
altitude T70.20
alveolar ridge
edentulous K06.9
specified NEC K06.8
alveoli, teeth K08.9
Alzheimer's G30.9
with behavioral disturbance G30.9
early onset G30.0
with behavioral disturbance G30.0
late onset G30.1
with behavioral disturbance G30.1
specified NEC G30.8
with behavioral disturbance G30.8
amyloid - see Amyloidosis
Andersen's (glycogenosis IV) E74.09
Andes T70.29
Andrews' (bacterid) L08.89
angiospastic I73.9
cerebral G45.9
vein I87.8
chamber H21.9
horn cell G12.29
antiglomerular basement membrane (anti- GBM) antibody M31.0
tubulo-interstitial nephritis N12
antral - see Sinusitis, maxillary
anus K62.9
specified NEC K62.89
aorta (nonsyphilitic) I77.9
syphilitic NEC A52.02
aortic (heart) (valve) I35.9
rheumatic I06.9
Apollo B30.3
aponeuroses - see Enthesopathy
appendix K38.9
specified NEC K38.8
aqueous (chamber) H21.9
Arnold-Chiari - see Arnold-Chiari disease
arterial I77.9
occlusive - see Occlusion, by site
due to stricture or stenosis I77.1
arteriocardiorenal - see Hypertension, cardiorenal
arteriolar (generalized) (obliterative) I77.9
arteriorenal - see Hypertension, kidney
arteriosclerotic - see also Arteriosclerosis
cardiovascular - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
coronary (artery) - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
heart - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
artery I77.9
cerebral I67.9
coronary I25.10
with angina pectoris - see Arteriosclerosis, coronary (artery),
arthropod-borne NOS (viral) A94
specified type NEC A93.8
atticoantral, chronic H66.20
left H66.22
with right H66.23
right H66.21
with left H66.23
auditory canal - see Disorder, ear, external
auricle, ear NEC - see Disorder, pinna
Australian X A83.4
autoimmune (systemic) NOS M35.9
hemolytic (cold type) (warm type) D59.1
drug-induced D59.0
thyroid E06.3
aviator's - see Effect, adverse, high altitude
Ayala's Q78.5
Ayerza's (pulmonary artery sclerosis with pulmonary hypertension) I27.0
Babington's (familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) I78.0
bacterial A49.9
specified NEC A48.8
zoonotic A28.9
specified type NEC A28.8
Baelz's (cheilitis glandularis apostematosa) K13.0
bagasse J67.1
balloon - see Effect, adverse, high altitude
Bang's (brucella abortus) A23.1
Bannister's T78.3
barometer makers' - see Poisoning, mercury
Barraquer (-Simons') (progressive lipodystrophy) E88.1
Barrett's - see Barrett's, esophagus
Bartholin's gland N75.9
basal ganglia G25.9
degenerative G23.9
specified NEC G23.8
specified NEC G25.89
Basedow's (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
Bateman's B08.1
Batten-Steinert G71.11
Battey A31.0
Beard's (neurasthenia) F48.8
idiopathic mural endomyocardial I42.3
myotonia congenita G71.12
Begbie's (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
behavioral, organic F07.9
Beigel's (white piedra) B36.2
Benson's - see Deposit, crystalline
Bernard-Soulier (thrombopathy) D69.1
Bernhardt (-Roth) - see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, meralgia paresthetica
Biermer's (pernicious anemia) D51.0
bile duct (common) (hepatic) K83.9
with calculus, stones - see Calculus, bile duct
specified NEC K83.8
biliary (tract) K83.9
specified NEC K83.8
Billroth's - see Spina bifida
bird fancier's J67.2
black lung J60
bladder N32.9
in (due to)
schistosomiasis (bilharziasis) B65.0
specified NEC N32.89
bleeder's D66
blood D75.9
forming organs D75.9
vessel I99.9
Bloodgood's - see Mastopathy, cystic
Bodechtel-Guttmann (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis) A81.1
bone - see also Disorder, bone
aluminum M83.4
fibrocystic NEC
jaw M27.49
bone-marrow D75.9
Borna A83.9
Bornholm (epidemic pleurodynia) B33.0
Bouchard's (myopathic dilatation of the stomach) K31.0
Bouillaud's (rheumatic heart disease) I01.9
Bourneville (-Brissaud) (tuberous sclerosis) Q85.1
Bouveret (-Hoffmann) (paroxysmal tachycardia) I47.9
bowel K63.9
functional K59.9
psychogenic F45.8
brain G93.9
arterial, artery I67.9
arteriosclerotic I67.2
congenital Q04.9
degenerative - see Degeneration, brain
inflammatory - see Encephalitis
organic G93.9
arteriosclerotic I67.2
parasitic NEC B71.9
senile NEC G31.1
specified NEC G93.89
breast N64.9 - see also Disorder, breast
cystic (chronic) - see Mastopathy, cystic
fibrocystic - see Mastopathy, cystic
female, unspecified side C50.91-
male, unspecified side C50.92-
specified NEC N64.89
Breda's - see Yaws
Bretonneau's (diphtheritic malignant angina) A36.0
Bright's - see Nephritis
arteriosclerotic - see Hypertension, kidney
Brill's (recrudescent typhus) A75.1
Brill-Zinsser (recrudescent typhus) A75.1
Brion-Kayser - see Fever, paratyphoid
beta E78.2
ligament (noninflammatory) N83.9
inflammatory - see Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
specified NEC N83.8
Brocq-Duhring (dermatitis herpetiformis) L13.0
dermatitis herpetiformis L13.0
prurigo L28.2
bronchopulmonary J98.4
bronchus NEC J98.09
bronze Addison's E27.1
tuberculous A18.7
budgerigar fancier's J67.2
bullous L13.9
chronic of childhood L12.2
specified NEC L13.8
Buerger's (thromboangiitis obliterans) I73.1
Bürger-Grütz (essential familial hyperlipemia) E78.3
bursa - see Bursopathy
caisson T70.3
California - see Coccidioidomycosis
capillaries I78.9
specified NEC I78.8
Carapata A68.0
cardiac - see Disease, heart
cardiopulmonary, chronic I27.9
cardiorenal (hepatic) (hypertensive) (vascular) - see Hypertension, cardiorenal
cardiovascular (atherosclerotic) I25.10
with angina pectoris - see Arteriosclerosis, coronary (artery),
congenital Q28.9
newborn P29.9
specified NEC P29.89
hypertensive - see Hypertension, heart
renal (hypertensive) - see Hypertension, cardiorenal
syphilitic (asymptomatic) A52.00
cartilage - see Disorder, cartilage
Castellani's A69.8
cat-scratch A28.1
Cavare's (familial periodic paralysis) G72.3
cecum K63.9
celiac (adult) (infantile) K90.0
cellular tissue L98.9
central core G71.2
cerebellar, cerebellum - see Disease, brain
cerebral - see also Disease, brain
degenerative - see Degeneration, brain
cerebrospinal G96.9
cerebrovascular I67.9
acute I67.89
embolic I63.4-
thrombotic I63.3-
arteriosclerotic I67.2
specified NEC I67.89
cervix (uteri) (noninflammatory) N88.9
inflammatory - see Cervicitis
specified NEC N88.8
Chabert's A22.9
Chandler's (osteochondritis dissecans, hip) - see Osteochondritis, dissecans, hip
Charlouis - see Yaws
Chédiak-Steinbrinck (-Higashi) (congenital gigantism of peroxidase granules) E70.330
chest J98.9
Chiari's (hepatic vein thrombosis) I82.0
Chicago B40.9
Chignon B36.8
chigo, chigoe B88.1
childhood granulomatous D71
Chinese liver fluke B66.1
chlamydial A74.9
specified NEC A74.89
cholecystic K82.9
choroid H31.9
specified NEC H31.8
Christmas D67
chronic bullous of childhood L12.2
chylomicron retention E78.3
ciliary body H21.9
specified NEC H21.89
circulatory (system) NEC I99.8
newborn P29.9
syphilitic A52.00
congenital A50.54
coagulation factor deficiency (congenital) - see Defect, coagulation
coccidioidal - see Coccidioidomycosis
agglutinin or hemoglobinuria D59.1
paroxysmal D59.6
hemagglutinin (chronic) D59.1
collagen NOS (nonvascular) (vascular) M35.9
specified NEC M35.8
colon K63.9
functional K59.9
congenital Q43.2
ischemic K55.0
combined system - see Degeneration, combined
compressed air T70.3
Concato's (pericardial polyserositis) A19.9
nontubercular I31.1
pleural - see Pleurisy, with effusion
conjunctiva H11.9
chlamydial A74.0
specified NEC H11.89
viral B30.9
specified NEC B30.8
connective tissue, systemic (diffuse) M35.9
in (due to)
hypogammaglobulinemia D80.1
ochronosis E70.29
specified NEC M35.8
Conor and Bruch's (boutonneuse fever) A77.1
Cooper's - see Mastopathy, cystic
Cori's (glycogenosis III) E74.03
corkhandler's or corkworker's J67.3
cornea H18.9
specified NEC H18.89-
coronary (artery) - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
congenital Q24.5
ostial, syphilitic (aortic) (mitral) (pulmonary) A52.03
corpus cavernosum N48.9
specified NEC N48.89
Cotugno's - see Sciatica
coxsackie (virus) NEC B34.1
cranial nerve NOS G52.9
Creutzfeldt-Jakob - see Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or syndrome
Crocq's (acrocyanosis) I73.89
Crohn's - see Enteritis, regional
Curschmann G71.11
breast (chronic) - see Mastopathy, cystic
kidney, congenital Q61.9
liver, congenital Q44.6
lung J98.4
congenital Q33.0
cytomegalic inclusion (generalized) B25.9
with pneumonia B25.0
congenital P35.1
cytomegaloviral B25.9
specified NEC B25.8
Czerny's (periodic hydrarthrosis of the knee) - see Effusion, joint, knee
Daae (-Finsen) (epidemic pleurodynia) B33.0
Darling's - see Histoplasmosis capsulati
Débove's (splenomegaly) R16.1
deer fly - see Tularemia
Degos' I77.89
demyelinating, demyelinizating (nervous system) G37.9
multiple sclerosis G35
specified NEC G37.8
dense deposit N05.6 - see also N00-N07 with fourth character .6
deposition, hydroxyapatite - see Disease, hydroxyapatite deposition
de Quervain's (tendon sheath) M65.4
thyroid (subacute granulomatous thyroiditis) E06.1
Devergie's (pityriasis rubra pilaris) L44.0
Devic's G36.0
diaphorase deficiency D74.0
diaphragm J98.6
diarrheal, infectious NEC A09
digestive system K92.9
specified NEC K92.89
disc, degenerative - see Degeneration, intervertebral disc
discogenic - see also Displacement, intervertebral disc NEC
with myelopathy - see Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
diverticular - see Diverticula
Dubois (thymus) A50.59
Duchenne-Griesinger G71.0
muscular dystrophy G71.0
pseudohypertrophy, muscles G71.0
ductless glands E34.9
Duhring's (dermatitis herpetiformis) L13.0
duodenum K31.9
specified NEC K31.89
Dupré's (meningism) R29.1
Dupuytren's (muscle contracture) M72.0
Durand-Nicholas-Favre (climatic bubo) A55
Duroziez's (congenital mitral stenosis) Q23.2
ear - see Disorder, ear
Eberth's - see Fever, typhoid
Ebola (virus) A98.4
Ebstein's heart Q22.5
Echinococcus - see Echinococcus
echovirus NEC B34.1
Eddowes' (brittle bones and blue sclera) Q78.0
edentulous (alveolar) ridge K06.9
specified NEC K06.8
Edsall's T67.2
Eichstedt's (pityriasis versicolor) B36.0
Ellis-van Creveld (chondroectodermal dysplasia) Q77.6
end stage renal (ESRD) N18.6
due to hypertension I12.0
endocrine glands or system NEC E34.9
endomyocardial (eosinophilic) I42.3
English (rickets) E55.0
enteroviral, enterovirus NEC B34.1
central nervous system NEC A88.8
epidemic B99.9
specified NEC B99.8
epididymis N50.9
Erb (-Landouzy) G71.0
Erdheim-Chester (ECD) E88.89
esophagus K22.9
functional K22.4
psychogenic F45.8
specified NEC K22.8
Eulenburg's (congenital paramyotonia) G71.19
eustachian tube - see Disorder, eustachian tube
auditory canal - see Disorder, ear, external
ear - see Disorder, ear, external
extrapyramidal G25.9
specified NEC G25.89
eye H57.9
anterior chamber H21.9
inflammatory NEC H57.8
muscle (external) - see Strabismus
specified NEC H57.8
syphilitic - see Oculopathy, syphilitic
eyeball H44.9
specified NEC H44.89
eyelid - see Disorder, eyelid
specified NEC - see Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
eyeworm of Africa B74.3
facial nerve (seventh) G51.9
newborn (birth injury) P11.3
Fahr (of brain) G23.8
Fahr Volhard (of kidney) I12.-
fallopian tube (noninflammatory) N83.9
inflammatory - see Salpingo-oophoritis
specified NEC N83.8
familial periodic paralysis G72.3
Fanconi's (congenital pancytopenia) D61.09
fascia NEC - see also Disorder, muscle
inflammatory - see Myositis
specified NEC M62.89
Fauchard's (periodontitis) - see Periodontitis
Favre-Durand-Nicolas (climatic bubo) A55
Fede's K14.0
Feer's - see Poisoning, mercury
female pelvic inflammatory N73.9 - see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
syphilitic (secondary) A51.42
tuberculous A18.17
Fernels' (aortic aneurysm) I71.9
fibrocaseous of lung - see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
fibrocystic - see Fibrocystic disease
Fiedler's (leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
fifth B08.3
file-cutter's - see Poisoning, lead
fish-skin Q80.9
acquired L85.0
Flajani (-Basedow) (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
flax-dresser's J66.1
fluke - see Infestation, fluke
foot and mouth B08.8
foot process N04.9
Forbes' (glycogenosis III) E74.03
Fordyce-Fox (apocrine miliaria) L75.2
Fordyce's (ectopic sebaceous glands) (mouth) Q38.6
Forestier's (rhizomelic pseudopolyarthritis) M35.3
meaning ankylosing hyperostosis - see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
neuralgia - see Neuralgia, trigeminal
scarlatina anginosa A38.9
Fournier (gangrene) N49.3
female N76.89
fourth B08.8
Fox (-Fordyce) (apocrine miliaria) L75.2
Francis' - see Tularemia
Franklin C88.2
Frei's (climatic bubo) A55
combined systemic or ataxia G11.1
myoclonia G25.3
frontal sinus - see Sinusitis, frontal
fungus NEC B49
Gaisböck's (polycythemia hypertonica) D75.1
gallbladder K82.9
calculus - see Calculus, gallbladder
cholecystitis - see Cholecystitis
cholesterolosis K82.4
fistula - see Fistula, gallbladder
hydrops K82.1
obstruction - see Obstruction, gallbladder
perforation K82.2
specified NEC K82.8
gamma heavy chain C88.2
Gamna's (siderotic splenomegaly) D73.2
Gamstorp's (adynamia episodica hereditaria) G72.3
Gandy-Nanta (siderotic splenomegaly) D73.2
ganister J62.8
gastric - see Disease, stomach
gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) K21.9
with esophagitis K21.0
gastrointestinal (tract) K92.9
amyloid E85.4
functional K59.9
psychogenic F45.8
specified NEC K92.89
Gee (-Herter) (-Heubner) (-Thaysen) (nontropical sprue) K90.0
genital organs
female N94.9
male N50.9
Gerhardt's (erythromelalgia) I73.81
Gibert's (pityriasis rosea) L42
Gierke's (glycogenosis I) E74.01
Gilles de la Tourette's (motor-verbal tic) F95.2
gingiva K06.9
specified NEC K06.8
gland (lymph) I89.9
Glanzmann's (hereditary hemorrhagic thrombasthenia) D69.1
glass-blower's (cataract) - see Cataract, specified NEC
salivary gland hypertrophy K11.1
Glisson's - see Rickets
globe H44.9
specified NEC H44.89
glomerular - see also Glomerulonephritis
with edema - see Nephrosis
acute - see Nephritis, acute
chronic - see Nephritis, chronic
minimal change N05.0
rapidly progressive N01.9
glycogen storage E74.00
Andersen's E74.09
Cori's E74.03
Forbes' E74.03
generalized E74.00
glucose-6-phosphatase deficiency E74.01
heart E74.02
hepatorenal E74.09
Hers' E74.09
liver and kidney E74.09
McArdle's E74.04
muscle phosphofructokinase E74.09
myocardium E74.02
Pompe's E74.02
Tauri's E74.09
type 0 E74.09
type I E74.01
type II E74.02
type III E74.03
type IV E74.09
type V E74.04
type VI-XI E74.09
Von Gierke's E74.01
Goldstein's (familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) I78.0
gonococcal NOS A54.9
graft-versus-host (GVH) D89.813
acute D89.810
acute on chronic D89.812
chronic D89.811
grainhandler's J67.8
granulomatous (childhood) (chronic) D71
Graves' (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
Griesinger's - see Ancylostomiasis
Grisel's M43.6
Gruby's (tinea tonsurans) B35.0
Guillain-Barré G61.0
Guinon's (motor-verbal tic) F95.2
gum K06.9
gynecological N94.9
H (Hartnup's) E72.02
Haff - see Poisoning, mercury
Hageman (congenital factor XII deficiency) D68.2
hair (color) (shaft) L67.9
follicles L73.9
specified NEC L73.8
Hamman's (spontaneous mediastinal emphysema) J98.2
hand, foot and mouth B08.4
Hansen's - see Leprosy
Hantavirus, with pulmonary manifestations B33.4
with renal manifestations A98.5
Harada's H30.81-
Hartnup (pellagra-cerebellar ataxia-renal aminoaciduria) E72.02
Hart's (pellagra-cerebellar ataxia-renal aminoaciduria) E72.02
Hashimoto's (struma lymphomatosa) E06.3
Hb - see Disease, hemoglobin
heart (organic) I51.9
pulmonary edema (acute) I50.1 - see also Failure, ventricular, left
rheumatic fever (conditions in I00)
active I01.9
with chorea I02.0
specified NEC I01.8
inactive or quiescent (with chorea) I09.9
specified NEC I09.89
amyloid E85.4
aortic (valve) I35.9
arteriosclerotic or sclerotic (senile) - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
artery, arterial - see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
beer drinkers' I42.6
beriberi (wet) E51.12
black I27.0
congenital Q24.9
cyanotic Q24.9
specified NEC Q24.8
coronary - see Disease, heart, ischemic
cryptogenic I51.9
fibroid - see Myocarditis
functional I51.89
psychogenic F45.8
glycogen storage E74.02
gonococcal A54.83
hypertensive - see Hypertension, heart
hyperthyroid E05.90 - see also Hyperthyroidism
with thyroid storm E05.91
ischemic (chronic or with a stated duration of over 4 weeks) I25.9
atherosclerotic (of) I25.10
with angina pectoris - see Arteriosclerosis, coronary (artery)
coronary artery bypass graft - see Arteriosclerosis, coronary (artery),
cardiomyopathy I25.5
diagnosed on ECG or other special investigation, but currently presenting no symptoms I25.6
silent I25.6
specified form NEC I25.89
kyphoscoliotic I27.1
meningococcal A39.50
endocarditis A39.51
myocarditis A39.52
pericarditis A39.53
mitral I05.9
specified NEC I05.8
muscular - see Degeneration, myocardial
psychogenic (functional) F45.8
pulmonary (chronic) I27.9
in schistosomiasis B65.9
specified NEC I27.89
rheumatic (chronic) (inactive) (old) (quiescent) (with chorea) I09.9
active or acute I01.9
with chorea (acute) (rheumatic) (Sydenham's) I02.0
specified NEC I09.89
senile - see Myocarditis
syphilitic A52.06
aortic A52.03
aneurysm A52.01
congenital A50.54
thyrotoxic E05.90 - see also Thyrotoxicosis
with thyroid storm E05.91
valve, valvular (obstructive) (regurgitant) - see also Endocarditis
congenital NEC Q24.8
pulmonary Q22.3
vascular - see Disease, cardiovascular
heavy chain NEC C88.2
alpha C88.3
gamma C88.2
mu C88.2
maculata et circinata L42
rubra pilaris L44.0
prurigo L28.2
hematopoietic organs D75.9
hemoglobin or Hb
abnormal (mixed) NEC D58.2
with thalassemia D56.9
AS genotype D57.3
Bart's D56.0
C (Hb-C) D58.2
with other abnormal hemoglobin NEC D58.2
elliptocytosis D58.1
Hb-S D57.2-
sickle-cell D57.2-
thalassemia D56.8
Constant Spring D58.2
D (Hb-D) D58.2
E (Hb-E) D58.2
E-beta thalassemia D56.5
elliptocytosis D58.1
H (Hb-H) (thalassemia) D56.0
with other abnormal hemoglobin NEC D56.9
Constant Spring D56.0
I thalassemia D56.9
M D74.0
S or SS D57.1
SC D57.2-
SD D57.8-
SE D57.8-
spherocytosis D58.0
unstable, hemolytic D58.2
hemolytic (newborn) P55.9
autoimmune (cold type) (warm type) D59.1
drug-induced D59.0
due to or with
ABO (blood group) P55.1
blood (group) (Duffy) (K(ell)) (Kidd) (Lewis) (M) (S) NEC P55.8
Rh (blood group) (factor) P55.0
Rh negative mother P55.0
specified type NEC P55.8
unstable hemoglobin D58.2
hemorrhagic D69.9
newborn P53
Henoch (-Schönlein) (purpura nervosa) D69.0
hepatic - see Disease, liver
hepatobiliary K83.9
toxic K71.9
hepatolenticular E83.01
heredodegenerative NEC
spinal cord G95.89
herpesviral, disseminated B00.7
Hers' (glycogenosis VI) E74.09
Herter (-Gee) (-Heubner) (nontropical sprue) K90.0
Heubner-Herter (nontropical sprue) K90.0
high fetal gene or hemoglobin thalassemia D56.9
Hildenbrand's - see Typhus
hip (joint) M25.9
congenital Q65.89
suppurative M00.9
tuberculous A18.02
His (-Werner) (trench fever) A79.0
Hodgson's I71.2
ruptured I71.1
Holla - see Spherocytosis
hookworm B76.9
specified NEC B76.8
host-versus-graft D89.813
acute D89.810
acute on chronic D89.812
chronic D89.811
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) B20
Huntington's G10
Hutchinson's (cheiropompholyx) - see Hutchinson's disease
hyaline (diffuse) (generalized)
membrane (lung) (newborn) P22.0
adult J80
hydatid - see Echinococcus
hydroxyapatite deposition M11.00
ankle M11.07-
elbow M11.02-
foot joint M11.07-
hand joint M11.04-
hip M11.05-
knee M11.06-
multiple site M11.09
shoulder M11.01-
vertebra M11.08
wrist M11.03-
hyperkinetic - see Hyperkinesia
hypertensive - see Hypertension
hypophysis E23.7
Iceland G93.3
I-cell E77.0
immune D89.9
immunoproliferative (malignant) C88.9
small intestinal C88.3
specified NEC C88.8
inclusion B25.9
salivary gland B25.9
infectious, infective B99.9
congenital P37.9
specified NEC P37.8
viral P35.9
specified type NEC P35.8
specified NEC B99.8
penis N48.29
abscess N48.21
cellulitis N48.22
prepuce N47.7
balanoposthitis N47.6
tubo-ovarian - see Salpingo-oophoritis
intervertebral disc - see also Disorder, disc
with myelopathy - see Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
cervical, cervicothoracic - see Disorder, disc, cervical
myelopathy - see Disorder, disc, cervical, with myelopathy
neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy - see Disorder, disc, cervical, with neuritis
specified NEC - see Disorder, disc, cervical, specified type NEC
lumbar (with)
myelopathy M51.06
neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.16
specified NEC M51.86
lumbosacral (with)
neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.17
specified NEC M51.87
specified NEC - see Disorder, disc, specified NEC
thoracic (with)
myelopathy M51.04
neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy M51.14
specified NEC M51.84
thoracolumbar (with)
myelopathy M51.05
neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy M51.15
specified NEC M51.85
intestine K63.9
functional K59.9
psychogenic F45.8
specified NEC K59.8
organic K63.9
protozoal A07.9
specified NEC K63.89
iris H21.9
specified NEC H21.89
iron metabolism or storage E83.10
island (scrub typhus) A75.3
itai-itai - see Poisoning, cadmium
Jakob-Creutzfeldt - see Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or syndrome
jaw M27.9
fibrocystic M27.49
specified NEC M27.8
jigger B88.1
joint - see also Disorder, joint
Charcot's - see Arthropathy, neuropathic (Charcot)
degenerative - see Osteoarthritis
multiple M15.9
spine - see Spondylosis
hypertrophic - see Osteoarthritis
sacroiliac M53.3
specified NEC - see Disorder, joint, specified type NEC
spine NEC - see Dorsopathy
suppurative - see Arthritis, pyogenic or pyemic
Jourdain's (acute gingivitis) K05.00
nonplaque induced K05.01
plaque induced K05.00
Kaschin-Beck (endemic polyarthritis) M12.10
ankle M12.17-
elbow M12.12-
foot joint M12.17-
hand joint M12.14-
hip M12.15-
knee M12.16-
multiple site M12.19
shoulder M12.11-
vertebra M12.18
wrist M12.13-
Katayama B65.2
Kedani (scrub typhus) A75.3
Keshan E59
kidney (functional) (pelvis) N28.9
chronic N18.9
hypertensive - see Hypertension, kidney
stage 1 N18.1
stage 2 (mild) N18.2
stage 3 (moderate) N18.3
stage 4 (severe) N18.4
stage 5 N18.5
complicating pregnancy - see Pregnancy, complicated by, renal disease
cystic (congenital) Q61.9
diabetic - see E08-E13 with .22
fibrocystic (congenital) Q61.8
hypertensive - see Hypertension, kidney
in (due to)
schistosomiasis (bilharziasis) B65.9
multicystic Q61.4
polycystic Q61.3
adult type Q61.2
childhood type NEC Q61.19
collecting duct dilatation Q61.11
Kimmelstiel (-Wilson) (intercapillary polycystic (congenital) glomerulosclerosis) - see E08-E13 with .21
Kimura D21.9
specified site (see Neoplasm, connective tissue benign)
Kinnier Wilson's (hepatolenticular degeneration) E83.01
kissing - see Mononucleosis, infectious
Klebs' N05.- - see also Glomerulonephritis
Klippel-Feil (brevicollis) Q76.1
Köhler-Pellegrini-Stieda (calcification, knee joint) - see Bursitis, tibial collateral
Kok Q89.8
König's (osteochondritis dissecans) - see Osteochondritis, dissecans
Korsakoff's (nonalcoholic) F04
alcoholic F10.96
with dependence F10.26
Kostmann's (infantile genetic agranulocytosis) D70.0
kuru A81.81
Kyasanur Forest A98.2
labyrinth, ear - see Disorder, ear, inner
lacrimal system - see Disorder, lacrimal system
Lafora's - see Epilepsy, generalized, idiopathic
Lancereaux-Mathieu (leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
Landry's G61.0
Larrey-Weil (leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
larynx J38.7
legionnaires' A48.1
nonpneumonic A48.2
Lenegre's I44.2
lens H27.9
specified NEC H27.8
Lev's (acquired complete heart block) I44.2
Lewy body (dementia) G31.83
with behavioral disturbance G31.83
Lichtheim's (subacute combined sclerosis with pernicious anemia) D51.0
Lightwood's (renal tubular acidosis) N25.89
Lignac's (cystinosis) E72.04
lip K13.0
lipid-storage E75.6
specified NEC E75.5
Lipschütz's N76.6
liver (chronic) (organic) K76.9
alcoholic (chronic) K70.9
acute - see Disease, liver, alcoholic, hepatitis
cirrhosis K70.30
with ascites K70.31
failure K70.40
with coma K70.41
fatty liver K70.0
fibrosis K70.2
hepatitis K70.10
with ascites K70.11
sclerosis K70.2
cystic, congenital Q44.6
drug-induced (idiosyncratic) (toxic) (predictable) (unpredictable) - see Disease, liver, toxic
end stage K72.90
due to hepatitis - see Hepatitis
fatty, nonalcoholic (NAFLD) K76.0
alcoholic K70.0
fibrocystic (congenital) Q44.6
Chinese B66.1
oriental B66.1
sheep B66.3
glycogen storage E74.09
in (due to)
schistosomiasis (bilharziasis) B65.9
inflammatory K75.9
alcoholic K70.1
specified NEC K75.89
polycystic (congenital) Q44.6
toxic K71.9
cholestasis K71.0
cirrhosis (liver) K71.7
fibrosis (liver) K71.7
focal nodular hyperplasia K71.8
hepatic granuloma K71.8
hepatic necrosis K71.10
with coma K71.11
hepatitis NEC K71.6
acute K71.2
active K71.50
with ascites K71.51
lobular K71.4
persistent K71.3
lupoid K71.50
with ascites K71.51
peliosis hepatis K71.8
veno-occlusive disease (VOD) of liver K71.8
veno-occlusive K76.5
Lobo's (keloid blastomycosis) B48.0
Lobstein's (brittle bones and blue sclera) Q78.0
Ludwig's (submaxillary cellulitis) K12.2
lumbosacral region M53.87
lung J98.4
black J60
congenital Q33.9
cystic J98.4
congenital Q33.0
fibroid (chronic) - see Fibrosis, lung
fluke B66.4
oriental B66.4
amyloidosis E85.4
sarcoidosis D86.0
Sjögren's syndrome M35.02
lupus erythematosus M32.13
sclerosis M34.81
interstitial J84.9
of childhood, specified NEC J84.848
respiratory bronchiolitis J84.115
specified NEC J84.89
obstructive (chronic) J44.9
bronchitis J44.0
exacerbation NEC J44.1
lower respiratory infection J44.0
alveolitis, allergic J67.9
asthma J44.9
bronchiectasis J47.9
exacerbation (acute) J47.1
lower respiratory infection J47.0
bronchitis J44.9
exacerbation (acute) J44.1
lower respiratory infection J44.0
emphysema J44.9
hypersensitivity pneumonitis J67.9
decompensated J44.1
exacerbation (acute) J44.1
polycystic J98.4
congenital Q33.0
rheumatoid (diffuse) (interstitial) - see Rheumatoid, lung
Lutembacher's (atrial septal defect with mitral stenosis) Q21.1
Lyme A69.20
lymphatic (gland) (system) (channel) (vessel) I89.9
lymphoproliferative D47.9
specified NEC D47.Z9
T-gamma D47.Z9
X-linked D82.3
Magitot's M27.2
malarial - see Malaria
malignant - see also Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Manson's B65.1
maple bark J67.6
maple-syrup-urine E71.0
Marburg (virus) A98.3
Marion's (bladder neck obstruction) N32.0
Marsh's (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
mastoid (process) - see Disorder, ear, middle
Mathieu's (leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
Maxcy's A75.2
McArdle (-Schmid-Pearson) (glycogenosis V) E74.04
mediastinum J98.5
medullary center (idiopathic) (respiratory) G93.89
Meige's (chronic hereditary edema) Q82.0
meningococcal - see Infection, meningococcal
mental F99
organic F09
mesenchymal M35.9
mesenteric embolic K55.0
metabolic, metabolism E88.9
bilirubin E80.7
metal-polisher's J62.8
metastatic C79.9 - see also Neoplasm, secondary, by site
microvascular - code to condition
atrophy Q43.8
inclusion (MVD) Q43.8
middle ear - see Disorder, ear, middle
Mikulicz' (dryness of mouth, absent or decreased lacrimation) K11.8
Milroy's (chronic hereditary edema) Q82.0
Minamata - see Poisoning, mercury
minicore G71.2
Minor's G95.19
Minot's (hemorrhagic disease, newborn) P53
Minot-von Willebrand-Jürgens (angiohemophilia) D68.0
Mitchell's (erythromelalgia) I73.81
mitral (valve) I05.9
nonrheumatic I34.9
mixed connective tissue M35.1
moldy hay J67.0
Monge's T70.29
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes (syncope with heart block) I45.9
Morgagni's (syndrome) (hyperostosis frontalis interna) M85.2
Morton's (with metatarsalgia) - see Lesion, nerve, plantar
Morvan's G60.8
motor neuron (bulbar) (familial) (mixed type) (spinal) G12.20
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis G12.21
progressive bulbar palsy G12.22
specified NEC G12.29
moyamoya I67.5
mu heavy chain disease C88.2
multicore G71.2
muscle - see also Disorder, muscle
inflammatory - see Myositis
ocular (external) - see Strabismus
musculoskeletal system, soft tissue - see also Disorder, soft tissue
specified NEC - see Disorder, soft tissue, specified type NEC
mushroom workers' J67.5
mycotic B49
myelodysplastic, not classified C94.6
myeloproliferative, not classified C94.6
chronic D47.1
myocardium, myocardial I51.5 - see also Degeneration, myocardial
primary (idiopathic) I42.9
myoneural G70.9
Naegeli's D69.1
nails L60.9
specified NEC L60.8
Nairobi (sheep virus) A93.8
nasal J34.9
nemaline body G71.2
nerve - see Disorder, nerve
nervous system G98.8
autonomic G90.9
central G96.9
specified NEC G96.8
congenital Q07.9
parasympathetic G90.9
specified NEC G98.8
sympathetic G90.9
vegetative G90.9
neuromuscular system G70.9
Newcastle B30.8
Nicolas (-Durand)-Favre (climatic bubo) A55
nipple N64.9
Paget's C50.01-
female C50.01-
male C50.02-
Nishimoto (-Takeuchi) I67.5
nonarthropod-borne NOS (viral) B34.9
enterovirus NEC B34.1
nonautoimmune hemolytic D59.4
drug-induced D59.2
Nonne-Milroy-Meige (chronic hereditary edema) Q82.0
nose J34.9
nucleus pulposus - see Disorder, disc
nutritional E63.9
oast-house-urine E72.19
herpesviral B00.50
zoster B02.30
obliterative vascular I77.1
Ohara's - see Tularemia
Opitz's (congestive splenomegaly) D73.2
Oppenheim-Urbach (necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum) - see E08-E13 with .620
optic nerve NEC - see Disorder, nerve, optic
orbit - see Disorder, orbit
Oriental liver fluke B66.1
Oriental lung fluke B66.4
Ormond's N13.5
Oropouche virus A93.0
Osler-Rendu (familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) I78.0
osteofibrocystic E21.0
Otto's M24.7
outer ear - see Disorder, ear, external
ovary (noninflammatory) N83.9
cystic N83.20
inflammatory - see Salpingo-oophoritis
polycystic E28.2
specified NEC N83.8
Owren's (congenital) - see Defect, coagulation
pancreas K86.9
cystic K86.2
fibrocystic E84.9
specified NEC K86.8
panvalvular I08.9
specified NEC I08.8
parametrium (noninflammatory) N83.9
parasitic B89
cerebral NEC B71.9
intestinal NOS B82.9
mouth B37.0
skin NOS B88.9
specified type - see Infestation
tongue B37.0
parathyroid (gland) E21.5
specified NEC E21.4
Parkinson's G20
parodontal K05.6
Parrot's (syphilitic osteochondritis) A50.02
Parry's (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
Parson's (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
Paxton's (white piedra) B36.2
pearl-worker's - see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
Pellegrini-Stieda (calcification, knee joint) - see Bursitis, tibial collateral
pelvis, pelvic
female NOS N94.9
specified NEC N94.89
gonococcal (acute) (chronic) A54.24
inflammatory (female) N73.9
acute N73.0
chronic N73.1
specified NEC N73.8
syphilitic (secondary) A51.42
late A52.76
tuberculous A18.17
organ, female N94.9
peritoneum, female NEC N94.89
penis N48.9
inflammatory N48.29
abscess N48.21
cellulitis N48.22
specified NEC N48.89
periapical tissues NOS K04.90
periodontal K05.6
specified NEC K05.5
periosteum - see Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
arterial I73.9
autonomic nervous system G90.9
nerves - see Polyneuropathy
vascular NOS I73.9
peritoneum K66.9
pelvic, female NEC N94.89
specified NEC K66.8
persistent mucosal (middle ear) H66.20
left H66.22
with right H66.23
right H66.21
with left H66.23
Petit's - see Hernia, abdomen, specified site NEC
pharynx J39.2
specified NEC J39.2
Phocas' - see Mastopathy, cystic
photochromogenic (acid-fast bacilli) (pulmonary) A31.0
nonpulmonary A31.9
Pick's G31.01
with behavioral disturbance G31.01
pigeon fancier's J67.2
pineal gland E34.8
pink - see Poisoning, mercury
Pinkus' (lichen nitidus) L44.1
pinworm B80
Piry virus A93.8
pituitary (gland) E23.7
pituitary-snuff-taker's J67.8
pleura (cavity) J94.9
specified NEC J94.8
pneumatic drill (hammer) T75.21
Pollitzer's (hidradenitis suppurativa) L73.2
kidney or renal Q61.3
adult type Q61.2
childhood type NEC Q61.19
collecting duct dilatation Q61.11
liver or hepatic Q44.6
lung or pulmonary J98.4
congenital Q33.0
ovary, ovaries E28.2
spleen Q89.09
polyethylene T84.05-
Pompe's (glycogenosis II) E74.02
Posadas-Wernicke B38.9
Potain's (pulmonary edema) - see Edema, lung
prepuce N47.8
inflammatory N47.7
balanoposthitis N47.6
Pringle's (tuberous sclerosis) Q85.1
prion, central nervous system A81.9
specified NEC A81.89
prostate N42.9
specified NEC N42.89
protozoal B64
acanthamebiasis - see Acanthamebiasis
African trypanosomiasis - see African trypanosomiasis
babesiosis B60.0
Chagas disease - see Chagas disease
intestine, intestinal A07.9
leishmaniasis - see Leishmaniasis
malaria - see Malaria
naegleriasis B60.2
pneumocystosis B59
specified organism NEC B60.8
toxoplasmosis - see Toxoplasmosis
pseudo-Hurler's E77.0
psychiatric F99
psychotic - see Psychosis
Puente's (simple glandular cheilitis) K13.0
puerperal O90.89 - see also Puerperal
pulmonary - see also Disease, lung
artery I28.9
chronic obstructive J44.9
acute bronchitis J44.0
exacerbation (acute) J44.1
lower respiratory infection (acute) J44.0
decompensated J44.1
exacerbation (acute) J44.1
heart I27.9
specified NEC I27.89
hypertensive (vascular) I27.0
valve I37.9
rheumatic I09.89
pulp (dental) NOS K04.90
pulseless M31.4
Putnam's (subacute combined sclerosis with pernicious anemia) D51.0
Pyle (-Cohn) (craniometaphyseal dysplasia) Q78.5
ragpicker's or ragsorter's A22.1
Raynaud's - see Raynaud's disease
reactive airway - see Asthma
Reclus' (cystic) - see Mastopathy, cystic
rectum K62.9
specified NEC K62.89
Refsum's (heredopathia atactica polyneuritiformis) G60.1
renal (functional) (pelvis) N28.9 - see also Disease, kidney
edema - see Nephrosis
glomerular lesion - see Glomerulonephritis
with edema - see Nephrosis
interstitial nephritis N12
acute N28.9
chronic N18.9 - see also Disease, kidney, chronic
cystic, congenital Q61.9
diabetic - see E08-E13 with .22
end-stage (failure) N18.6
due to hypertension I12.0
fibrocystic (congenital) Q61.8
hypertensive - see Hypertension, kidney
lupus M32.14
phosphate-losing (tubular) N25.0
polycystic (congenital) Q61.3
adult type Q61.2
childhood type NEC Q61.19
collecting duct dilatation Q61.11
rapidly progressive N01.9
subacute N01.9
Rendu-Osler-Weber (familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) I78.0
renovascular (arteriosclerotic) - see Hypertension, kidney
respiratory (tract) J98.9
acute or subacute NOS J06.9
due to
chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors (inhalation) J68.3
external agent J70.9
specified NEC J70.8
radiation J70.0
smoke inhalation J70.5
noninfectious J39.8
chronic NOS J98.9
due to
chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors J68.4
external agent J70.9
specified NEC J70.8
radiation J70.1
newborn P27.9
specified NEC P27.8
due to
chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors J68.9
acute or subacute NEC J68.3
chronic J68.4
external agent J70.9
specified NEC J70.8
newborn P28.9
specified type NEC P28.89
upper J39.9
acute or subacute J06.9
noninfectious NEC J39.8
specified NEC J39.8
streptococcal J06.9
retina, retinal H35.9
Batten's or Batten-Mayou E75.4
specified NEC H35.89
rheumatoid - see Arthritis, rheumatoid
rickettsial NOS A79.9
specified type NEC A79.89
Riga (-Fede) (cachectic aphthae) K14.0
Riggs' (compound periodontitis) - see Periodontitis
Ritter's L00
Rivalta's (cervicofacial actinomycosis) A42.2
Robles' (onchocerciasis) B73.01
Roger's (congenital interventricular septal defect) Q21.0
Rosenthal's (factor XI deficiency) D68.1
Rossbach's (hyperchlorhydria) K30
Ross River B33.1
Rotes Quérol - see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
Roth (-Bernhardt) - see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, meralgia paresthetica
Runeberg's (progressive pernicious anemia) D51.0
sacroiliac NEC M53.3
salivary gland or duct K11.9
inclusion B25.9
specified NEC K11.8
virus B25.9
sandworm B76.9
Schimmelbusch's - see Mastopathy, cystic
Schmorl's - see Schmorl's disease or nodes
Schönlein (-Henoch) (purpura rheumatica) D69.0
Schottmüller's - see Fever, paratyphoid
Schultz's (agranulocytosis) - see Agranulocytosis
Schwalbe-Ziehen-Oppenheim G24.1
Schwartz-Jampel G71.13
sclera H15.9
specified NEC H15.89
scrofulous (tuberculous) A18.2
scrotum N50.9
sebaceous glands L73.9
semilunar cartilage, cystic - see also Derangement, knee, meniscus, cystic
seminal vesicle N50.9
serum NEC T80.69 - see also Reaction, serum
sexually transmitted A64
herpesviral infection - see Herpes, anogenital
warts A63.0
chancroid A57
chlamydial infection - see Chlamydia
gonorrhea - see Gonorrhea
granuloma inguinale A58
specified organism NEC A63.8
syphilis - see Syphilis
trichomoniasis - see Trichomoniasis
Sézary C84.1-
shimamushi (scrub typhus) A75.3
shipyard B30.0
sickle-cell D57.1
with crisis (vasoocclusive pain) D57.00
acute chest syndrome D57.01
splenic sequestration D57.02
elliptocytosis D57.8-
Hb-C D57.20
with crisis (vasoocclusive pain) D57.219
acute chest syndrome D57.211
splenic sequestration D57.212
without crisis D57.20
Hb-SD D57.80
with crisis D57.819
acute chest syndrome D57.811
splenic sequestration D57.812
Hb-SE D57.80
with crisis D57.819
acute chest syndrome D57.811
splenic sequestration D57.812
specified NEC D57.80
with crisis D57.819
acute chest syndrome D57.811
splenic sequestration D57.812
spherocytosis D57.80
with crisis D57.819
acute chest syndrome D57.811
splenic sequestration D57.812
thalassemia D57.40
with crisis (vasoocclusive pain) D57.419
acute chest syndrome D57.411
splenic sequestration D57.412
without crisis D57.40
silo-filler's J68.8
bronchitis J68.0
pneumonitis J68.0
pulmonary edema J68.1
simian B B00.4
Simons' (progressive lipodystrophy) E88.1
sin nombre virus B33.4
sinus - see Sinusitis
Sirkari's B55.0
sixth B08.20
due to human herpesvirus 6 B08.21
due to human herpesvirus 7 B08.22
skin L98.9
due to metabolic disorder NEC E88.9
specified NEC L98.8
slim (HIV) B20
small vessel I73.9
Sneddon-Wilkinson (subcorneal pustular dermatosis) L13.1
South African creeping B88.0
spinal (cord) G95.9
congenital Q06.9
specified NEC G95.89
spine - see also Spondylopathy
joint - see Dorsopathy
tuberculous A18.01
spinocerebellar (hereditary) G11.9
specified NEC G11.8
spleen D73.9
amyloid E85.4
organic D73.9
polycystic Q89.09
postinfectional D73.89
sponge-diver's - see Toxicity, venom, marine animal, sea anemone
Startle Q89.8
Steinert's G71.11
Sticker's (erythema infectiosum) B08.3
Stieda's (calcification, knee joint) - see Bursitis, tibial collateral
Stokes' (exophthalmic goiter) - see Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter (diffuse)
Stokes-Adams (syncope with heart block) I45.9
stomach K31.9
functional, psychogenic F45.8
specified NEC K31.89
stonemason's J62.8
glycogen - see Disease, glycogen storage
mucopolysaccharide - see Mucopolysaccharidosis
striatopallidal system NEC G25.89
Stuart-Prower (congenital factor X deficiency) D68.2
Stuart's (congenital factor X deficiency) D68.2
subcutaneous tissue - see Disease, skin
supporting structures of teeth K08.9
specified NEC K08.8
suprarenal (capsule) (gland) E27.9
hyperfunction E27.0
specified NEC E27.8
sweat glands L74.9
specified NEC L74.8
Sweeley-Klionsky E75.21
Swift (-Feer) - see Poisoning, mercury
swimming-pool granuloma A31.1
Sylvest's (epidemic pleurodynia) B33.0
sympathetic nervous system G90.9
synovium - see Disorder, synovium
syphilitic - see Syphilis
systemic tissue mast cell C96.2
tanapox (virus) B08.71
Tangier E78.6
Tarral-Besnier (pityriasis rubra pilaris) L44.0
Tauri's E74.09
tear duct - see Disorder, lacrimal system
tendon, tendinous - see also Disorder, tendon
nodular - see Trigger finger
terminal vessel I73.9
testis N50.9
thalassemia Hb-S - see Disease, sickle-cell, thalassemia
Thaysen-Gee (nontropical sprue) K90.0
Thomsen G71.12
throat J39.2
septic J02.0
thromboembolic - see Embolism
thymus (gland) E32.9
specified NEC E32.8
thyroid (gland) E07.9
heart E05.90 - see also Hyperthyroidism
with thyroid storm E05.91
specified NEC E07.89
Tietze's M94.0
tongue K14.9
specified NEC K14.8
tonsils, tonsillar (and adenoids) J35.9
tooth, teeth K08.9
hard tissues K03.9
specified NEC K03.89
pulp NEC K04.99
specified NEC K08.8
Tourette's F95.2
trachea NEC J39.8
tricuspid I07.9
nonrheumatic I36.9
triglyceride-storage E75.5
trophoblastic - see Mole, hydatidiform
tsutsugamushi A75.3
tube (fallopian) (noninflammatory) N83.9
inflammatory - see Salpingitis
specified NEC N83.8
tuberculous NEC - see Tuberculosis
tubo-ovarian (noninflammatory) N83.9
inflammatory - see Salpingo-oophoritis
specified NEC N83.8
tubotympanic, chronic - see Otitis, media, suppurative, chronic, tubotympanic
tubulo-interstitial N15.9
specified NEC N15.8
tympanum - see Disorder, tympanic membrane
Uhl's Q24.8
Underwood's (sclerema neonatorum) P83.0
Unverricht (-Lundborg) - see Epilepsy, generalized, idiopathic
Urbach-Oppenheim (necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum) - see E08-E13 with .620
ureter N28.9
in (due to)
schistosomiasis (bilharziasis) B65.0
urethra N36.9
specified NEC N36.8
urinary (tract) N39.9
bladder N32.9
specified NEC N32.89
specified NEC N39.8
uterus (noninflammatory) N85.9
infective - see Endometritis
inflammatory - see Endometritis
specified NEC N85.8
uveal tract (anterior) H21.9
posterior H31.9
vagabond's B85.1
vagina, vaginal (noninflammatory) N89.9
inflammatory NEC N76.89
specified NEC N89.8
valve, valvular I38
multiple I08.9
specified NEC I08.8
van Creveld-von Gierke (glycogenosis I) E74.01
vas deferens N50.9
vascular I99.9
arteriosclerotic - see Arteriosclerosis
ciliary body NEC - see Disorder, iris, vascular
hypertensive - see Hypertension
iris NEC - see Disorder, iris, vascular
obliterative I77.1
peripheral I73.9
occlusive I99.8
peripheral (occlusive) I73.9
in diabetes mellitus - see E08-E13 with .51
vasomotor I73.9
vasospastic I73.9
vein I87.9
venereal A64 - see also Disease, sexually transmitted
chlamydial NEC A56.8
anus A56.3
genitourinary NOS A56.2
pharynx A56.4
rectum A56.3
fifth A55
sixth A55
specified nature or type NEC A63.8
vertebra, vertebral - see also Spondylopathy
disc - see Disorder, disc
vibration - see Vibration, adverse effects
viral, virus B34.9 - see also Disease, by type of virus
arbovirus NOS A94
arthropod-borne NOS A94
congenital P35.9
specified NEC P35.8
Hanta (with renal manifestations) (Dobrava) (Puumala) (Seoul) A98.5
with pulmonary manifestations (Andes) (Bayou) (Bermejo) (Black Creek Canal) (Choclo) (Juquitiba) (Laguna negra) (Lechiguanas) (New York) (Oran) (Sin nombre) B33.4
Hantaan (Korean hemorrhagic fever) A98.5
human immunodeficiency (HIV) B20
Kunjin A83.4
nonarthropod-borne NOS B34.9
Powassan A84.8
Rocio (encephalitis) A83.6
Sin nombre (Hantavirus) (cardio)-pulmonary syndrome) B33.4
Tahyna B33.8
vesicular stomatitis A93.8
vitreous H43.9
specified NEC H43.89
vocal cord J38.3
Volkmann's, acquired T79.6
von Eulenburg's (congenital paramyotonia) G71.19
von Gierke's (glycogenosis I) E74.01
von Graefe's - see Strabismus, paralytic, ophthalmoplegia, progressive
von Willebrand (-Jürgens) (angiohemophilia) D68.0
Vrolik's (osteogenesis imperfecta) Q78.0
vulva (noninflammatory) N90.9
inflammatory NEC N76.89
specified NEC N90.89
Wallgren's (obstruction of splenic vein with collateral circulation) I87.8
Wassilieff's (leptospiral jaundice) A27.0
wasting NEC R64
due to malnutrition E41
Waterhouse-Friderichsen A39.1
Wegner's (syphilitic osteochondritis) A50.02
Weil's (leptospiral jaundice of lung) A27.0
Weir Mitchell's (erythromelalgia) I73.81
Werdnig-Hoffmann G12.0
Wermer's E31.21
Werner-His (trench fever) A79.0
Werner-Schultz (neutropenic splenomegaly) D73.81
Wernicke-Posadas B38.9
whipworm B79
white blood cells D72.9
specified NEC D72.89
white matter R90.82
white-spot, meaning lichen sclerosus et atrophicus L90.0
penis N48.0
vulva N90.4
Wilkie's K55.1
Wilkinson-Sneddon (subcorneal pustular dermatosis) L13.1
Willis' - see Diabetes
Wilson's (hepatolenticular degeneration) E83.01
woolsorter's A22.1
yaba monkey tumor B08.72
yaba pox (virus) B08.72
zoonotic, bacterial A28.9
specified type NEC A28.8
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