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ICD-10-CM Code E70.29
Other disorders of tyrosine metabolism

Billable Code
Billable codes are sufficient justification for admission to an acute care hospital when used a principal diagnosis.
| ICD-10 from 2011 - 2016

E70.29 is a billable ICD code used to specify a diagnosis of other disorders of tyrosine metabolism. A 'billable code' is detailed enough to be used to specify a medical diagnosis.

The ICD code E702 is used to code Alkaptonuria

Alkaptonuria (black urine disease, black bone disease, or alcaptonuria) is a rare inherited genetic disorder in which the body cannot process the amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine, which occur in protein. It is caused by a mutation in the HGD gene for the enzyme homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase (EC; if a person inherits abnormal copies from each parent (it is a recessive condition) the body accumulates an intermediate substance called homogentisic acid in the blood and tissues. Homogentisic acid and its oxidated form alkapton are excreted in the urine, giving it an unusually dark color. The accumulating homogentisic acid causes damage to cartilage (ochronosis, leading to osteoarthritis) and heart valves as well as precipitating as kidney stones and stones in other organs. Symptoms usually develop in people over thirty years old, although the dark discoloration of the urine is present from birth.

Specialty: Endocrinology
MeSH Code: D000474
ICD 9 Code: 270.2

Pigmentation of the face in alkaptonuria

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MS-DRG Mapping

  • DRG Group #642 - Inborn and other disorders of metabolism.

Related Concepts SNOMET-CT

  • Alkaptonuria (finding)

ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index References for 'E70.29 - Other disorders of tyrosine metabolism'

The ICD-10-CM Alphabetical Index links the below-listed medical terms to the ICD code E70.29. Click on any term below to browse the alphabetical index.

Tyrosinuria (E70.29)
Ochronosis(endogenous) (E70.29)
Homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase deficiency (E70.29)
Alcaptonuria (E70.29)
Alkaptonuria (E70.29)


Other disturbances of aromatic amino-acid metabolism (approximate match)

This is the official approximate match mapping between ICD9 and ICD10, as provided by the General Equivalency mapping crosswalk. This means that while there is no exact mapping between this ICD10 code E70.29 and a single ICD9 code, 270.2 is an approximate match for comparison and conversion purposes.

Parent Code: E70.2 - Disorders of tyrosine metabolism

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