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ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

There are 852 terms starting with the letter 'P' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.


Pachyderma, pachydermia L85.9
Pachydermatocele (congenital) Q82.8
Pachydermoperiostosis - see also Osteoarthropathy, hypertrophic, specified type NEC
Pachygyria Q04.3
Pachymeningitis (adhesive) (basal) (brain) (cervical) (chronic)(circumscribed) (external) (fibrous) (hemorrhagic) (hypertrophic) (internal) (purulent) (spinal) (suppurative) - see Meningitis
Pachyonychia (congenital) Q84.5
Pacinian tumor - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Pad, knuckle or Garrod's M72.1
Paget-Schroetter syndrome I82.890
Paget's disease
Pain (s) R52 - see also Painful
Painful - see also Pain
Painter's colic
Palate - see condition
Palatoplegia K13.79
Palatoschisis - see Cleft, palate
Palilalia R48.8
Palliative care Z51.5
Pallor R23.1
Palmar - see also condition
Palpitations (heart) R00.2
Palsy G83.9 - see also Paralysis
Paludism - see Malaria
Panangiitis M30.0
Panaris, panaritium - see also Cellulitis, digit
Panarteritis nodosa M30.0
Pancake heart R93.1
Pancarditis (acute) (chronic) I51.89
Pancoast's syndrome or tumor C34.1-
Pancolitis, ulcerative (chronic) K51.00
Pancreas, pancreatic - see condition
Pancreatitis (annular) (apoplectic) (calcareous) (edematous) (hemorrhagic) (malignant) (recurrent) (subacute) (suppurative) K85.9
Pancreatoblastoma - see Neoplasm, pancreas, malignant
Pancreolithiasis K86.8
Pancytolysis D75.89
Pancytopenia (acquired) D61.818
Panencephalitis, subacute, sclerosing A81.1
Panhematopenia D61.9
Panhemocytopenia D61.9
Panhypogonadism E29.1
Panhypopituitarism E23.0
Panic (attack) (state) F41.0
Panmyelopathy, familial, constitutional D61.09
Panmyelophthisis D61.82
Panmyelosis (acute) (with myelofibrosis) C94.4-
Panner's disease - see Osteochondrosis, juvenile, humerus
Panneuritis endemica E51.11
Panniculitis (nodular) (nonsuppurative) M79.3
Panniculus adiposus (abdominal) E65
Pannus (allergic) (cornea) (degenerativus) (keratic) H16.42-
Panophthalmitis H44.01-
Pansinusitis (chronic) (hyperplastic) (nonpurulent) (purulent) J32.4
Panuveitis (sympathetic) H44.11-
Panvalvular disease I08.9
Papanicolaou smear, cervix Z12.4
Papilledema (choked disc) H47.10
Papillitis H46.00
Papilloma - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Papillomata, multiple, of yaws A66.1
Papillomatosis - see also Neoplasm, benign, by site
Papillomavirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.7
Papillon-Léage and Psaume syndrome Q87.0
Papule (s) R23.8
Papyraceous fetus O31.0-
Para-albuminemia E88.09
Paracephalus Q89.7
Parachute mitral valve Q23.2
Paracoccidioidomycosis B41.9
Paradentosis K05.4
Paraffinoma T88.8
Paraganglioma D44.7
Parageusia R43.2
Paragonimiasis B66.4
Paragranuloma, Hodgkin - see Lymphoma, Hodgkin, classical, specified NEC
Parahemophilia D68.2 - see also Defect, coagulation
Parakeratosis R23.4
Paralysis, paralytic (complete) (incomplete) G83.9
Paramedial urethrovesical orifice Q64.79
Paramenia N92.6
Parametritis N73.2 - see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
Parametrium, parametric - see condition
Paramnesia - see Amnesia
Paramolar K00.1
Paramyloidosis E85.8
Paramyoclonus multiplex G25.3
Paramyotonia (congenita) G71.19
Parangi - see Yaws
Paranoia (querulans) F22
Paraparesis - see Paraplegia
Paraphasia R47.02
Paraphilia F65.9
Paraphimosis (congenital) N47.2
Paraphrenia, paraphrenic (late) F22
Paraplegia (lower) G82.20
Parapoxvirus B08.60
Paraproteinemia D89.2
Parapsoriasis L41.9
Parasitic - see also condition
Parasitism B89
Parasitophobia F40.218
Parasomnia G47.50
Paraspadias Q54.9
Paraspasmus facialis G51.8
Parasuicide (attempt)
Parathyroid gland - see condition
Parathyroid tetany E20.9
Paratrachoma A74.0
Paratyphilitis - see Appendicitis
Paratyphoid (fever) - see Fever, paratyphoid
Paratyphus - see Fever, paratyphoid
Paraurethral duct Q64.79
Paraurethritis - see also Urethritis
Paravaccinia NEC B08.04
Paravaginitis - see Vaginitis
Parencephalitis - see also Encephalitis
Parent-child conflict - see Conflict, parent-child
Paresis - see also Paralysis
Paresthesia - see also Disturbance, sensation
Paretic - see condition
Parkinsonism (idiopathic) (primary) G20
Parkinson's disease, syndrome or tremor - see Parkinsonism
Parodontitis - see Periodontitis
Parodontosis K05.4
Paronychia - see also Cellulitis, digit
Parorexia (psychogenic) F50.8
Parosmia R43.1
Parotid gland - see condition
Parotitis, parotiditis (allergic)(nonspecific toxic) (purulent) (septic) (suppurative) - see also Sialoadenitis
Parrot fever A70
Parrot's disease (early congenital syphilitic pseudoparalysis) A50.02
Parry-Romberg syndrome G51.8
Parry's disease or syndrome E05.00
Pars planitis - see Cyclitis
Parsonage (-Aldren)-Turner syndrome G54.5
Parson's disease (exophthalmic goiter) E05.00
Particolored infant Q82.8
Parturition - see Delivery
Parulis K04.7
Parvovirus, as cause of disease classified elsewhere B97.6
Pasini and Pierini's atrophoderma L90.3
Passive - see condition
Pasteurella septica A28.0
Pasteurellosis - see Infection, Pasteurella
PAT (paroxysmal atrial tachycardia) I47.1
Patau's syndrome - see Trisomy, 13
Patellar - see condition
Patent - see also Imperfect, closure
Paterson (-Brown)(-Kelly) syndrome or web D50.1
Pathologic, pathological - see also condition
Pathology (of) - see Disease
Pattern, sleep-wake, irregular G47.23
Patulous - see also Imperfect, closure (congenital)
Pause, sinoatrial I49.5
Paxton's disease B36.2
Pearl (s)
Pearl-worker's disease - see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
Pectenosis K62.4
Pectoral - see condition
Pedatrophia E41
Pederosis F65.4
Pediculosis (infestation) B85.2
Pediculus (infestation) - see Pediculosis
Pedophilia F65.4
Peg-shaped teeth K00.2
Pelade - see Alopecia, areata
Pelger-Huët anomaly or syndrome D72.0
Peliosis (rheumatica) D69.0
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease E75.29
Pellagra (alcoholic) (with polyneuropathy) E52
Pellagra-cerebellar-ataxia-renal aminoaciduria syndrome E72.02
Pellegrini (-Stieda) disease or syndrome - see Bursitis, tibial collateral
Pellizzi's syndrome E34.8
Pel's crisis A52.11
Pelvic - see also condition
Pelviolithiasis - see Calculus, kidney
Pelviperitonitis - see also Peritonitis, pelvic
Pelvis - see condition or type
Pemphigoid L12.9
Pemphigus L10.9
Pendred's syndrome E07.1
Penetrating wound - see also Puncture
Penicillosis B48.4
Penis - see condition
Penitis N48.29
Pentalogy of Fallot Q21.8
Pentasomy X syndrome Q97.1
Pentosuria (essential) E74.8
Percreta placenta O43.23-
Peregrinating patient - see Disorder, factitious
Perforation, perforated (nontraumatic) (of)
Periadenitis mucosa necrotica recurrens K12.0
Periappendicitis (acute) - see Appendicitis
Periarteritis nodosa (disseminated) (infectious) (necrotizing) M30.0
Periarthritis (joint) - see also Enthesopathy
Periarthrosis (angioneural) - see Enthesopathy
Pericapsulitis, adhesive (shoulder) - see Capsulitis, adhesive
Pericarditis (with decompensation) (with effusion) I31.9
Pericardium, pericardial - see condition
Pericellulitis - see Cellulitis
Pericementitis (chronic) (suppurative) - see also Periodontitis
Periclasia K05.4
Pericoronitis - see Periodontitis
Pericystitis N30.90
Peridiverticulitis (intestine) K57.92
Periendocarditis - see Endocarditis
Periepididymitis N45.1
Perifolliculitis L01.02
Perihepatitis K65.8
Perilabyrinthitis (acute)
Perimeningitis - see Meningitis
Perimetritis - see Endometritis
Perimetrosalpingitis - see Salpingo-oophoritis
Perineocele N81.81
Perinephric, perinephritic - see condition
Perinephritis - see also Infection, kidney
Perineum, perineal - see condition
Perineuritis NEC - see Neuralgia
Periodic - see condition
Periodontitis (chronic) (complex) (compound) (local) (simplex) K05.30
Periodontoclasia K05.4
Periodontosis (juvenile) K05.4
Periods - see also Menstruation
Perionychia - see also Cellulitis, digit
Perioophoritis - see Salpingo-oophoritis
Periorchitis N45.2
Periosteum, periosteal - see condition
Periostitis (albuminosa) (circumscribed) (diffuse) (infective) (monomelic) - see also Osteomyelitis
Periostosis (hyperplastic) - see also Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
Periphlebitis - see Phlebitis
Periproctitis K62.89
Periprostatitis - see Prostatitis
Perirectal - see condition
Perirenal - see condition
Perisalpingitis - see Salpingo-oophoritis
Perisplenitis (infectional) D73.89
Peristalsis, visible or reversed R19.2
Peritendinitis - see Enthesopathy
Peritoneum, peritoneal - see condition
Peritonitis (adhesive) (bacterial) (fibrinous) (hemorrhagic) (idiopathic) (localized) (perforative) (primary) (with adhesions) (with effusion) K65.9
Peritonsillar - see condition
Peritonsillitis J36
Perityphlitis K37
Periureteritis N28.89
Periurethral - see condition
Periurethritis (gangrenous) - see Urethritis
Periuterine - see condition
Perivaginitis - see Vaginitis
Perivasculitis, retinal H35.06-
Perivasitis (chronic) N49.1
Perivesiculitis (seminal) - see Vesiculitis
Perlèche NEC K13.0
Pernicious - see condition
Pernio, perniosis T69.1
Perpetrator (of abuse) - see Index to External Causes of Injury, Perpetrator
Perseveration (tonic) R48.8
Persistence, persistent (congenital)
Person (with)
Personality (disorder) F60.9
Perthes' disease - see Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease
Pertussis A37.90 - see also Whooping cough
Perversion, perverted
Pervious, congenital - see also Imperfect, closure
Pes (congenital) - see also Talipes
Pest, pestis - see Plague
Petechia, petechiae R23.3
Petechial typhus A75.9
Peter's anomaly Q13.4
Petit mal seizure - see Epilepsy, generalized, specified NEC
Petit's hernia - see Hernia, abdomen, specified site NEC
Petrellidosis B48.2
Petrositis H70.20-
Peutz-Jeghers disease or syndrome Q85.8
Peyronie's disease N48.6
Pfeiffer's disease - see Mononucleosis, infectious
Phagedena (dry) (moist) (sloughing) - see also Gangrene
Phagedenic - see condition
Phakoma H35.89
Phakomatosis Q85.9 - see also specific eponymous syndromes
Phantom limb syndrome (without pain) G54.7
Pharyngeal pouch syndrome D82.1
Pharyngitis (acute) (catarrhal)(gangrenous) (infective) (malignant) (membranous) (phlegmonous) (pseudomembranous) (simple) (subacute) (suppurative) (ulcerative) (viral) J02.9
Pharyngoconjunctivitis, viral B30.2
Pharyngolaryngitis (acute) J06.0
Pharyngoplegia J39.2
Pharyngotonsillitis, herpesviral B00.2
Pharyngotracheitis, chronic J42
Pharynx, pharyngeal - see condition
Phenylketonuria E70.1
Pheohyphomycosis - see Chromomycosis
Pheomycosis - see Chromomycosis
Phimosis (congenital) (due to infection) N47.1
Phlebectasia - see also Varix
Phlebitis (infective) (pyemic) (septic) (suppurative) I80.9
Phlebofibrosis I87.8
Phleboliths I87.8
Phlebosclerosis I87.8
Phlebothrombosis - see also Thrombosis
Phlebotomus fever A93.1
Phlegmon - see Abscess
Phlegmonous - see condition
Phlyctenulosis (allergic) (keratoconjunctivitis) (nontuberculous) - see also Keratoconjunctivitis
Phobia, phobic F40.9
Phocas' disease - see Mastopathy, cystic
Phocomelia Q73.1
Phoria H50.50
Phosphate-losing tubular disorder N25.0
Phosphatemia E83.39
Phosphaturia E83.39
Photodermatitis (sun) L56.8
Photokeratitis H16.13-
Photophobia H53.14-
Photophthalmia - see Photokeratitis
Photopsia H53.19
Photoretinitis - see Retinopathy, solar
Photosensitivity, photosensitization (sun) skin L56.8
Phrenitis - see Encephalitis
Phrynoderma (vitamin A deficiency) E50.8
Phthiriasis (pubis) B85.3
Phthirus infestation - see Phthiriasis
Phthisis - see also Tuberculosis
Phycomycosis - see Zygomycosis
Physalopteriasis B81.8
Physical restraint status Z78.1
Phytobezoar T18.9
Pian - see Yaws
Pianoma A66.1
Pica F50.8
Picking, nose F98.8
Pick-Niemann disease - see Niemann-Pick disease or syndrome
Pickwickian syndrome E66.2
Piebaldism E70.39
Piedra (beard) (scalp) B36.8
Pierre Robin deformity or syndrome Q87.0
Pierson's disease or osteochondrosis M91.0
Pig-bel A05.2
Pigmentation (abnormal) (anomaly) L81.9
Piles K64.9 - see also Hemorrhoids
Pill roller hand (intrinsic) - see Parkinsonism
Pilomatrixoma - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Pilonidal - see condition
Pimple R23.8
Pinched nerve - see Neuropathy, entrapment
Pindborg tumor - see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
Pineal body or gland - see condition
Pinealoblastoma C75.3
Pinealoma D44.5
Pineoblastoma C75.3
Pineocytoma D44.5
Pinguecula H11.15-
Pingueculitis H10.81-
Pinhole meatus N35.9 - see also Stricture, urethra
Pinkus' disease (lichen nitidus) L44.1
Pins and needles R20.2
Pinta A67.9
Pintids A67.1
Pinworm (disease) (infection) (infestation) B80
Piroplasmosis B60.0
Pistol wound - see Gunshot wound
Pitchers' elbow - see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC, elbow
Pithecoid pelvis Q74.2
Pithiatism F48.8
Pitted - see Pitting
Pitting R60.9 - see also Edema
Pituitary gland - see condition
Pituitary-snuff-taker's disease J67.8
Pityriasis (capitis) L21.0
Placenta, placental - see Pregnancy, complicated by (care of) (management affected by), specified condition
Placentitis O41.14-
Plagiocephaly Q67.3
Plague A20.9
Planning, family
Plaque (s)
Plasmacytoma C90.3-
Plasmacytopenia D72.818
Plasmacytosis D72.822
Plaster ulcer - see Ulcer, pressure, by site
Plateau iris syndrome (post-iridectomy) (postprocedural) (without glaucoma) H21.82
Platybasia Q75.8
Platyonychia (congenital) Q84.6
Platypelloid pelvis M95.5
Platyspondylisis Q76.49
Plaut (-Vincent) disease A69.1 - see also Vincent's
Plethora R23.2
Pleura, pleural - see condition
Pleuralgia R07.81
Pleurisy (acute) (adhesive) (chronic) (costal) (diaphragmatic) (double) (dry) (fibrinous) (fibrous) (interlobar) (latent) (plastic) (primary) (residual) (sicca) (sterile) (subacute) (unresolved) R09.1
Pleuritis sicca - see Pleurisy
Pleurobronchopneumonia - see Pneumonia, broncho-
Pleurodynia R07.81
Pleuropericarditis - see also Pericarditis
Pleuropneumonia (acute) (bilateral) (double) (septic) J18.8 - see also Pneumonia
Pleuro-pneumonia-like-organism (PPLO), as cause of disease classified elsewhere B96.0
Pleurorrhea - see Pleurisy, with effusion
Plexitis, brachial G54.0
Plicated tongue K14.5
Plummer's disease E05.20
Plummer-Vinson syndrome D50.1
Pluricarential syndrome of infancy E40
Plus (and minus) hand (intrinsic) - see Deformity, limb, specified type NEC, forearm
Pneumathemia - see Air, embolism
Pneumatic hammer (drill) syndrome T75.21
Pneumatocele (lung) J98.4
Pneumaturia R39.89
Pneumoblastoma - see Neoplasm, lung, malignant
Pneumocephalus G93.89
Pneumococcemia A40.3
Pneumococcus, pneumococcal - see condition
Pneumoconiosis (due to) (inhalation of) J64
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia B59
Pneumocystis jiroveci (pneumonia) B59
Pneumocystosis (with pneumonia) B59
Pneumohemopericardium I31.2
Pneumohemothorax J94.2
Pneumohydropericardium - see Pericarditis
Pneumohydrothorax - see Hydrothorax
Pneumomediastinum J98.2
Pneumomycosis B49
Pneumonia (acute) (double) (migratory) (purulent) (septic) (unresolved) J18.9
Pneumonic - see condition
Pneumonitis (acute) (primary) - see also Pneumonia
Pneumonoconiosis - see Pneumoconiosis
Pneumoparotid K11.8
Pneumopathy NEC J98.4
Pneumopericarditis - see also Pericarditis
Pneumopericardium - see also Pericarditis
Pneumophagia (psychogenic) F45.8
Pneumopleurisy, pneumopleuritis J18.8 - see also Pneumonia
Pneumopyopericardium I30.1
Pneumopyothorax - see Pyopneumothorax
Pneumorrhagia - see also Hemorrhage, lung
Pneumothorax NOS J93.9
Podagra M10.9 - see also Gout
Podencephalus Q01.9
Poikilocytosis R71.8
Poikiloderma L81.6
Poikilodermatomyositis M33.10
Pointed ear (congenital) Q17.3
Poison ivy, oak, sumac or other plant dermatitis (allergic) (contact) L23.7
Poisoning (acute) - see also Table of Drugs and Chemicals
Poker spine - see Spondylitis, ankylosing
Poland syndrome Q79.8
Polioencephalitis (acute) (bulbar) A80.9
Polioencephalomyelitis (acute) (anterior) A80.9
Polioencephalopathy, superior hemorrhagic E51.2
Poliomeningoencephalitis - see Meningoencephalitis
Poliomyelitis (acute) (anterior) (epidemic) A80.9
Poliosis (eyebrow) (eyelashes) L67.1
Pollakiuria R35.0
Pollinosis J30.1
Pollitzer's disease L73.2
Polyadenitis - see also Lymphadenitis
Polyalgia M79.89
Polyangiitis M30.0
Polyarthralgia - see Pain, joint
Polyarthritis, polyarthropathy M13.0 - see also Arthritis
Polyarthrosis M15.9
Polycarential syndrome of infancy E40
Polychondritis (atrophic) (chronic) - see also Disorder, cartilage, specified type NEC
Polycoria Q13.2
Polycystic (disease)
Polycythemia (secondary) D75.1
Polycytosis cryptogenica D75.1
Polydactylism, polydactyly Q69.9
Polydipsia R63.1
Polydystrophy, pseudo-Hurler E77.0
Polyembryoma - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site
Polyhydramnios O40.-
Polymastia Q83.1
Polymenorrhea N92.0
Polymyalgia M35.3
Polymyositis (acute) (chronic) (hemorrhagic) M33.20
Polyneuritis, polyneuritic - see also Polyneuropathy
Polyneuropathy (peripheral) G62.9
Polyopia H53.8
Polyorchism, polyorchidism Q55.21
Polyosteoarthritis M15.9- - see also Osteoarthritis, generalized
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia Q78.1
Polyotia Q17.0
Polyp, polypus
Polyphagia R63.2
Polyploidy Q92.7
Polypoid - see condition
Polyposis - see also Polyp
Polyradiculitis - see Polyneuropathy
Polyradiculoneuropathy (acute) (postinfective) (segmentally demyelinating) G61.0
Polysplenia syndrome Q89.09
Polysyndactyly Q70.4 - see also Syndactylism, syndactyly
Polytrichia L68.3
Polyunguia Q84.6
Polyuria R35.8
Pompe's disease (glycogen storage) E74.02
Pompholyx L30.1
Poncet's disease (tuberculous rheumatism) A18.09
Pond fracture - see Fracture, skull
Ponos B55.0
Pons, pontine - see condition
Poradenitis, nostras inguinalis or venerea A55
Porencephaly (congenital) (developmental) (true) Q04.6
Porocephaliasis B88.8
Porokeratosis Q82.8
Poroma, eccrine - see Neoplasm, skin, benign
Porphyria (South African) E80.20
Porphyrinuria - see Porphyria
Porphyruria - see Porphyria
Portal - see condition
Port wine nevus, mark, or stain Q82.5
Posadas-Wernicke disease B38.9
Postcardiotomy syndrome I97.0
Postcaval ureter Q62.62
Postcholecystectomy syndrome K91.5
Postclimacteric bleeding N95.0
Postcommissurotomy syndrome I97.0
Postconcussional syndrome F07.81
Postcontusional syndrome F07.81
Postcricoid region - see condition
Post-dates (40-42 weeks) (pregnancy) (mother) O48.0
Postencephalitic syndrome F07.89
Posterior - see condition
Posterolateral sclerosis (spinal cord) - see Degeneration, combined
Postexanthematous - see condition
Postfebrile - see condition
Postgastrectomy dumping syndrome K91.1
Posthemiplegic chorea - see Monoplegia
Posthemorrhagic anemia (chronic) D50.0
Postherpetic neuralgia (zoster) B02.29
Posthitis N47.7
Postimmunization complication or reaction - see Complications, vaccination
Postinfectious - see condition
Postlaminectomy syndrome NEC M96.1
Postleukotomy syndrome F07.0
Postmastectomy lymphedema (syndrome) I97.2
Postmaturity, postmature (over 42 weeks)
Postmeasles complication NEC B05.89 - see also condition
Postnasal drip R09.82
Postnatal - see condition
Postoperative (postprocedural) - see Complication, postoperative
Postpancreatectomy hyperglycemia E89.1
Postpartum - see Puerperal
Postphlebitic syndrome - see Syndrome, postthrombotic
Postpoliomyelitic - see also condition
Postpolio (myelitic) syndrome G14
Postprocedural - see also Postoperative
Postschizophrenic depression F32.8
Postsurgery status - see also Status (post)
Post-term (40-42 weeks) (pregnancy) (mother) O48.0
Post-traumatic brain syndrome, nonpsychotic F07.81
Post-typhoid abscess A01.09
Postures, hysterical F44.2
Postvaccinal reaction or complication - see Complications, vaccination
Postvalvulotomy syndrome I97.0
Pouchitis K91.850
Poultrymen's itch B88.0
Poverty NEC Z59.6
Poxvirus NEC B08.8
Prader-Willi syndrome Q87.1
Preauricular appendage or tag Q17.0
Prebetalipoproteinemia (acquired) (essential) (familial) (hereditary) (primary) (secondary) E78.1
Precipitate labor or delivery O62.3
Preclimacteric bleeding (menorrhagia) N92.4
Precocity, sexual (constitutional) (cryptogenic) (female) (idiopathic) (male) E30.1
Precordial pain R07.2
Predeciduous teeth K00.2
Prediabetes, prediabetic R73.09
Predislocation status of hip at birth Q65.6
Pre-eclampsia O14.9-
Pre-eruptive color change, teeth, tooth K00.8
Pre-excitation atrioventricular conduction I45.6
Preglaucoma H40.00-
Pregnancy (single) (uterine) - see also Delivery and Puerperal
Preiser's disease - see Osteonecrosis, secondary, due to, trauma, metacarpus
Pre-kwashiorkor - see Malnutrition, severe
Preleukemia (syndrome) D46.9
Preluxation, hip, congenital Q65.6
Premature - see also condition
Prematurity NEC (less than 37 completed weeks) - see Preterm, newborn
Premolarization, cuspids K00.2
Preparatory care for subsequent treatment NEC
Prepartum - see condition
Preponderance, left or right ventricular I51.7
Prepuce - see condition
PRES (posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome) I67.83
Presbycardia R54
Presbycusis, presbyacusia H91.1-
Presbyesophagus K22.8
Presbyophrenia F03
Presbyopia H52.4
Prescription of contraceptives (initial) Z30.019
Presence (of)
Presenile - see also condition
Presentation, fetal - see Delivery , complicated by, malposition
Prespondylolisthesis (congenital) Q76.2
Pre-syncope R55
Priapism N48.30
Prickling sensation (skin) R20.2
Prickly heat L74.0
Primary - see condition
Primus varus (bilateral) Q66.2
PRIND (Prolonged reversible ischemic neurologic deficit) I63.9
Pringle's disease (tuberous sclerosis) Q85.1
Prinzmetal angina I20.1
Prizefighter ear - see Cauliflower ear
Problem (with) (related to)
Procedure (surgical)
Procidentia (uteri) N81.3
Proctalgia K62.89
Proctitis K62.89
Proctocolitis, mucosal - see Rectosigmoiditis, ulcerative
Proctoptosis K62.3
Proctorrhagia K62.5
Proctosigmoiditis K63.89
Proctospasm K59.4
Profichet's disease - see Disorder, soft tissue, specified type NEC
Progeria E34.8
Prognathism (mandibular) (maxillary) M26.19
Progonoma (melanotic) - see Neoplasm, benign, by site
Progressive - see condition
Prolapse, prolapsed
Prolapsus, female N81.9
Proliferation (s)
Proliferative - see condition
Prolonged, prolongation (of)
Prominence, prominent
Promiscuity - see High, risk, sexual behavior
Propionic acidemia E71.121
Proptosis (ocular) - see also Exophthalmos
Prosecution, anxiety concerning Z65.3
Prosopagnosia R48.3
Prostadynia N42.81
Prostate, prostatic - see condition
Prostatism - see Hyperplasia, prostate
Prostatitis (congestive) (suppurative) (with cystitis) N41.9
Prostatocystitis N41.3
Prostatorrhea N42.89
Prostatosis N42.82
Prostration R53.83
Protanomaly (anomalous trichromat) H53.54
Protanopia (complete) (incomplete) H53.54
Protection (against) (from) - see Prophylactic
Proteinemia R77.9
Proteinuria R80.9
Proteolysis, pathologic D65
Proteus (mirabilis) (morganii), as cause of disease classified elsewhere B96.4
Prothrombin gene mutation D68.52
Protoporphyria, erythropoietic E80.0
Protozoal - see also condition
Protrusion, protrusio
Prune belly (syndrome) Q79.4
Prurigo (ferox) (gravis) (Hebrae) (Hebra's) (mitis) (simplex) L28.2
Pruritus, pruritic (essential) L29.9
Pseudarthrosis, pseudoarthrosis (bone) - see Nonunion, fracture
Pseudoaneurysm - see Aneurysm
Pseudoangioma I81
Pseudoangina (pectoris) - see Angina
Pseudoarteriosus Q28.8
Pseudoarthrosis - see Pseudarthrosis
Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) F48.2
Pseudochromhidrosis L67.8
Pseudocirrhosis, liver, pericardial I31.1
Pseudocowpox B08.03
Pseudocoxalgia M91.3-
Pseudocroup J38.5
Pseudo-Cushing's syndrome, alcohol-induced E24.4
Pseudocyesis F45.8
Pseudoelephantiasis neuroarthritica Q82.0
Pseudoexfoliation, capsule (lens) - see Cataract, specified NEC
Pseudofolliculitis barbae L73.1
Pseudoglioma H44.89
Pseudohemophilia (Bernuth's) (hereditary) (type B) D68.0
Pseudohermaphroditism Q56.3
Pseudo-Hurler's polydystrophy E77.0
Pseudohydrocephalus G93.2
Pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy (Erb's) G71.0
Pseudohypertrophy, muscle G71.0
Pseudohypoparathyroidism E20.1
Pseudoinsomnia F51.03
Pseudoleukemia, infantile D64.89
Pseudomembranous - see condition
Pseudomenses (newborn) P54.6
Pseudomenstruation (newborn) P54.6
Pseudomeningocele (cerebral) (infective) (post-traumatic) G96.19
Pseudomyotonia G71.19
Pseudomyxoma peritonei C78.6
Pseudoneuritis, optic (nerve) (disc) (papilla), congenital Q14.2
Pseudo-obstruction intestine (acute) (chronic) (idiopathic) (intermittent secondary) (primary) K59.8
Pseudopapilledema H47.33-
Pseudopelade L66.0
Pseudophakia Z96.1
Pseudopolyarthritis, rhizomelic M35.3
Pseudopolycythemia D75.1
Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism E20.1
Pseudopterygium H11.81-
Pseudoptosis (eyelid) - see Blepharochalasis
Pseudopuberty, precocious
Pseudorickets (renal) N25.0
Pseudorubella B08.20
Pseudosclerema, newborn P83.8
Pseudosclerosis (brain)
Pseudotetanus - see Convulsions
Pseudotetany R29.0
Pseudotruncus arteriosus Q25.4
Pseudotuberculosis A28.2
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum Q82.8
Psilosis (sprue) (tropical) K90.1
Psittacosis A70
Psoitis M60.88
Psoriasis L40.9
Psychasthenia F48.8
Psychiatric disorder or problem F99
Psychogenic - see also condition
Psychological and behavioral factors affecting medical condition F59
Psychoneurosis, psychoneurotic - see also Neurosis
Psychopathy, psychopathic
Psychosexual identity disorder of childhood F64.2
Psychosis, psychotic F29
Psychosomatic - see Disorder, psychosomatic
Psychosyndrome, organic F07.9
Psychotic episode due to or associated with physical condition F06.8
Pterygium (eye) H11.00-
Ptilosis (eyelid) - see Madarosis
Ptomaine (poisoning) - see Poisoning, food
Ptosis - see also Blepharoptosis
PTP D69.51
Ptyalism (periodic) K11.7
Ptyalolithiasis K11.5
Pubarche, precocious E30.1
Pubertas praecox E30.1
Puberty (development state) Z00.3
Puckering, macula - see Degeneration, macula, puckering
Pudenda, pudendum - see condition
Puente's disease (simple glandular cheilitis) K13.0
Puerperal, puerperium (complicated by, complications)
Puerperium - see Puerperal
Pulmolithiasis J98.4
Pulmonary - see condition
Pulpitis (acute) (anachoretic) (chronic) (hyperplastic) (irreversible) (putrescent) (reversible) (suppurative) (ulcerative) K04.0
Pulpless tooth K04.99
Pulsus alternans or trigeminus R00.8
Punch drunk F07.81
Punctum lacrimale occlusion - see Obstruction, lacrimal
PUO (pyrexia of unknown origin) R50.9
Pupillary membrane (persistent) Q13.89
Pupillotonia - see Anomaly, pupil, function, tonic pupil
Purpura D69.2
Purpuric spots R23.3
Purulent - see condition
Pustular rash L08.0
Pustule (nonmalignant) L08.9
Pustulosis palmaris et plantaris L40.3
Putnam (-Dana) disease or syndrome - see Degeneration, combined
Putrescent pulp (dental) K04.1
Pyarthritis, pyarthrosis - see Arthritis, pyogenic or pyemic
Pyelectasis - see Hydronephrosis
Pyelitis (congenital) (uremic) - see also Pyelonephritis
Pyelocystitis - see Pyelonephritis
Pyelonephritis - see also Nephritis, tubulo-interstitial
Pyelonephrosis (obstructive) N11.1
Pyelophlebitis I80.8
Pyeloureteritis cystica N28.85
Pyemia, pyemic (fever) (infection) (purulent) - see also Sepsis
Pygopagus Q89.4
Pyknoepilepsy (idiopathic) - see Pyknolepsy
Pyknolepsy G40.A09
Pylephlebitis K75.1
Pyle's syndrome Q78.5
Pylethrombophlebitis K75.1
Pylethrombosis K75.1
Pyloritis K29.90
Pylorospasm (reflex) NEC K31.3
Pylorus, pyloric - see condition
Pyoarthrosis - see Arthritis, pyogenic or pyemic
Pyocolpos - see Vaginitis
Pyocystitis N30.80
Pyoderma, pyodermia L08.0
Pyodermatitis L08.0
Pyogenic - see condition
Pyohydronephrosis N13.6
Pyometra, pyometrium, pyometritis - see Endometritis
Pyomyositis (tropical) - see Myositis, infective
Pyonephritis N12
Pyonephrosis N13.6
Pyo-oophoritis - see Salpingo-oophoritis
Pyo-ovarium - see Salpingo-oophoritis
Pyopericarditis, pyopericardium I30.1
Pyophlebitis - see Phlebitis
Pyopneumopericardium I30.1
Pyopneumothorax (infective) J86.9
Pyosalpinx, pyosalpingitis - see also Salpingo-oophoritis
Pyothorax J86.9
Pyoureter N28.89
Pyramidopallidonigral syndrome G20
Pyrexia (of unknown origin) R50.9
Pyroglobulinemia NEC E88.09
Pyromania F63.1
Pyrosis R12
Pyuria (bacterial) N39.0
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