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Puerperal ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 138 terms under the parent term 'Puerperal' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


abnormal glucose (tolerance test) O99.815
areola O91.02
associated with lactation O91.03
Bartholin's gland O86.19
breast O91.12
associated with lactation O91.13
cervix (uteri) O86.11
genital organ NEC O86.19
kidney O86.21
mammary O91.12
associated with lactation O91.13
nipple O91.02
associated with lactation O91.03
peritoneum O85
subareolar O91.12
associated with lactation O91.13
urinary tract - see Puerperal, infection, urinary
uterus O86.12
vagina (wall) O86.13
vaginorectal O86.13
vulvovaginal gland O86.13
adnexitis O86.19
afibrinogenemia, or other coagulation defect O72.3
albuminuria (acute) (subacute) - see Proteinuria, gestational
alcohol use O99.315
anemia O90.81
pre-existing (pre-pregnancy) O99.03
anesthetic death O89.8
apoplexy O99.43
bariatric surgery status O99.845
blood disorder NEC O99.13
blood dyscrasia O72.3
cardiomyopathy O90.3
cerebrovascular disorder (conditions in I60-I69) O99.43
cervicitis O86.11
circulatory system disorder O99.43
coagulopathy (any) O72.3
complications O90.9
specified NEC O90.89
convulsions - see Eclampsia
cystitis O86.22
cystopyelitis O86.29
delirium NEC F05
diabetes O24.93
gestational - see Puerperal, gestational diabetes
pre-existing O24.33
specified NEC O24.83
type 1 O24.03
type 2 O24.13
digestive system disorder O99.63
disease O90.9
breast NEC O92.29
cerebrovascular (acute) O99.43
nonobstetric NEC O99.89
tubo-ovarian O86.19
Valsuani's O99.03
disorder O90.9
biliary tract O26.63
lactation O92.70
liver O26.63
nonobstetric NEC O99.89
cesarean wound O90.0
episiotomy wound O90.1
perineal laceration wound O90.1
drug use O99.325
eclampsia (with pre-existing hypertension) O15.2
embolism (pulmonary) (blood clot) - see Embolism, obstetric, puerperal
endocrine, nutritional or metabolic disease NEC O99.285
endophlebitis - see Puerperal, phlebitis
endotrachelitis O86.11
lactation (complete) O92.3
partial O92.4
renal, acute O90.4
fever (of unknown origin) O86.4
septic O85
fissure, nipple O92.12
associated with lactation O92.13
breast (due to mastitis) O91.12
associated with lactation O91.13
nipple O91.02
associated with lactation O91.03
galactophoritis O91.22
associated with lactation O91.23
galactorrhea O92.6
gastric banding status O99.845
gastric bypass status O99.845
gastrointestinal disease NEC O99.63
gestational diabetes O24.439
diet controlled O24.430
insulin (and diet) controlled O24.434
gonorrhea O98.23
hematoma, subdural O99.43
hemiplegia, cerebral O99.355
due to cerbrovascular disorder O99.43
hemorrhage O72.1
brain O99.43
bulbar O99.43
cerebellar O99.43
cerebral O99.43
cortical O99.43
delayed or secondary O72.2
extradural O99.43
internal capsule O99.43
intracranial O99.43
intrapontine O99.43
meningeal O99.43
pontine O99.43
retained placenta O72.0
subarachnoid O99.43
subcortical O99.43
subdural O99.43
third stage O72.0
uterine, delayed O72.2
ventricular O99.43
hemorrhoids O87.2
hepatorenal syndrome O90.4
hypertension - see Hypertension, complicating, puerperium
hypertrophy, breast O92.29
induration breast (fibrous) O92.29
infection O86.4
cervix O86.11
generalized O85
genital tract NEC O86.19
obstetric surgical wound O86.0
kidney (bacillus coli) O86.21
maternal O98.93
carrier state NEC O99.835
gonorrhea O98.23
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) O98.73
protozoal O98.63
sexually transmitted NEC O98.33
specified NEC O98.83
streptococcus B carrier state O99.825
syphilis O98.13
tuberculosis O98.03
viral hepatitis O98.43
viral NEC O98.53
nipple O91.02
associated with lactation O91.03
peritoneum O85
renal O86.21
specified NEC O86.89
urinary (asymptomatic) (tract) NEC O86.20
bladder O86.22
kidney O86.21
specified site NEC O86.29
urethra O86.22
vagina O86.13
vein - see Puerperal, phlebitis
ischemia, cerebral O99.43
lymphangitis O86.89
breast O91.22
associated with lactation O91.23
malignancy O9A.13
malnutrition O25.3
mammillitis O91.02
associated with lactation O91.03
mammitis O91.22
associated with lactation O91.23
mania F30.8
mastitis O91.22
associated with lactation O91.23
purulent O91.12
associated with lactation O91.13
melancholia - see Disorder, depressive
mental disorder NEC O99.345
metroperitonitis O85
metrorrhagia - see Hemorrhage, postpartum
metrosalpingitis O86.19
metrovaginitis O86.13
milk leg O87.1
monoplegia, cerebral O99.43
mood disturbance O90.6
necrosis, liver (acute) (subacute) (conditions in subcategory K72.0 ) O26.63
with renal failure O90.4
nervous system disorder O99.355
neuritis O90.89
obesity (pre-existing prior to pregnancy) O99.215
obesity surgery status O99.845
occlusion, precerebral artery O99.43
bladder (sphincter) O90.89
cerebral O99.43
paralytic stroke O99.43
parametritis O85
paravaginitis O86.13
pelviperitonitis O85
perimetritis O86.12
perimetrosalpingitis O86.19
perinephritis O86.21
periphlebitis - see Puerperal phlebitis
peritoneal infection O85
peritonitis (pelvic) O85
perivaginitis O86.13
phlebitis O87.0
deep O87.1
pelvic O87.1
superficial O87.0
phlebothrombosis, deep O87.1
phlegmasia alba dolens O87.1
placental polyp O90.89
pneumonia, embolic - see Embolism, obstetric, puerperal
pre-eclampsia - see Pre-eclampsia
psychosis F53
pyelitis O86.21
pyelocystitis O86.29
pyelonephritis O86.21
pyelonephrosis O86.21
pyemia O85
pyocystitis O86.29
pyohemia O85
pyometra O86.12
pyonephritis O86.21
pyosalpingitis O86.19
pyrexia (of unknown origin) O86.4
disease NEC O90.89
failure O90.4
respiratory disease NEC O99.53
decidua - see Retention, decidua
placenta O72.0
secundines - see Retention, secundines
retrated nipple O92.02
salpingo-ovaritis O86.19
salpingoperitonitis O85
secondary perineal tear O90.1
sepsis (pelvic) O85
sepsis O85
septic thrombophlebitis O86.81
skin disorder NEC O99.73
specified condition NEC O99.89
stroke O99.43
subinvolution (uterus) O90.89
subluxation of symphysis (pubis) O26.73
suppuration - see Puerperal, abscess
tetanus A34
thelitis O91.02
associated with lactation O91.03
thrombocytopenia O72.3
thrombophlebitis (superficial) O87.0
deep O87.1
pelvic O87.1
septic O86.81
thrombosis (venous) - see Thrombosis, puerperal
thyroiditis O90.5
toxemia (eclamptic) (pre-eclamptic) (with convulsions) O15.2
trauma, non-obstetric O9A.23
caused by abuse (physical) (suspected) O9A.33
confirmed O9A.33
psychological (suspected) O9A.53
confirmed O9A.53
sexual (suspected) O9A.43
confirmed O9A.43
uremia (due to renal failure) O90.4
urethritis O86.22
vaginitis O86.13
varicose veins (legs) O87.4
vulva or perineum O87.8
venous O87.9
vulvitis O86.19
vulvovaginitis O86.13
white leg O87.1
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