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Pain ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index is designed to allow medical coders to look up various medical terms and connect them with the appropriate ICD codes. There are 123 terms under the parent term 'Pain' in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index.

Pain - see also Painful

See Code: R52

abdominal R10.9
colic R10.83
generalized R10.84
with acute abdomen R10.0
lower R10.30
left quadrant R10.32
pelvic or perineal R10.2
periumbilical R10.33
right quadrant R10.31
rebound - see Tenderness, abdominal, rebound
severe with abdominal rigidity R10.0
tenderness - see Tenderness, abdominal
upper R10.10
epigastric R10.13
left quadrant R10.12
right quadrant R10.11
acute R52
due to trauma G89.11
neoplasm related G89.3
postprocedural NEC G89.18
post-thoracotomy G89.12
specified by site - code to Pain, by site
adnexa (uteri) R10.2
anginoid - see Pain, precordial
anus K62.89
arm - see Pain, limb, upper
axillary (axilla) M79.62-
back (postural) M54.9
bladder R39.89
associated with micturition - see Micturition, painful
bone - see Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
breast N64.4
broad ligament R10.2
cancer associated (acute) (chronic) G89.3
cecum - see Pain, abdominal
cervicobrachial M53.1
chest (central) R07.9
anterior wall R07.89
atypical R07.89
ischemic I20.9
musculoskeletal R07.89
non-cardiac R07.89
on breathing R07.1
pleurodynia R07.81
precordial R07.2
wall (anterior) R07.89
chronic G89.29
associated with significant psychosocial dysfunction G89.4
due to trauma G89.21
neoplasm related G89.3
postoperative NEC G89.28
postprocedural NEC G89.28
post-thoracotomy G89.22
specified NEC G89.29
coccyx M53.3
colon - see Pain, abdominal
coronary - see Angina
costochondral R07.1
diaphragm R07.1
due to cancer G89.3
due to device, implant or graft T85.84 - see also Complications, by site and type, specified NEC
arterial graft NEC T82.848
breast (implant) T85.84
catheter NEC T85.84
dialysis (renal) T82.848
intraperitoneal T85.84
infusion NEC T82.848
spinal (epidural) (subdural) T85.84
urinary (indwelling) T83.84
electronic (electrode) (pulse generator) (stimulator)
bone T84.84
cardiac T82.847
nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal) T85.84
urinary T83.84
fixation, internal (orthopedic) NEC T84.84
gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus) T85.84
genital NEC T83.84
heart NEC T82.847
infusion NEC T85.84
joint prosthesis T84.84
ocular (corneal graft) (orbital implant) NEC T85.84
orthopedic NEC T84.84
specified NEC T85.84
urinary NEC T83.84
vascular NEC T82.848
ventricular intracranial shunt T85.84
due to malignancy (primary) (secondary) G89.3
epigastric, epigastrium R10.13
eye - see Pain, ocular
face, facial R51
atypical G50.1
female genital organs NEC N94.89
finger - see Pain, limb, upper
flank - see Pain, abdominal
foot - see Pain, limb, lower
gallbladder K82.9
gas (intestinal) R14.1
gastric - see Pain, abdominal
generalized NOS R52
genital organ
female N94.89
male N50.8
groin - see Pain, abdominal, lower
hand - see Pain, limb, upper
head - see Headache
heart - see Pain, precordial
infra-orbital - see Neuralgia, trigeminal
intercostal R07.82
intermenstrual N94.0
jaw R68.84
joint M25.50
ankle M25.57-
elbow M25.52-
finger M79.64-
foot M25.57-
hand M79.64-
hip M25.55-
knee M25.56-
shoulder M25.51-
toe M25.57-
wrist M25.53-
kidney N23
laryngeal R07.0
leg - see Pain, limb, lower
limb M79.609
lower M79.60-
foot M79.67-
lower leg M79.66-
thigh M79.65-
toe M79.67-
upper M79.60-
axilla M79.62-
finger M79.64-
forearm M79.63-
hand M79.64-
upper arm M79.62-
loin M54.5
low back M54.5
lumbar region M54.5
mandibular R68.84
maxilla R68.84
menstrual N94.6 - see also Dysmenorrhea
metacarpophalangeal (joint) - see Pain, joint, hand
metatarsophalangeal (joint) - see Pain, joint, foot
mouth K13.79
muscle - see Myalgia
musculoskeletal M79.1 - see also Pain, by site
myofascial M79.1
nasal J34.89
nasopharynx J39.2
neck NEC M54.2
nerve NEC - see Neuralgia
neuromuscular - see Neuralgia
nose J34.89
ocular H57.1-
ophthalmic - see Pain, ocular
orbital region - see Pain, ocular
ovary N94.89
over heart - see Pain, precordial
ovulation N94.0
pelvic (female) R10.2
penis N48.89
pericardial - see Pain, precordial
perineal, perineum R10.2
pharynx J39.2
pleura, pleural, pleuritic R07.81
postoperative NOS G89.18
postprocedural NOS G89.18
post-thoracotomy G89.12
precordial (region) R07.2
premenstrual N94.3
psychogenic (persistent) (any site) F45.41
radicular (spinal) - see Radiculopathy
rectum K62.89
respiration R07.1
retrosternal R07.2
rheumatoid, muscular - see Myalgia
rib R07.81
root (spinal) - see Radiculopathy
round ligament (stretch) R10.2
sacroiliac M53.3
sciatic - see Sciatica
scrotum N50.8
seminal vesicle N50.8
shoulder M25.51-
spermatic cord N50.8
spinal root - see Radiculopathy
spine M54.9
cervical M54.2
low back M54.5
with sciatica M54.4-
thoracic M54.6
stomach - see Pain, abdominal
substernal R07.2
temporomandibular (joint) M26.62
testis N50.8
thoracic spine M54.6
with radicular and visceral pain M54.14
throat R07.0
tibia - see Pain, limb, lower
toe - see Pain, limb, lower
tongue K14.6
tooth K08.8
trigeminal - see Neuralgia, trigeminal
tumor associated G89.3
ureter N23
urinary (organ) (system) N23
uterus NEC N94.89
vagina R10.2
vertebrogenic (syndrome) M54.89
vesical R39.89
associated with micturition - see Micturition, painful
vulva R10.2
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